Investigating the Microscope letter "e"

investigating the microscope with the

letter e so what I'm gonna do is I need

directions on how to do this activity I

need a prepared slide with a letter e

wet mountain and I'm gonna also need my

paper work so what I'm gonna do here is

I'm going to take my slide with a letter

E of course before I begin using my

microscope I need to make sure that I am

on low power and by using the course

adjuster I'm making sure that the stage

is completely lowered I'm gonna turn on

my light and I'm gonna place my slide

onto the stage making sure that my

letter E is directly into the light

source and if you see you can see how my

letter E is correct it's like if I'm

looking at it I'm looking at it as if I

would see it normally and it's right in

the center but I'm gonna go ahead and

put my stage clips on right now just so

my letter e stays in the center of the

light I want to make sure it's in the

center of my field of view I'm gonna

place my eye to my eyepiece and I'm

gonna move that course adjuster until my

letter e comes into focus I will know

when that letter e comes into focus when

I go whoa that is cool

if I don't say whoa I do not see it so

when I see it I see my letter e and it

is very clear but if I need to use my

fine adjust ur I can do that so now it's

it's it's very very clear so if I look

at the first part of my paperwork what I

need to do is I need to move the slide

to the right so if I move my slide to

the right while I'm looking at my

eyepiece and if I move it to the right

what happens to my letter E and you need

to record what happens then you need to

move on and move the slide to the left

looking into the eyepiece when you move

it to the left what happens to the

letter E

same goes for when I move the slide away

from you and move the slide toward you

remember you have to be sure that you're

looking through the eyepiece when you're

trying to figure this out once you've

figured out all of this in this chart

you will be able to figure out what

three things a microscope does to an

image there are three things in that

microscope does to an image so it

doesn't look like it does when you're

looking at it with the naked eye but

when you look at it through the

microscope it changes it quite a bit so

after you're done exploring that you're

going to explore the e on low power

medium power and high power so the first

thing I want to do is make sure that my

letter E is in the center of my field of

view so if I look at this and this is

what I'm seeing through the microscope

it should be right smack dab in the

center so once I'm there I'm gonna look

through the eyepiece and I'm gonna draw

exactly what I see in this eyepiece

right here so if my E is hanging off the

edge well it shouldn't be at this point

but wherever my letter E is it should be

in the center I need to draw that when

I'm ready

after I've drawn that I need to switch

to medium power so I leave everything

like it is I'm not gonna change anything

the only thing I'm going to move is the

objective and I'm gonna move it to

medium power I'm gonna look through the

eyepiece and I need to move my course

adjuster just a bit oh wow cool and

you'll also probably notice some little

water bubbles or air bubbles in there

but I'm gonna just make sure that it's

centered in there and now what I need to

do is I need to draw exactly what I see

and I'm gonna give you a hint

it's not gonna look anything like this

one it's gonna look a lot different and

you're going to see some differences

between the low and the medium power

once you're here again I'm ready to

switch to high power I'm not gonna move

anything but my objective just moving my

objective clicking it into play

looking through am I allowed to use this

course adjuster no way only my fine

adjust err I can move it until I go oh

wow and then I need to draw exactly what

I see then after I've done all of this I

am going to remove my I'm gonna move my

course adjuster my stage all the way

down I'm gonna move back to low power

remove my stage clips and carefully

remove my slide so now this microscope

is ready for the next person and then I

need to decide what happens to this

field of view as I move from a lower

power to a higher power and when I look

at my field of view what what happens

and then not only what happens to my

field of view what happens to that image

what actually happens to that II every

single time as I go from low to high so

you need to follow the directions on the

sheet and you also need to answer all

the questions on your paper work

investigating for the letter E when you

are finished that for this with this you

will sign up for small group