Top 10 Reasons The Lighthouse Will TERRIFY You

seeing the light has never felt so bleak

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we're taking a look at why this black

and white horror film is going to blow

audiences out of the water keeping

secrets on you

number 10 you've never seen anything

like it

how long have we been on this rock 5

weeks 2 days help me to recommend

distributor a 24 has become something of

a beacon for filmmakers with ambitious

visions and unique stories to tell at

some point you got to decide for

yourself you can't let nobody make that

decision for you we can certainly see

why the studio was drawn to Robert

Eggers latest film which appropriately

sticks out like a lighthouse

the New York Post Sara Stewart wrote in

her review it's a rare pleasure to

encounter a movie so genuinely strange

you're not sure how to define what

you've just seen indeed to describe the

lighthouse as a horror film would hardly

do it justice even if certain motifs and

themes may seem familiar the movie more

or less plunges its audience into

uncharted territory according to Kevin

Marr of The Times UK it has the feel of

a newly discovered artifact from FW

Murnau the legendary German director


number nine the setting or major Last

Tape Athena

although lighthouses are supposed to

help guide ships to safety the setting

of this film is a beacon of insanity he

believed that there was some enchantment

much like Hill House or the Bates Motel

the titular lighthouse emits such an

eerie sinister presence that it's

practically a character not since

annihilation has one appeared more

alarming or mysterious the production

design is a masterpiece of gothic horror

as varieties owen gleiberman pointed out

in his review the entire structure was

built for the film though you'd swear

it's an actual lighthouse that's been

around for a hundred and fifty years as

if the setting wasn't already

claustrophobic enough the old-school

1.19 to one aspect ratio makes the

audience feel as if they're trapped in a

padded cell with the walls of madness

closing in wind Maddy did Paul tales


number eight it wears its influences on

its sleeve while the film bears Eggers

distinct signature cinephiles will be

able to pinpoint his creative influences

Eggers makes it no secret that he's a

fan of legendary Swedish filmmaker

Ingmar Bergman a new really gotta fall

termina just our current well demoness

asking for a bit Randy shake got a door

Dean in addition to a voguing his style

the lighthouse touches upon many of the

themes Bergman's films explored

especially loneliness vices River

Donaghey even said the film is like

Ingmar Bergman decided to direct the

world's most messed up adaptation of The

Crucible it's not on a ship want me to

get up a hill but inhale the film also

possesses echoes of David Lynch drawing

comparison to surreal master works like

Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive

discussing the lighthouse hereditary

director Ari asked her favorably

compared it to the works of Harold

Pinter who wrote the play no man's land

and adapted the psychological drama the

servant to the screen number seven it's

surprisingly funny

to strike you dead Winslow's going into

the lighthouse the audience won't

entirely know what to expect

alright have it your way perhaps the

biggest surprise is just how many laughs

the film has between a scene involving a

mermaid and fart jokes galore this may

be the weirdest and funniest arthouse

picture since swiss army men vanyo lands

Nick Johnston went as far as to call the

film a pitch-black and often

uproariously funny comedy adding it

cannot be stressed just how wacky this

incredibly goofy movie is with Pattinson

and Dafoe both playing into the patent

ridiculousness of their characters and

their individual variations on drunken

madness honestly if you substituted mark

Corbin's chilling musical score with The

Odd Couple theme this could pass as the

most deranged sitcom ever produced


number six the Lovecraftian horror

influence what

Oh mermaids aren't the only mythical

aquatic creatures that pop up in the

lighthouse just as our leads descend

into the abyss of insanity they become

tangled in literal tentacles author HP

Lovecraft seems to be more popular than

ever nowadays and this film is crawling

with his cosmic horror influence


Syrena Fisher of Bloody Disgusting wrote

the writers drew their inspiration from

the works of Herman Melville and HP


and this becomes more and more apparent

as the story progresses as is the case

with many of Lovecraft stories the

lighthouse is about the fear of the

unknown will confronting the unknown

swallow the characters hole or allow

them to finally see the light it's an

homage even Lovecraft himself might have

appreciated number five the ending a

very particular language very beautiful

