WHY I AM BUYING In A Market Crash If Joe Biden Wins the Presidency of Trump How to invest Recession

hey guys nukem finance here and we got

another video today with the market

tanking and what i'm going to personally

do now keep in mind do your own research

and your own investment

but i'm going to talk about something

different and it has to do with politics

even though i don't want to talk about

who you should vote for or

which president is better for the

economy i'm just going to show you


factual data of what different

presidents that whether democrats or


how they actually affect the stock

market and how it affects your


and i'm using that uh statistical data

to influence my investing decision so i

said uh

wednesday when the market went down two

to five percent i was gonna buy more and

i did

uh it recovered a little bit thursday

and we had great earnings for all the

big techs

apple amazon google facebook

they all had great earnings today yet

the market tanked and they're blaming on


the reason why apple went down even

though they even beat the

revenues and the analyst expectation

it's just because iphone sells

well iphone 12 is coming out and next

year that's when you actually see those

sales come in

and the new 5g phone so i'm not worried

about apple

amazon they crushed earnings they really

really crushed it

they they they are like up 30 billion

dollars year over year

since last quarter and and you want to

know why people are sad

because the cloud service didn't do as

well as they expected

it doesn't affect the revenues or sales

that amazon is driving

facebook ad sales are phenomenal and you


just small things that people are

nitpicking so and google just did well

it did very well in the stocks up but

now it's having a huge pullback because

the whole e market's going down so


when a market goes down two to five

percent i usually buy in more because i

just know they're trained discount and

people are being irrational

and selling great companies that have

good fundamentals

good business growth good executive team

management team who knows how to run the


and you buy on people's fears like

warren buffett says

be greedy when others are fearful and be

fearful when others are greedy

and right now i think people are fearful

even though the tech market is


i still think it's undervalue for the

long term so i just want to let you know

my mindset when it comes to investing

so you guys understand now usually in

the presidential

presidential election the stock market

tends to fluctuate especially when

there's a new person gonna take the


and usually the market goes down uh

self-corrects around

august september that's when they have a

good idea who will be the president

right now it's looking like joe biden

now there's a lot of people who are

gonna say

joe biden's bad for the economy because

he is a democrat he

he wants more restriction on big

corporation wants to tax the wealthy

more and corporation and maybe tax


all bad signs for you know a stock

market in capitalism

and big companies like apple google

those big tech companies

however there is a bright side if joe

biden wins

we won't have that trade war with china

that trump had trump

had a lot of trade wars in china in 2018

and the stock was very about to go

up and down up and down that trade war

and i expect that to continue if he

remains in office uh i don't have a

problem whichever president takes office

because i'm going to show you why

in this data also he cares about

sustainable energy and democrats tend to

care more about tax credits

for people buying electric vehicles so

this is good for tesla this is good for

all the speculative

ev stocks we're looking at and it's good

for other companies who are trying to

environmentally friendly things trump is

good for oil

oil company's been taking a beating and

he cares about oil and he cares about

deregulation a lot of things

uh so which makes business better he

lowers tax rate

which makes companies can have more

profits which returns us to our


so it's a win and lose regardless which

political party

but whoever takes office really doesn't

matter even if you think they're bad for

your stock portfolio let me go ahead and

show you

now i want to say this data comes from a

lot of different places but

where i got this information that

actually made me look deeper was

joseph carlson feel free to check him

out he's mainly a dividend growth

investor i like a lot of his strategies

don't agree with 100

but you know it's always good to have

people you agree with and people you

disagree with just so you have a broader

mind and really

broaden your perspective investing so

this is the growth

hypothetical investment of thousand

dollars in the s p

500 index so this is s p the blue is

democrat red republican

so from 1933 to 1953 this was all


and your one thousand dollars would have

increased to ten thousand dollars

now the republicans took office from uh

1953 to 1958

the stock market still went up same

thing with democrat when they took over

and republican

democrat republican i think this was

bill clinton era no no

that was uh uh bush era and then you had

the clinton arrow went up

and then it went down during uh george w

bush where he was struggling

and then obama took over where people

