Why I Fell Tingling In The Face ? ➞ 【 Discover Facial Tingling Causes 】

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would like to answer a question

that lots of people wonder about why do

i have a tingling sensation in my face

usually this tingling sensation that we

feel in the face

has to do with the face nerves kind of

being anesthetized

or rather numb once the nerves return to


an unusual sensation might ensue

this tingling sensation is described as


that cause a prickly feeling in the face

as if there were pins

thrusting into certain face areas

besides that

distinguished facial sensation is a sign

that the facial nerves are being

subjected to some

pressure or that the blood circulation

in that area

is poor most people think that tingling


more often in other areas of the body

such as the hands

or feet however this feeling can occur

all over the face at the sides or in


specific areas of the face keep watching

till the end of this informative capsule

and we will tell you all about tingling

in the face


now let's take a look at the causes that

can lead to tingling or tingling in the


number one tingling in the face caused

by a lack of prolonged movement

one of the main causes of tingling in

the face is usually the lack of

prolonged movement

in the affected area to remedy this you

can make movements with the jaw as if

you were chewing something

you can also put some pressure on the

affected area of the face

these to the effects of stimulating the

nerves and blood vessels that are

present there

number two tingling in the face caused

by exposure to external factors

there are several external factors that

can predispose people to facial tingling

such as exposure to cold exposure to


products facial injuries or the result

of a punch to the face

number three tingling in the face caused

by hormonal imbalances

among the facial tingling that are

mostly felt by women

are the hormonal imbalances this can be

present mainly during the stages of


although this is not a characteristic

symptom of menopause

there are women who have confessed to

experiencing the appearance of tingling

in the face

during their stages of menopause this

happens because

during menopause the estrogen levels

descend to minimum amounts

number four tingling in the face caused

by anxiety and a stress

attack during stress and anxiety attacks

people experience numerous symptoms that

are often products

of the anxiety that disturbs the person

among such symptoms although it is not

very common

is the appearance or sensation of

tingling in the face

this is usually even accompanied by

partial deafness

number five tingling in the face caused

by compressed

nerves sometimes the nerve in the neck

can be squashed or compressed this is

usually caused by being in an

uncomfortable position for a long period

of time

or by an injury near the nerve ligaments

tendons and bones can cause nerve

compression or numbness

including tingling in certain parts of

the body

as well as the face number six

tingling in the face caused by multiple


multiple sclerosis is the disease that

attacks the fibrous membranes of the


and a spinal cord making them autoimmune

the damage that multiple sclerosis

causes to the central nerves

manifest itself in the peripheral nerves

of the extremities later on among the


of multiple sclerosis that can be

noticed are

numbness stabbing pains loss of

sensation in certain areas of the body

and of course the appearance of tingling

or tickling in the face

all of these symptoms are due to the

severe damage that the nerves

have been suffering as the almond


number seven tingling in the face caused


diabetes when diabetes gains ground

in a person's body the pancreas becomes


unless able to lower the blood's sugar

this high amount of sugar in the body


several nerves to be damaged which in

turn leads to the appearance of tingling

in different parts of the body

that is why it is extremely important

for diabetes to be

diagnosed and treated as efficiently as


otherwise this could be fatal number


tingling in the face caused by a lack of

vitamin b12

this vitamin is essential for

strengthening the nerves of the body

as well as its flexibility and to remove

the feeling of body heaviness

for this reason when cramps occur it is

important to ask your doctor

so as to find out if you are not

suffering from a vitamin b12

deficiency now that we know what could

cause the onset

of facial tingling let's see which are

the signs and symptoms that accompany

the same

and that should tell us that it is time

for an immediate doctor's visit

number one if the facial tingling is

accompanied by severe headache

number two if the tingling is

accompanied by facial paralysis

number three when in addition to facial


there is a feeling of weakness in the

body number four

when there is an inability to control


muscles number five when there is

disorientation dizziness or feigning

number six when there seems to be an


to speak once we have seen the signs and

symptoms that should raise the alarming

us when the tingling of the face occurs

let's look at some tips that you can do

at home to reduce the appearance of


in the face number one practice

yoga or a relaxation technique one of

the best ways to reduce

tingling and hardening of certain areas

of the body is to do yoga

regularly yoga helps to soothe our body

and mind

as well as to improve blood circulation

in a healthy way

number two take vitamin b12

on a regular basis vitamin b12

deficiency in the body is usually one of

the causes of tingling and numbness in

the cheeks

so ask your doctor for the right doses

and take some vitamin b12 from time to


number three reduce your intake of

caffeine caffeine is a stimulant

per excellence which can cause tingling

in the face

so it is advisable to reduce its


besides caffeine can prevent adequate

blood circulation

number four include magnesium

in your diet in general magnesium

is an important mineral that not only

solves insomnia

problems but it also supports the normal


of the nervous and cardiovascular


number five always keep your sugar

levels in check

excess sugar in the body is directly

related to diabetes

and this in turn is related to the

appearance of tingling

and numbness in different parts of the

body such as the cheeks or parts of the


try your best to eat foods that do not

contain a lot of sugar

base your diet more on fruits and

vegetables instead

number six reduce alcohol consumption

numerous studies have shown that alcohol

intake causes people to feel tingling

and numbness in certain areas

of the body such as the face well

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