Why are Marines the best? (USMC)

Marie's are different they like to think

that the best culture is a warrior

spirit we cut ourselves porridge we have

an obligation to be the most ready when

the nation is the least ready and do the

kind of things that our country would

ask of its elite warriors the Marines

are smaller than the other major

military services they're more oriented

on combat throughout history at times

kill is necessary

the Marines run to the sound of the guns

Marines understand that what they do is

a brutal business they never lose their

humanity they're the most ancient of all

the Armed Services I say each not

primitive yeah

there's arguably the most functional of

all the Armed Services they're a cult

that works they're a gang that's lawful

yeah to me the bat is fraternity on the

planet that you can go long to semper

fidelis always faithful oh yeah Marines

more than animal service you have don't

emphasize that notion of camaraderie a

kind of specialness and a special

camaraderie to each other there's a myth

out there that Emory's our Neanderthal I

actually thought in the Marines very

intellectual back today it was I want

Marines I firmly die or idealist stew

their core who really truly believe that

they can in some way help make the world

a better place they live in such a tough

world that they have to cloak their

idealism Michelle just to survive the

professional warrior has a very strong

emphasis on the code of ethics integrity

morality is a big factor our core values

honor courage and commitment that's the

foundation of that ethos and we took

that oath we promised everybody in our

country that for four years or for a

lifetime we give them the best we had

and we do every day Marines don't argue

about should we or should we not have

intervened the mission is everything and

the marine matter how many times you

knock him down he's going to get to his


and I'd probably make just as feared

with any organization in the world we

are the nation's first line of defense

but if you do something wrong to the

country were the last people you want to

see coming at your door

that reputation has been well-earned

over the last 230 years funding for the

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I never started out to be a Marine when

I came aboard I didn't really know what

a Marine was I found that I like this

stuff and and stuck around for about 35

years I think it's important that the

story be told when I tell you to get out

you're gonna get out quickly without get

injured and you're gonna get my yellow

footprint do you understand

get out get my yellow footprint recruits

arrive at boot camp the same as

generations of Marines before them don't

let's go let's go let's go at night

that's followed by let's go let's go

first let's go first

let's go faster faster dokdo the journey

of a thousand miles starts when the

drill instructor invites those recruits

off the bus and puts them on the yellow

footprints and they symbolize you leave

it their lives as you knew it in Elgin

United States Marine Corps

do you understand in that first moment

at boot camp recruits literally step

into the distinctive culture of the

Marine Corps

these symbols and traditions and the

values they represent or what vine

Marines together and what set them apart

the Marines do maintain that distinctive

culture it's a commitment to others the

sense that the organization comes before

the self a real downplaying of the

individual and playing up the importance

the role of the goals of troop they

can't help but fall into a formation

when they stand on the yellow footprints

and it's kind of the first symbol of

becoming part of a team yo whoopee

what you're elevating your hair nice

aspect to the front and your mouth


when they step on those yellow

footprints and when that bus departs are

receiving barracks

it's an eerie experience they know

they're at boot camp and they're about

to begin the toughest basic training in

the Department of Defense

Jordan remember what's your budget far

from elite warriors recruits question

their decision to join the Marine Corps

many wonder if they'll survive the first

night of boot camp let alone the next 12

weeks of training all those little

details that people take for granted are

stripped away and it really makes a

great impact on their look like get your

toes it upon my stuff sir sir

the main thing is they realize that the

world as they knew it has changed yes


oh no sir do you understand a number

were interviewing recruits about their

thoughts about that night and it

typically was oh my god what have I done

stop at the edge or the meringue tells

you stop the marine boot camp experience

so it's a real shock and it really is

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