The Liberty Bell: A Symbol of Freedom

throughout America's history the Liberty

Bell embodied the ideals of freedom to a

myriad of social movements originally

dubbed the Pennsylvania State House Bell

the liberty bell rang and resided first

in the tower of the Pennsylvania State

House in 1753 the year the Statehouse

was finished

Whitehall Chapel foundry in London cast

the original Bell but within weeks of

the bells first use problems arose with

its integrity pass and stove

owners of a local Philadelphia Bell

foundry received the assignment to

recast the Bell beginning in the 1750s

the Pennsylvania State House bell tolled

to announce news and gatherings

throughout the city of Philadelphia

following the French and Indian War the

relationship between American colonists

and Great Britain declined quickly

despite the colonists faithfulness to

the crown during the war the British

Parliament forced higher taxes upon the

colonists to pay for the debts incurred

during the conflict with the passage of

the revised Sugar Act in 1764 and the

Stamp Act in 1765 the American colonists

quickly grew agitated with the new taxes

within the city of Philadelphia the

Pennsylvania State House fell gathered

citizens for announcements of laws from

Great Britain the colonists associated

the chiming of the Pennsylvania State

House fell with unwanted tyrannical

legislation from a parliament where they

were not represented as history

progressed the Liberty Bell remained a

beacon of freedom across the top of the

Bell is the biblical passage Leviticus

25 5 proclaim Liberty throughout all the

land unto all the inhabitants thereof

this statement inspired the famous

abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison

although the exact person remains

undetermined historians credit the

abolition movement but giving the

Pennsylvania State House Bell its new

name the Liberty Bell abolitionist

used the Liberty Bell as literal

inspiration the Friends of freedom an

abolitionist group headquartered in

Boston chose to name their annual

publication the Liberty Bell

each year the cover of the publication

use images to protest the evils of

the American movement for women's rights

began in Seneca Falls New York in 1848

this early women's rights movement

focused primarily on the rights of vote

yet their desire was for women to

receive equal treatment in all areas of

society the relationship between the

women's suffrage movement and the

Liberty Bell began when mrs. Charles

Wistar Lucien Berger paid for the

creation of the Justice fell the Justice

fell was an exact replica of the

original Liberty Bell and traveled

throughout the United States garnering

support for the women's suffrage

movement The Clapper on the Bell was

changed so that the justice bells first

toll would be when women received the

right to vote

Lucien Berger said the original Liberty

Bell announced the creation of democracy

the women's Liberty Bell will announce

the completion of democracy in the 1960s

all of America found itself steeped in a

heated battle for racial equality

throughout the country meaning African

Americans could not vote due to illegal

racially motivated practices after the

turmoil that unfolded during the famed

1965 civil rights march in Selma Alabama

a group of University of Pennsylvania

students organized a sit-in at the

Liberty Bell in March 1965 the students

passed out flyers to raise support their

intent was to capture the attention of

the national media and they did their

sit-in evolved into a sleepin and by

August of 1965 the Voting Rights Act was

passed while did not end discrimination

they made discrimination at the polls


throughout its history the Liberty Bell

has been associated with many social

movements presently we still see logos

and advertisements featuring this

hallowed old Bell as a symbol of

American freedom as time passes the

Liberty Bell will continue to shine as a

beacon of hope equality and Liberty for