events huge question marks where the

adventure would take you where as so

many other films follow a standard

formula the lighthouse refreshingly

keeps its audience guessing where

exactly this bizarre story is going in

his Chicago sun-times review bryant

Alera co stated it has the feel of

watching someone else's nightmare and

it's not one that's going to end well

while we won't delve into any spoilers

let's just say this twisted tale

climaxes with a shocking finale

that's perfectly in sync with the rest

of the film as the stars Peter Howell

put it the result is a psychological

nightmare that gnaws at the brain long

after the disturbing final image

assaults the retina and we will be out

in the elements and there's the two of

us and some other secrets but mostly us

number four it's genuinely unsettling

beam's while Kyle Anderson of the

Nerdist felt the lighthouse wasn't quite

as scary as Eggers previous film the

witch he did say it works on a much

deeper more psychologically upsetting

level this is one of those movies that

makes the audience part of the

experience as sheer lunacy uses out of

the screen and into the theater just as

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson x'

characters find themselves losing their

minds film goers will begin to question

their own sanity and just what the heck

they're watching never sure who to fear

most Dafoe Pattinson or another force

that's creeping in it's that unknown

element that makes the lighthouse such a

disturbing yet engaging trip

number three Robert Edgar's direction

what does that want Catherine tell me

and I will give it Lee I want to be home

with his directorial debut the which

Robert Eggers asserted himself as a

filmmaker to watch this chilling folk

tale earned Eggers two Independent

Spirit Awards for Best first screenplay

and Best first feature Edgar's follow-up

film is already bringing him more

accolades including an International

Federation of film critics prize at the

2019 can Film Festival it's not

surprising that Eggers started out as a

production designer every inch of the

lighthouse is a visual tour de force of

course the look of the film is crucial

to the haunting atmosphere and unnerving

narrative Eggers weaves to quote Joseph

Walsh of time out the lighthouse leaves

you dazed terrified and elated and it

signals anchors as one of the most

exciting directors working today people

seem to understand my intentions which

is like more than you could ask for

number two the cinematography visual

language is so precise in the camera is

so precise you always got to keep things


speaking of atmosphere if there's one

category in which the lighthouse is

almost guaranteed to score an Oscar

nomination its Best Cinematography you

only need to look at a few stills from

this movie to know that Eggers and

cinematographer Yaron Blaschka have

crafted an indisputable work of art

there's a lot of challenges for me

because like I bit off more than I could

chew on purpose the filmmakers made the

brilliant decision to film the picture

in black and white

creating a grim otherworldly locale

where even the slightest glimmer of

light is hard to come by doing this

meticulously crafted camerawork with

cranes and dollies like on a bit of rock

with demanding scenes it's it's just

it's just it's a lot

Michael leader of little white lies

praise to the camerawork and lighting

stating Yaron Blaschka lights interiors

sparingly leaving whole scenes in the

island's dingy cabin to play out in

near darkness all the better to

accentuate the life-saving life-giving

glow that periodically illuminates the

oppressive gloom the result is stunning

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Willem Dafoe is a legend who only seems

to grow better with age and the

impressive Robert Pattinson continues to

evolve as an actor with every daring new

role he takes on I think there's

something about the script is very few

scripts you come across which allow for

such basically kind of limitless degree

of intensity in the performance the

lighthouse is essentially a two-man show

with both of these actors turning in

arresting distressing and at times even

hysterical performances both are

fantastic individually with Dafoe

inhabiting the persona of a salty sea

dog with Pattinson earning comparison to

Daniel day-lewis oscar-winning work in

there will be blood my school reaches

and starts to G I drink your milkshake

together these two make for 29 teams

most fascinating on-screen duo

knocking drinks back one minute and

nearly knocking each other out the next

Eric Kohn of indieWIRE couldn't have

said it better quote it's the best movie

about bad roommates ever made nothing

good can happen when two men are trapped

alone in a giant phallus we really want

to make that clear

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