What's the official Website of the IRS Internal Revenue Service?

I guess this is some saying a lot of

people ask or looking for to find the

correct website of the IRS the Internal

Revenue Services of the United States of

America so yeah when you go to Google

and search for IRS website as you see

there are a couple of things that pop up

and you never know if the first one is

the best one so usually Google I think

Google tries to return you the most

reliable or the the best really the best

thing the best website and not the one

that pay Google the most so I think

Google is quite trustworthy so I would

actually go with this so we can also try

to search all only for IRS and it will

be the same but quite fast yeah really

almost on top there's also the IRS

dot-com site and a lot of people cool

thing yeah IRS comets we had it looks

quite quite good so but also here you

can see that's a good thing from about

Google compared to other website or

search sites they give you also a hint

here so I don't know where it comes from

probably Wikipedia or something like


so here is also the so I would

go with this but let's look at the IRS

calm when we invoke that that looks

quite official there's the flag I mean

it's not the official flag for some kind

of flag

and it has a lot of things it has a text

calendar and a lot of thing and yeah

it's it asks it gives some buttons apply

for tax tax ID and such thing you could

really think that this is an official

page but if you go down and click on

about us and then you will find this

information as well

IRS that column is no in no way

associated with the endorsed this or

endorsed by the United States Department

of Treasury or the IRS yeah so that's

the proof that this is just yeah like

commercial website that they have

nothing to do with the IRS the in the

the real which is the IRS

website that looks like this so yeah

when when is so when you need it

go to that yeah so and anyway

apart from that Google is always a good

source like I was showing you look the

order first first hit is mostly good and

on the right side especially if it comes

to organizations or companies they give

you additional information and also the

website and that can help you too so I

hope I was able to help you a little bit

not only a poor regarding IRS also

regarding Google search if you like it

give me a thumbs up subscribe and thanks

for watching anyway see you next time