thought obama was bad for the economy

went up

over time and then this is where we have


and you would have gained ten thousand

dollars if you invested one thousand


s p 500 back in 1933

now let's take a look at the presidents

of different presidents so this is


uh this was investopedia chart by uh

gabe albert

and eisenhower first and second term the

the s p

went up 70 under him and 34 uh for a

second term

when kennedy and johnson took over went

up 44

and then johnson took over with 17.4

nixon went up 16 and his nixon ford went


negative 13. carter went up 27

democrat reagan uh reagan's second term

bush senior they all went up

dramatically you can see this huge spike

yeah clinton it went up close to 80 my

gosh clinton

was probably the best time to invest

back then uh if i

how old was i was clinton probably like

ten six seven

yeah probably eight years old when

clinton was in office and then you got

bush junior

george w bush it went down 12 and 30

31 now the reason i think it went down

is because

we had the world trade center our big

our country got was under attacked

that went down stock crashed we had the

housing crisis crash

uh that went the whole it took like a

couple years almost eight

almost two years to fully recover from

that then we had hurricane katrina

then we had an oil crisis we had so much

going on so

bush was on on a downward recession

and usually a recession happens every uh

10 years or so give or take right

so he was probably just since we have

been in such a bull market so long

i think it was just natural for him to

go down i don't think it was him

necessarily just things that's how the

market in the economy was and just the

times was crazy

then we had obama took over the economy

was starting to recover from bush era

84 and 52 then trump 46

uh up to 20 uh october

29 2020. so this is recently so since

trump took office he went up 46 percent

now i'm not saying he's better than

obama or biden i'm just showing you it

still went up

regardless even with the trade war china

north korea was threatening with all

this missile crisis remember all that in


the missile crisis the china trade war

all this stuff is going on and

it still went up 46 so i think biden is

just like extension of obama it's going

to be like another

term of obama where you know yes there's

a little bit more rules of regulation

but company will adapt and do fine and

stocks going to go up the stock market

always goes up over time

and that's why warren buffett does

invest in the american economy because

they do well

and i'm investing in china too some

people say you should invest in china

the communists are terrible they're


i don't care i look for where there's

opportunity to make wealth and if china

is an emerging market

and they're heavily audited uh and

credited by

uh good regulators who are not bs'ing

the balance sheet i'm okay investing

like alibaba looks like a good

investment 10 cent all that good stuff

like there's growth to be made every

different sector and grow your wealth

so i don't care a republican you're a


if you're in china what country you're

from if it makes sense to invest

make sense to grow wealth make sense for

me to be financially secured

and achieve fire where i can just retire


and get paid passive income that's my

whole goal of

long-term wealth investing so this is

why i put another thousand dollars into

my dividend portfolio because i saw the

market down

in the future it's about three percent

three percent today i was like okay it

looks like it's going to be down around

two three percent tomorrow i'm gonna go

ahead and have my portfolio ready and


invest a thousand dollars so it just

automatically bought those dividend

safety stocks and if it goes down even

further let's say it goes down further

monday tuesday or wednesday

that's where i'm gonna start loading up

more on growth stock like tech tesla

because i think those sectors got hit

too hard and that's where i can make

definitely huge money on that because

it's going to rebound

now keep in mind the market's going to

fluctuate more and now

until the election and and then until

after whoever we find out wins the

election on november 3rd i would say

november 4th

or 5th that's when we start to see a

stabilization of the economy

because that's when we're going to have

probably in late january

if if trump wins uh or biden wins in

late january whoever takes

office or gets or renewed into office

that's when we're gonna have a second

stimulus bill we all know we need a

second stimulus bill either biden will

get done or trump will get it done

and that's where the american people

benefit and economy will shoot up

so i'm expecting in january that's when

the economy will blow up

huge late late january or or mid


when we get a second stimulus and that's

gonna be similar to how we got the first

stimulus on march 23rd

when the economy bottom out and we got a

quick majority vote uh

in the senate in congress where they

passed that quick stimulus bill so i'm

expecting that

sometime early next year so that's how

i'm playing it this is my own research

this is my opinion

please do your own research in your own

investment year strategy

uh i'm a long-term investor if you

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