Facts about Gorillas for Kids


in this video we are going to learn

about gorillas that's right gorillas

it's going to be awesome gorillas are so


and here is the first thing we are going

to learn about gorillas gorillas are the

largest apes in the world that's right

they are truly massive gorillas can

weigh as many as 430 pounds hey do you

know where gorillas live where in the

world are gorillas from hmm aha

gorillas are from the continent of

Africa gorillas live in a part of Africa

called sub-saharan Africa you might be

wondering well what is sub-saharan

Africa well the northern part of Africa

is made up of something called the

Sahara it is a famous desert often

called the great desert it is one of the

largest deserts in the world it is so

huge that it is similar to the size of

the entire United States sub-saharan

Africa is the area of Africa south of

the Sahara

that is where gorillas live gorillas

live in the forests of Africa some live

in the tropical forests of sub-saharan

Africa while others live in the

subtropical forests so if anyone asks

you where gorillas live first of all ask

them hey are you a fan of gorillas do

you think they're pretty cool and then

let them know that gorillas live in the

forests of sub-saharan Africa

oh wow okay here is a really interesting

fact about gorillas just like humans

baby gorillas are called infants that's

right no sweet little infants these

infants are super cute and unlike human

babies they don't wear diapers okay they

don't and if they did I wouldn't want to

change them okay okay

infants are cared for by their mothers

the mother is the main caregiver in the

infant's life the main role of the

father is to protect the mother and the

infant hey this is pretty cool

gorillas live in groups called troops

isn't that interesting

a group of gorillas is called a troop

troops are normally led by a gorilla

called a silverback a silverback is a

mature male gorilla when male gorillas

get older some of the hair on their back

turns the color silver usually a troop

is led by one silverback and the rest of

the troop is made up of female gorillas

and their children there are examples of

troops that have more than one

silverback but that is more rare

typically there is one silverback

gorilla that leads the troop and

protects the female gorillas and the


Silverbacks are willing to give up their

lives for the truth and are very brave

okay get ready for a shocking fact about

gorillas okay it's gonna shock you a

fact so shocking you will have to share

it with your friends and your family

did you know gorillas don't usually

drink water that's Reiger illus don't

usually drink water

gorillas eat so much vegetation that is

rich in water that they typically get

all of the water they need from their


gorillas love eating plants and

vegetation when they eat plants in the

morning the plants have the morning dew

on them which brings even more water

into their system while gorillas have

the ability to drink water and under

some circumstances will they usually get

all of their water from the vegetation

they eat Wow

so gorillas eat a lot of vegetation they

live in troops they are the largest apes

in the world and they live in

sub-saharan Africa all right now let's

talk about how gorillas get from place

to place they walk in a very special way

gorillas walk on their knuckles it's

called knuckle walking have you ever

walked using your knuckles

it hurts after a while doesn't it it

doesn't happen often but gorillas

sometimes walk on their two feet like we

do if they need to carry something or in

a situation where they feel threatened

otherwise they walk on their knuckles

gorillas are known for how they walk but

they are also known for how smart they

are gorillas are such intelligent

animals they can create and use their

own tools they are able to think about

the past in the future and have shown an

ability to learn and to use sign


perhaps the most famous gorilla ever was

a gorilla named Coco she recognized

about 2,000 English words and used sign

language incredibly well she died in

June 2018 just two months before we made

this video not only did she teach us a

lot about gorillas but she made lasting

friendships with those who worked with

her she was an amazing gorilla part of

what makes gorillas so special to work

with is not just their incredible

intelligence but also their emotions

gorillas laugh and cry just like we do

they form special bonds with family and

they care deeply about family and

friends gorillas are awesome

unfortunately gorillas are critically

endangered and have to be protected

there are laws that protect gorillas and

many organizations that work day in and

day out to make sure gorilla populations

stay healthy and strong gorillas are

amazing animals they are the largest

apes in the world they live in

sub-saharan Africa their babies are

called infants they live in troops led

by silver backs they are very

intelligent have strong emotions they

walk on their knuckles Wow

what was your favorite fact let us know

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love to hear what your favorite fact was

and we hope to catch you next time

I'm still not gonna change their diapers

okay no I I don't think they are wearing

diapers they're gorillas but you need to

know okay I'm not changing those diapers

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