10 Things You're Doing that Slow Down Your Internet Speed

slow internet sucks and today we're

going to talk about a few things that

you might be doing wrong so that you can

fix those and get the most out of your

internet connection now first of all

sometimes internet is just slow and

there's not much you can do about that

looking at you satellite internet users

and I'm sorry about that

or maybe you're on a cable connection

and it's peak hours which slows down

everyone's connection but sometimes

those slow speeds maybe it's our own

dang fault so I'm gonna help you to kind

of get out of your own way and get what

you can out of your internet connection

now I've got three categories that we're

gonna talk about your hardware your

software and your internet service

provider so let's dive in alright thanks

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like this one okay now first things

first if you're gonna test your internet

and try to improve it you're gonna need

a reliable speed test there are a lot of

them out there some are better than

others but I will link to one of my

favorites in the description below so

use that speed test before and after you

implement some of these tips so you can

see what kind of difference you're

making okay now on to the things that

we're all doing wrong actually a bonus

before we get to all that it's about

your router upgrade your router

have you had the same router since 2004

or maybe since 2017 well yeah it's 2020

now and it already sucks so sorry about

that just go to your router check the

specs on it and find out what its

capacity is because not every router is

capable of carrying the megabit per

second load that your ISP is ready to

send your way this is why I had to

upgrade from my google Wi-Fi which I

liked just fine because when I got fiber

internet and it was capable of gig

speeds that Google Wi-Fi system wasn't

able to handle it and it wasn't very old

so I had to upgrade to something else

that was capable of handling those

higher speeds all right the first thing

you might be doing wrong is putting your

router in the wrong spot here's the

thing if you've got a house that's long

you don't put your router in the corner

you put it in the middle make sure that

it is close to the action if it's out in

some corner of the house it's not going

to be able to reach the other side of

the house or if it's in the middle of a

bunch of other electronic equipment

maybe there's interference going on and

it's not able to get out a clear signal

so make sure that your router is in a

good spot

second of all reset your router we ever

had that thing where your computer is

kind of acting up applications aren't

working quite right and all you had to

do is reset it well that's kind of the

same thing with your router the software

inside it needs a reset every now and

then to make sure that it's working

correctly so with a lot of routers all

you do is unplug it plug it back in you

can make the IT crowd round with that

one or if you have a newer system like

the one I upgraded to the euro system or

if you've got nest Wi-Fi or Google Wi-Fi

a lot of these newer systems have apps

that go with them and you can go in and

reset specific routers from your app

make sure you do that every so often

another bonus tip by the way speaking of

that app if you go in there and

prioritize your devices that could help

quite a bit your smart home devices

maybe you have a few maybe you have a

bunch of them those connected devices

could be slowing down your primary

devices so check your app and prioritize

your most important devices to make sure

they get the bandwidth they need don't

let your child's Netflix stream cut out

your important video conference or

something like that

all right tip number three you might be

depending too much on Wi-Fi now Wi-Fi is

great Wi-Fi is good and it helps you

connect all these devices around your

house really conveniently but if you can

use Ethernet on your most used devices

your laptop your Smart TV that gaming

console not your phone because you can't

do that but your Ethernet connection

will help speed up those devices

considerably Wi-Fi is getting a lot

better at speeding up compared to

Ethernet but it still can't quite

compare so if you can plug it in do it

mesh Wi-Fi by the way can help a lot

with this you can hardwire with some

systems which I found out recently only

with some systems you can hard

why're one mesh point to another and so

you can get that second mesh point close

by that vital device if it's not already

close to your primary router and that

way you can use Ethernet in those

important devices to make sure that

they're as quick as possible all right

let's move on from hardware and talk

about software a little bit our fourth

tip has to do with your browser you have

too many tabs open I'm looking at all of

us honestly you don't need to have 2000

tabs open they don't all deserve your

attention I know it's tough you think

you might come back to it later but

sometimes you just got to declare tab

bankruptcy and get rid of them all now

chrome and some other browsers are

getting smarter and they can temporarily

muzzle a tab that you haven't opened in

a while and then it kind of reloads when

you reopen the tab but don't depend on

that right especially if you're working

hard and keep opening more and more and

more tabs in quick succession that is

going to slow down your internet quite a

bit so just declare tab bankruptcy like

I said and start over I promise you'll

be just fine alright number 5 you're

seeing every ad in the world and that is

slowing down your internet now this is

not your providers fault this is

something that we can all do for

ourselves so use an ad blocker those ads

that you see every time you open up a

web page ads take up a lot of data and

it slows down your browsing experience

quite a bit so use an ad blocker like ad

lock ad block cyber shark there's a

million of them out there the list goes

on and on just be careful with these if

you're looking at a free version of

something sometimes that ad blocker

could be malware in disguise speaking of

which tip number six if you are inviting

the criminal element onto your network

that could be causing you problems many

problems but one of them would be

slowing down your connection malware and

viruses they tend to do that sort of

thing so this one's pretty

self-explanatory get rid of it get a

virus and malware scanner and that'll

help you get rid of that stuff so it's

slowing you down

get rid of it you'll speed right up I

should mention though just like with the

last tip watch out for free services

because sometimes those are actually

malware in disguise alright tip number

seven is your cash

data cached data is the data you pick up

every time you visit a site every site

that you visit stores some data about

that site on your computer so that their

pages will load faster in the future now

that sounds like a good thing and it

kind of is yeah it does make things

convenient and pretty quick up to a


it can get out of hand pretty soon your

computer and your browser are holding so

much data so much info it's weighing the

whole poor system down so you can go in

and clear it manually in your browser

settings or you can actually download a

clear cache plug-in to do that all in

one click alright lastly let's talk

about your internet service provider

luckily this is our specialty here at

revues org we know everything there is

to know about Internet service providers

so a few tips on this one now tip number

eight you might be hitting your data cap

now most plans many plans at least come

with no data cap these days but not all

of them again sorry

satellite internet people your data caps

kind of suck anyway but check to see if

you do have one I did on my Xfinity plan

that I had for a long time ago they gave

me one terabyte of data per month

I rarely hit that cap but when I did my

speeds slowed way way down so if you

have a data cap think about a different

plan if you can which brings us to

number 9 switching plans it's possible

that your plan just sucks and that you

can get a better one plans are actually

a little bit like routers providers are

constantly tweaking their offerings and

trying to give you better stuff but if

you never make a peep if you never go

and look there's a good chance that your

crappy old plan will just get

grandfathered through all the changes

and updates so if you've been on a 25

megabit per second plan with your DSL

provider just call see if they have any

deals for you to upgrade to or maybe

they have a different type of connection

some DSL providers are now getting into

fibre so if you switch plans sometimes

those plans will be faster and cheaper

especially if you can convince them to

get you in on some introductory offer

that they normally just give to new

customers and finally tip number 10 is

switch providers now ultimately you

might just have a bad provider at least

for your area in some areas you

only get one or two and that's too bad

there's not much I can do about that

here but most places will have a bit of

competition going on so take advantage

of that in fact go to the zip code

checker tool at reviews org I will link

to that in the description below you can

put in your zip code and we will tell

you exactly which providers and which

plans are available in your area so you

can make sure that you are getting the

best deal now I'm sure there's more

stuff that we're all screwing up when it

comes to keeping our internet going

quickly so hit me up in the comments let

me know if you have any speed up my

internet hacks to share with the rest of

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