iPhone XS Camera Test: How Good Is It?

yo guys it's Sam today we're gonna be

testing the iPhone 10's against the

iPhone at 10 now there's marginal

improvements across the board but

especially if you have an older iPhone

Apple is boasting a lot of big

performance improvements with this

year's 12 megapixel sensor yeah better

portrait mode better rear and front

facing video and something they're

calling smart HDR so we're gonna put it

all to the test right now so smart HDR

is one of the features I've been most

excited to test because Apple is

basically combining a range of images so

super exposed super underexposed lots of

things in the middle to create this sort

of perfect image where everything in the

background looks perfectly lit and then

everything in the foreground like you're

subject to person and object will also

look perfectly lit as well and while the

feature isn't perfect after using it for

just a little bit I can tell you I

noticed the improvements on the iPhone

at tennis take a look at these photos

from the iPhone 10 comparing it to the

iPhone at 10s especially with the detail

when there's a ton of light coming in

the background you see a ton of detail

on the object that I have in the

foreground but also a lot of detail is

preserved in the background as well

which is something that the iPhone 10

and iPhones in the past have definitely

struggled with so I've noticed that

immediately also just in general being

able to properly or better expose things

that are super bright in the background

and balancing that with what's in front

of the camera directly is also better

again it's not perfect it's not gonna be

the best experience maybe as good as

some DSLRs on the market but it's

definitely an improvement this year and

it's something that I've picked up on

right here's a perfect example of where

the iPhone 10s really shines so we're in

a relatively dark environment right now

it's not crazy bright inside of here but

outside of this little pavilion it's

really bright because the sun is shining

directly down on the grass on the trees

and when I was shooting against this

wall take a look at these two photos

you'll notice that while the iPhone 10

us again it doesn't do the perfect job

of exposing the background and the

foreground it totally destroys the

iPhone 10 with the iPhone 10 you really

can't see much a detail in the

background and with the iPhone 10s you

can and that's really cool now where

you're also going to notice the smart

HDR improvements on the iPhone 10 S is

with video I feel like it's definitely

more dramatic with photos it's not as

pronounced but even in these

side-by-side comparison videos I do

notice things being more blown out in

general when there's a lot of light in

the background on the iPhone 10 video

versus video on the iPhone

Tanna ass I'm not really trying to shoot

anything in particular right now but the

iPhone 10 s has stereo audio so if you

can hear the difference this is the

audio coming directly from the iPhone 10

from 2017 this is my voice speaking it

sounds good so you hear this now again

it's not like studio quality I don't

want you to expect the greatest audio

that you've ever heard but here on the

iPhone 10 s you can definitely tell a

difference I like the way it sounds it's

good and I think it's definitely an

upgrade from last year alright guys so

now we're testing the front-facing video

and stabilization one thing I'm noticing

immediately is while the iPhone 10 s is

able to keep everything in the

background relatively properly exposed

like it's still a little bit blown out

the 10 is absolutely destroying at the

background like just look up here if I

go ahead and turn around like this look

at the difference especially in the sky

and the way detail is preserved totally

different story on the 10 s it looks

really great Apple also says that

front-facing video stabilization is

better this year and I mean I'm walking

this is using the built-in iPhone camera

audio I've got one arm on the camera one

hand free so it would be relatively

shaky normally and I mean it looks a

little bit better on the 10s but it's

still pretty shaky I'm just glad that

Apple didn't apply like a fake motion

stabilization because I've always found

that ribby really strange but this year

especially when yeah when I go up

towards the sky look at the loss of

detail on the 10 especially because the

Sun is like right there it's it's a

pretty remarkable change and definitely

something I think is gonna make most

photos that would have been really blown

out definitely usable I'm pretty good

something really cool that we just

tested that I didn't think would

actually work was motion while you're

taking a photo so at Apple's keynote

they had mentioned you know if you're in

the middle of action if you're jumping

if you're riding a bike and you're

moving really quickly the iPhone 10s

will be able to better select that frame

to make the keyframe rather than just

including it all in a jumbled live photo

that you have to go through later and

take a look at these photos right here

not only was the iPhone 10s able to take

the photos faster than the iPhone 10

that's only a year old it was able to

select that better frame right off the

bat even though we tried to capture it

at the same time sometimes my legs were

blurry sometimes my body was blurry

because the ten just couldn't get it but

I'm blown away by this I didn't

think that the iPhone 10s would actually

be that big of an upgrade for motion but

like I'm here and it definitely looks

incredible so I was able to record most

of my thoughts about photos and videos

on the fly because I noticed the changes

immediately and they were pretty

apparent but when it came to portrait

mode it just was not that easy I had to

go back to my computer and really pull

these images up and take a look at them

dissect them one by one and I realized

honestly the portrait mode upgrades from

the iPhone 10 or like the iPhone 8 plus

to the iPhone 10s aren't that apparent

the biggest change that I've noticed is

the fact that it's more of a soft blur

around you in some cases and I think

that looks okay a lot of the times the

problems that I ran into with the iPhone

10 was the fact that if it missed your

head or a part of your head shape it

would totally just like draw a line

almost between blur and non blur this

year it's a little bit more smooth but

at the same time it's not totally

apparent like I can still kind of tell

most of these images were shot on an

iPhone and it depends on your lighting

and what you're shooting and what people

look like and if we flip over to see a

portrait selfie I still don't think that

these are very good at all I didn't like

them with the iPhone 10 the edges never

really worked for my face and on the

iPhone 10s I think it's better but it

does that same soft blur effect around

you if it doesn't know if that's the

background or if that's the side of your

head where it needs to stop the blur

it's a work in progress and I think for

the average person like portrait mode is

a big feature that a lot of people like

so if you're coming from a phone without

portrait mode know that it's really good

on the iPhone 10s I just think it could

be better in some regards especially

when it decides and where it decides to

add the actual blur or stop it here's a

unique feature on the new iPhone at 10s

that you can't do natively on the iPhone

10 let's say I took this image in

portrait mode you can adjust the f-stop

in post to either add less for blur or

more blur in the background so f-16

obviously not going to be that much

blurry but if you go all the way down to

something like F 1.4 it's crazy like it

looks a little bit fake to me I don't

think portrait mode is perfect and even

in this image you can see around the

edges it's not perfect on this camera

like it doesn't know it but it looks

good I think it does look better than


ten even if it's only a marginal change

alright so that is your look at the

brand new camera on the iPhone 10 s the

10s max has the exact same version so

whether you choose the 10s or the 10s

max these are some of the results you

should expect to see if you enjoyed the

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I've been saying I hope you're doing

great and I'll talk to you in my next