Here’s What The Little Half Moon Under Our Fingernails Means

here's what the little Halfmoon under

our fingernails mean the human body is

truly remarkable and that's in no small

part because of its extreme complexity

however it's sometimes easy to take it

for granted your body is constantly

giving you all sorts of signs and some

of them you might not even know about

take the lenola for example these are

the pale Halfmoon shaped patches under

our fingernails that most of us eat and

ignore every day but did you know these

features actually serve some very

important purposes

you just might never look at your hands

the same way again many of us are aware

of the Halfmoon shaped patches under our

fingernails but we never really give

them much thought after all why would we

in the first place they're just part of

our nail beds right while they might be

a natural part of our fingernail that

doesn't mean that they're any less

important than any other part of our

bodies in fact these areas are actually

quite crucial for determining your

body's overall health this

crescent-shaped patch is called a lenola

which actually means small moon in Latin

you can see why it's given its name

doesn't it look like a crescent moon

hanging in the night sky if you never

noticed the similarity between this part

of your nail and the moon in the sky

before you definitely will now so what's

the big deal with these fabulous finger


you might assume that everyone's Lanoue

lay looked the same

how can a semicircular shape look like

anything else other than nails but they

actually appear in different ways on

each person and if you're having a hard

time locating your own Lanoue lay that's

totally normal for many people the

Lanoue lay our most visible on their


since the epicardium the layer of skin

surrounding the nail is thicker there

however if you have particularly fair

skin you still might not be able to spot

them the lenola is technically the

visible part of the fingernails root and

it's crucial to the overall health of

the nail if you can't see yours don't

panic there are other ways to determine

the health of your nail this way is just

a bit easier for those who can see it so

why exactly does this tiny bit of expose

root matter in your daily life

well for starters if it gets damaged the

rest of the nail won't grow properly

you've probably accidentally slammed

your finger in a door before but if you

bump it too hard your nail could never

be the same

likewise according to traditional

Eastern medicine a problem with your

Lanoue lay can indicate a wide array of

possible medical problems and conditions

some of these indications have actually

translated into Western medicine as well

for example the lack of Lanoue lay can

be an indication of anemia and


while pale or bluish colored ones can

possibly be a result of diabetes who

knew that you could learn so much about

your body just by looking at your nails


similarly reddish luminal a can be a

sign of cardiovascular disease or a

toxin overload in your bloodstream if

you have a family history of heart


you'll especially want to keep your eye

on your fingers if you notice a dramatic

change like this in your own little

moons don't hesitate to contact your

doctor immediately you might feel a bit

silly but a call like this could be the

one to save your life in addition to

being indicators of overall health

the Lanoue lei can also play a stylish

part of the way you paint your nails

lately highlighting the little moons has

been all the rage in the world of mail

aren't look at how this nail artist has

played up the contrast between these two

different shades both colors would be

stunning enough on their own but when

painted this way they create something

truly special this nail artist has used

the natural anew lay and inverted them

to create a flicker of silver that is

absolutely eye catching of course there

are so many other ways to take advantage

of this natural nail feature check out

this cool idea it's kind of crazy that

more people don't paint their nails in

this particular way there are so many

different options when it comes to the

best way to highlight those Lanoue lay

and this one is definitely a winner

while it's definitely fun to explore the

different ways to highlight your Lanoue

lay with nail polish it's important that

you don't keep them covered up all the


as cool as nail art is you could be

hiding something serious if you can't

see the condition of your Lanoue lay you

could overlook valuable clues about your

health experiment with different ways of

painting them all you like but be sure

to take a break from the polish to your

Lanoue lay are more than just a fashion

accessory after all while they might

look pretty all on their own they also

give you important information about

your health they are one of the first

warning signals your body can give you

they are a critical way of assessing

your own health needs without even

having to shell out a dime on high-tech

medical diagnostic equipment it doesn't

get much cooler than that now does it it

never fails to amaze us just how

extraordinary the human body really is

if you're not a doctor you can easily

translate what your body is trying to

tell you

who knew that looking at your nails

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