Mustang II Front End Suspension Install

we got the rear end in the four bar from

Ridetech great stuff looks good

got all the welding finished we're

excited about how that's working now

we've gone to the front I went ahead and

put the boxing plates in so that we're

prepared to put this front end in we're

going to use a fat man crossmember and

ride check upper and lower control arms

now Roddy Mason has come down from ride

tech to give us a hand so we're looking

forward to his help first thing we have

to do well what we've already done is

we've marked the center line based on

the axle and then mark our center lines

there mark our center line and our

crossmember and then get that tacked up

into place

Rodney did the calculations what we're

looking for is somewhere is around a two

degree rake right now we're at a 1.8


break which is dang near perfect which

means we don't have to put any shims in

between the crossmember and the frame

we'll be able to just tack this bad boy

right in place we've got our center line

mark good we I've marked this one here

halfway in between the two months that's

going to move our control on back by by

3/8 to M and what this does is go it

adds cash during the front-end more

caster you got the better they drive

we're going off the axle centerline that

we got mark and we're going to line that

up the senator will set it side to side

tacker in place this is Batman's co /

setup you can use it with a co / or a

shockwave which that's what we're using

this must be 38 and 1/2 Center to Center

kept crossmember welded in terror attack

did we not haven't done any final

welding yet next thing we're going to do

we're going to put the control on a

factory Mustang - this would be open and

the control arm actually goes in the

crossmember and then there's a strut rod

that comes off of it a lot of guys in

the industry they get rid of strut rod

go to one piece on we're going to do

that though we got to widen it out right

X kit comes with this spacer to fill the

gap here you know if you were doing a

factory crossmember of the sheet metal

one you would drill the hole out on each

side and run the tube all the way

through and well being

Batman's cross members already got a

solid spacer in so what we'll do on it

this is four inches wide we got seven

three-quarter we'll cut three and

three-quarter off here and weld on the

backside of this crossmember and then

yes it

now final assembly will put anti-seize

on that bolt so we can get it out

the lower control arms at right height

will be for all intents and purposes

parallel to the ground that's going to

give us a proper geometry how the card

is going to sit just right one of the

things you might note is that the shock

wave is in upside down shock wave

doesn't know it the reason we do that is

particularly on the top here it gives us

the clearance that's necessary and it

can run upside-down all day long and it

don't care it looks good I mean we've

got flexure shock waves in the front and

in the back got these awesome right tech

upper and lower control arms hit wedding

but three hours to get this whole thing

in that was that's pretty cool I can

hardly wait to get the front wheels on

and see how this thing is going to sit I

betcha it's going to be sweet