Effective Self-Treatment for Golfer's Elbow (Inner Elbow Pain)

hi I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist

strategy physical therapy together we

are the most famous physical therapist

on the internet now pitted of course Bob

Brad I can't believe you have done this

video yet but we need to do a video on

an effective self treatment for golfer's

elbow gophers elbow or medial

epicondylitis for that I have assigned a

person alright basically you're going to

have pain on your inner elbow okay

you're going to have it right often this

could be from doing the forearms

forehead smack forehand forehand smash

in tennis sure Moorhead and or you can

obviously get it from golf sure you

could get actually get tennis elbow and

golfer's elbow in golf sure I believe it

loves it though you swing ah I actually

got this I was working on a project when

we could use the cordless drill a lot of

pant you know and I don't do a lot of

hand work during the week if I did so

much as I and it's very excited very

good example a lot of gripping exercise

that will do it because the muscle want

there actually does control that grippy

right so a lot of times you're going to

have let's say it's my right arm you're

going to have pain when you bring your

wrist down like this if I give

resistance or if you go this way alright

so anyway the pain this is going where

to show you what treatment you can do

when this is all the most effective

treatment you can do we actually put a

dot here so quite often the pain is

right in through here you might feel it

coming down even and you're going to

cross fiber friction massage cross fiber

meaning across the fibers of the muscle

right so the muscles go from here and

actually the muscle belly is here and

then it goes back to the tendon here and

of course the tendons go through your

carpal tunnel and that then the rest

yeah but we provide to provide the

militia not addressed so what you going

to do is you can put one finger on top

of another or you can just put two next

to each other but you're going to what

you're looking for is you're actually if

you want to look for a bony landmark

this is you're right on the bone here

and you could you might have to rub on

the bone itself or a little bit down

further from it you're just going to

find which spot is really tender and so

I here I got the bone right here so I'm

rubbing I'm going to rub a little bit

below it

so I can put one finger on top of the

other now I'm rubbing quite hard here

bro and my guess is this is going to

hurt now the thing is though it should

get worse and worse and worse

eventually I'd like to see that it kind

of plateaus out or even gets better or

numb over a period of a minute so if

your started rubbing on it it hurts the

first 1015 seconds if it starts getting

worse worse worse

yeah after 30 seconds it's still getting

worse stop and then I probably just put

some ice on it

ice it for a couple days and then try it

again sure yeah the thing that is going

on here and why this is so helpful is

quite often when you've hurt the tendons

or the muscle you've laid down some scar

tissue and that scar tissue gets laid

down in like a web and that web is not

very strong so as soon as you start

using the arm again that web breaks open

and so a lot of times it'll start

getting better you go ah it feels better

I started doing something and else it

gets worse again so you need to do the

cross fiber friction massage over the

muscle and the tendons so that that web

becomes more interlocked like this and

become stronger right it actually get

more blood flowing to the area too right

right so you're going to actually break

up the scar tissue is what you're going

to do is so that it'll heal strong so

now how long can you do this you can you

really can do it for five to ten minutes

be honest with you

your fingers are yeah your fingers will

wear out before you can stop here and

you can do it you know every day or

every other day depending on your

tolerance if the skin starts to break

down will be there yeah I've seen that

happen you're going to give yourself a

rest but this is a real simple one to do

bread I mean you can be in your desk

come onto your elbow straight you know a

pillow on here it works really good and

you can see the dot here so I'm rubbing

right on that spot across the fibers

very deep breaking up the scar tissue

and for some people that can even rub it

down in here look at you I can help

loosen up those muscles if there happen

to be tight

protecting the injured area a peg muscle

is not going to be helpful advice or get

that loosened up this is very common in

people forty to sixty years of age when

I've seen it obviously younger sorry of

the soul but you you know how many

sessions is going to take it can vary a

lot I've seen people get better in a

couple of weeks right and sometimes it

can say six to twelve sessions even so

but it often doesn't get better if you

it is one of those things if you've had

it cause either last four months I mean

yeah I had mine I didn't I didn't do

this but it wasn't bad and I could live

but it just continued to eight for one

reason it keeps lasting four months is

because there was scar tissue and the

scar tissue keeps breaking open then it

has to reheat and then it breaks open

again and a rehe lie just keeps going

this cycle where you want to break up

the cycle and break up the scar so yeah

if you want to get strong like bull and

have strong Popeye hours and be able to

hit the ball 300 yards you can having

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