Acres for Owls - Help save endangered Owls!

Short-eared Owls were once one of New York's most common owls now less than

100 remain. The Washington County grasslands is critical to the survival

of Short-eared owls in New York State. The Audubon Society has listed a 2,000

acre core of the grasslands as an Important Bird Area or IBA. Friends of

the IBA is the only nonprofit conserving critical habitat for the Short-eared

owls and over 100 other bird species that call the IBA home. We are currently

working to purchase sixty four acres within the view shed of our Alfred Z.

Solomon Grassland Bird Viewing Area. In summer the open fields, pastures and

wetlands of the IBA are home to dozens of bird species that depend on open

space to survive. In winter the grasslands welcome very special visitors

flocks of Horned Larks and Snow Buntings arrive from the far north.

Stunningly beautiful snowy owls travel far from their Arctic home to spend the winter.

Winter also sees the arrival of the endangered Short-eared Owl, if we can

protect enough habitat these beautiful mysterious owls

well once again breed here. Sadly there is no guarantee that Short-eared owls or

a dozen other threatened at-risk grassland birds will be around for

future generations to enjoy, housing and other development continues to threaten

this precious place. The Eastern Meadowlark, Upland Sandpiper and

Grasshopper Sparrow have seen their populations plummet by as much as 80% or

more. Friends of the IBA needs your support to continue this vital work.

Don't let these amazing Birds disappear from New York State, be part of the

effort to save this vitally important place here in our own backyard with your

support we can save this natural treasure. Please make a generous donation

today, we thank you and so will the birds!