Butter - Official Trailer (HD)

I will leave in America I believe we're

the best I have spent my life working

hard trying to do the right thing I just

hope when you vote you remember I'd like

to remind you what this contest is about

it is about excellence in butter god

bless america

welcome to the state mastery in butter

competition is it Elvis butters they're

legend back in 94 Bob reveals

Schindler's List this made me cry and

we're gonna even Jewish

I really think Bob and I could parlay

this theme we have from butter into

politics I mean don't be surprised if

you see us in the governor's mansion

with a White House so be your bedroom

no you guys asked if I needed anything

little you don't have butter

I'll get yourself okay I need like 200


rub your rose think I love you

you came in between me and my man that

was my husband

I plan and proudly bear e-news children

oh I get pregnant like once a month let

me see what I have planned for them

these so-called judges their jaws are

gonna hit the floor oh my boobs done

okay you worked with butter before I've

worked with it all what's the worst

thing that can happen if you enter this

contest there could be a Python inside

if this place is full of good-looking

British vampires or racist ninja I

present to you the Scarlet Letter for

those of you who don't know it's a movie

starring Demi Moore amazing you salute I

think that might be Harriet Tubman and

she obviously decided to play the race

card you can do this you can take down

Laura you kick her pasty white I don't

think I want you hanging out with

strippers okay the greatest gifts in


but all you need is 9

you people are ridiculous it's butter

you put it on toast

oh oh and newsflash it's bad for you

yeah I said it out loud right really the

butter police Wow