iPhone 7 Camera Guide - 20 Tips, Tricks and Settings

there are a couple of ways to open the

camera application the first is from the

lock screen where you can swipe from

right to left

if you've already a lock shot device

then you can open the camera application

directly or from the control center

there is another camera application

button there and also if you want to

open the application with some different

settings you can force touch on the

camera app to either take a selfie

record video or record slo-mo and of

course take a photo obviously you can

take a picture by using the bigger

shutter button at the bottom here but

you can also use it the volume rocker

here to take a picture if you're going

to take a picture by landscape make sure

that the volume rocker is at the top or

else when you try and transfer your

pictures to a computer they may be

upside down your iPhone camera will use

autofocus to decide at which subject is

best to focus on but you can change that

by tapping on different objects in the

frame to refocus a camera if you wanted

to fix on an object you can press and

hold and that will bring up a yellow box

and also say a eaf vlog and now no

matter where I change my camera it will

keep focused on that object if you want

to turn this feature off just tap on any

part of a screen to manually change the

exposure of your shot you can tap on the

screen and this will bring up a sundial

and then you can swipe up or down to

change the exposure when taking a shot

tap on the screen again to put the

exposure back to default you can use a

burst mode to capture the perfect shot

if you want to by simply holding on the

shutter button and that will continue to

take pictures as long as you hold on to

the shutter button when you go to your

photo gallery you will see a burst mode

photo taken by it's saying burst mode

and how many photos it took and also a

select button down in the bottom here if

you tap that you can then swipe through

all the pictures you've just taken

select one tap Done

and then it will ask you whether you

want to keep all your burst shots or

only keep the ones you've selected while

we're on the subject of burst mode it

should be noted that if you turn on the


this will automatically put your camera

into burst mode so if I set the timer to

three seconds take some pictures

it automatically takes 10 burst photos

the iPhone camera includes an option


live photo whereby it captures one and a

half seconds of video before and after

capturing the image in order to enable

this tap the white dots in the top here

which will turn yellow and then live

will appear on-screen now if I start

doing some actions in front of a camera

and press the shutter button it will

record both V video and an image now if

I go to the gallery you can see that's

the picture is captured but then if I

touch it you'll be able to hear video

and audio just bear in mind that this

will take up more space on your storage

I strange as this may sound that none of

a settings can be accessed through the

camera app itself you have to back out

and go into settings and scroll down to

photos and camera the actual camera

options are at the bottom of the screen

and include being able to turn a grid on

or off changing the recording video

quality which can go to a 4k at 30

frames a second and also a slow-motion

which you can change to 120 or 240

frames per second the bottom option is

whether you want to keep the normal

photo from a high dynamic range photo

this is where several photos are spliced

together to give you a better contrast

and colors in certain settings if I go

to the camera application and make sure

that HDR is turned on and then it take a

picture if I then look at the gallery

the we can then see that this was the

HDR photo was taken but it also kept the

normal photo that was taken with it if

you're wanting to add some color or

indeed text me away then you can use the

quick filters in the top right hand

corner to do things like mono or various

other filters simply tap on one to

choose a filter and of course along the

bottom we have these six different

camera options which include time-lapse

slo-mo video photo square photo for

taking pictures on Instagram and the

panorama if you want to take RAW photos

you can't do through vite native iPhone

application but you can do it with free

photo applications from the app store


such application is simply called raw I

will leave a link for it in the video

description and it also includes some

interesting features such as manual

focus anyway you can simply take a

picture then go to the photo gallery on

the application and share that to your

camera roll and what this will do is put

a DNG file on your iOS device which you

can vent transfer to your computer and

then edit of a roll photo just bear in

mind that they do take up a lot more

space on your device the dual lens on

the iPhone 7 plus allows you to do a

feature called portrait mode where you

can take pictures and blur the

background through shallow depth of

field or bokeh now you can't do this

hardware-wise on the iPhone 7 but you

can do it with software again a free

application and in this particular

example I'm going to use tada so when

you launch your application and choose a

picture you can go to the blur option

and then move the green circle around

the object that you want to keep in

focus while blurring everything else and

there are options down here to change

the amount of blur and the range to get

the blur effect that you want so

although it is artificial and it will

never be as good as doing it on the

iPhone 7 plus you do kind of get the

same effect and if we go to our photo

gallery to preview the before and after

this is what it looked like before and

that's what it looks like with a blur

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