Are jellyfish taking over the ocean? | Ocean Wise

jellyfisher popping up and pressed the

ocean we've never seen them before and

that's not a good thing

luckily we've got someone on the case

dr. Lucas brats with the see around us

at the University of British Columbia

but you can call me doctors jellyfish so

it looks like there's five human

activities that may be leading to more

jellyfish in some places overfishing the

species that would normally compete with

or prey on jellyfish are being

overfished making it easier for

jellyfish to thrive even if you release

the pressure of overfishing as the fish

populations try to recover jellyfish

could eat the fish eggs and the fish

larvae and never let them get back to

that critical mass global warming

warming waters are creating new

territory for jellyfish to live and

reproduce many jellyfish will actually

increase their reproductive output in

warm waters simple to start making more

jellyfish invasive species thanks to

ships carrying them in ballast water

jellies are being transported to new

ecosystems and setting up camp jellyfish

they'll just thrive in a place like the

Black Sea and invasive jellyfish really

took over the whole ecosystem

eutrophication pollutants are entering

the ocean and creating dead zones when

everyone else leaves to find oxygen the

jellyfish move in jellyfish may be a

little bit more tolerant because they

have lower metabolism they can exchange

oxygen over the whole surface of their

body and in some cases they can even

store oxygen in their tissues like a

little scuba tank coastal development

developed and shaded coastlines are

often the perfect breeding grounds for

jellies when we go scuba diving and we

look underneath these anthropogenic

man-made structures they're discovered

in these jellyfish polyps which

ultimately probably leads to more

jellyfish in the ocean

hold on it sounds like jellyfish are

taking over the ocean should we be

worried I don't think you need to worry

that much should you be concerned yes

there are some pretty disturbing trends

in our ocean right now and jellyfish are

benefiting from some of those but if we

pay more attention to them monitor their

numbers perhaps there is some signal

that jellyfish are trying to tell us

about how the oceans are kink