DATING DOMINICAN Woman.. How to separate the Good From The Bad

yo yo yo what's going on this [ __ ] man

came like it again back at you with

another video

I did some right here my touch up on the

dominican women approaching the dating

world as an a flow in the dominican


alright so I'm definitely not new to the

Dominican Republic but I'm new to


okay so I kind of wanna touch bases as

far as for us to brothers out there you

may not that I was interested in dating

that Dominican woman I kind of want to

help you pinpoint and separate it real

from the fake you know there's a lot of

men who's interested in actually

marrying Dominican you know having a

mess girlfriends a daenam end up getting

her heart broke used for the green card

ripped them up they money scam

my mama's sick my dog broke their leg I

need money

hey puppy I need money for my rent they

got pictures of if the refrigerators

popping me and my baby need food puppy

can you help me you know yeah and up and

I went went tailor-made say I wish for

Union poppy you turned into one them

guys are just sending money abroad you

know what I'm trying to help you

depression rate the rail front of faith

let's separate the right quick life now

this is only my experience in the

Dominican Republic

this isn't wanted two percent guaranteed

to work for anybody else this works for

me you know I have a I have plenty of

friends female friends I have plenty of

male friends but all of my female

friends you know we get along perfectly

I don't see no money they don't ask for

no money I have a good time I don't

never have to pay for any services or

none of that type of trick stuff it's

all love

I mean it's just open dome everything is

all good

he's a beautiful truck they're gorgeous

extremely beautiful dominican women and

I have a lot of photos and videos to

back up what I'm saying

I just recently just came back going

back again that's my hopefully even to

my helper so again this video right here

isn't for the tricks of those who are

you know leap with their money they

don't have time to wine and dine your

token all that good stuff you know they

going to a certain area at the

geographical location a certain part of

the country where just plentiful like

that and this what's going on

this video isn't for those this video

right here is avoiding so soon they step

one step one a boy so soon

oh boy Porter player although Porter

platter have I've heard I've haven't

been I haven't visited port applaud

again but I've heard their Puerto Plata

hands another type of variety of you

know another breed I hear that sass or

is the attraction of dominican women

from all over the country and migrated

to source or to make some money no this

is true however you still have a

extremely large population of women in

the rest of the country who never leave

their city who's only confined to the

cities for whatever reason they've been

part of their whatever can't afford to

go different places you know and also

look at some sue as a disgrace you know

so you want to avoid some sort you know

and that's your first step if you go to

sis or thinking that you're gonna have a

girlfriend you got your mind all twisted

you go to sis or thinking that hey man I

can trust this woman you got it all

twisted you go to school in that whole

area over there thinking that is

anything more than just your money you

are confused you are trippin you are


get it together my brother it's only

about that check also number two what I

want you to understand in this hell you

have to work on yourself

self-esteem together until confidence

the government and if you are older man

in your sixties and fifties and stuff

and you're Dana 20 19 18 year old 23 25

yo make sure you don't have to have your

body all and it'll cut up a ripped up

like mine's but at least have your win

together you know your endurance you

know you can go run a laugh a little bit

you know you can keep up with the

younger women you know because that's

the big thing when keeping up with a

younger Latino because Latinas are

fairly have very very high sex drive and

they they're extremely healthy so maybe

one maybe one all the time

keep up can't be tired too much you know

whatever whatever your brother around my

age I'm in my mid-thirties and I'm sorry

for not being sorry but I date I don't

date in America at all

you know I started right at like 18 on

up you know and and so you have to you

have to be appealing to them so let's

around my age bracket right now 30 my

mid-thirties you know my range is pretty

low my I'm not system not 50 years old

reading up out of my twenties at mid

thirties all right so also what you want

to do you want to avoid the woman that's

interested in America what I usually try

to do is talk to him if I meet them and

feel like they're worthy enough for me

to talk to because I am the prize you

know I am the table you know what is she

bringing to the table so when I speak to

us a woman I want to know what it is

that interests her about different

countries I may bring up Europe and

America and all that good stuff if she's

interested in America yes I want to go

to America I always had dreams of going

to America and brother blase blase block

okay this is 50/50 red flag you know

this is it could be a red flag because I

mean if I was in the third where I would

want to go

- you know the first world countries as

well so but I want to say my intentions

would be our bad but this is also

something to luck look out for that my

father always told me say hey if she

choose to cut our country and she choose

America they asked her what city she

would want to live there so if you want

to if you could if you ever was blessed

with the chance to come to America which

city would you want to live in whichever

cities she's saying that's the city that

you need to watch out for because maybe

she has a boyfriend or whatever her

family members there are relative death

she's not mentioning to you you know and

so you just want to keep that in the

hell now she say something like well

well whatever city you think is best for

me to grow and help you grow then that's

where I want to be okay now she's

getting somewhere that's pretty cool

that's a pretty good answer and if you

asked about America which country she

want to live in and she say things like

I'm not interested in leaving her

leaving my country I have a lot of

friends who talk like that I don't want

to leave my country I'm fine in my

country I prefer you to move to my

country you know and we just live out

here in my country I mean used to my

stress in America it's too much too many

bills too much going on in America I

really live here in peace and paradise

and it's do it because you want to be

the one forcing her to come to the

country you you wanna you want to have

to damn near make her convinced her and

brainwash her into believing that you

trying to just really convince her to

come to your country that's the one you

really want that's those other these are

the signs to look for you know you want

you you you really want to be the one

who's really pushing this and it's

really the fight to do this you know and

then you know you don't want the one

who's just ready to just rent

country no he didn't work like that all

right you want to avoid the ones who

who's only interested in money and

that's not hard to tell you know she's

one she want to go on jet ski she wanna

when you come into the town and you come

into the country she's asking you so

where we going to hang out it you know

she's already naming paler this

restaurant at restaurant you know she's

taking pictures and stuff and she's

trying to post it on her social media in

the gram and Instagram and all that good

stuff just to draw in more tricks you

know so so you know and so you got to

throw the curve balls up then you gotta

say hey ain't really come with no money

this time you know I'm not really

spending the money see if she get upset

say well we ain't going on with it they

were coming on sit in and take some

walks and hold hands and you know circle

around the block a few times and she get

extremely angry and upset and

uncomfortable like bored and out of it

really you know because any time a woman

really loves you she's gonna look this

is like general all across this is a

very broad statement right here that

applies all over the globe

when a person genuinely cares about

another person and understood want to be

with him without any alternative motives

of hidden agendas or whatever you're

gonna want to be around that person

especially the woman no matter what's

being spun tonight

you know so you pay attention to that

that's a red flag you know a good woman

a good dog mimicking woman a lot of my

friends this is what they do

that's not interested in my money at all

it was simple to say hey I'll cook

they'll just go get something to eat

from the grocery store she'll go right

now and what I usually do they keep

myself from being cheated because I

trust these women and I know that I'm in

good hands I hand them a certain amount

of money and they would manage it very

where they keep me from getting

overpriced charge too much or whatever

because they think I'm far enough I keep

my mouth closed let them talk

the Dominican prices they hustle-bustle

they do they thing they get the money

and they get the best that everything

that as much as my money can buy at the

time and they help me save a lot of

money so they're going the grocery store

and the best grocery store with the

reasonable reasonable prices get the

groceries that's needed for the entire

week a few days or whatever and what

they were doing able to go cook cook up

the food you know doing Elvis so we'll

have to go out as much spin as much

money as much everything is pretty much

on a tight budget a good budget you know

and that's impressive to me so these are

the things you want to look at you and

look at the woman who said hey we ain't

got to go all these places and stuff to

kind of get to know each other only

thing we got to do is a you know who sit

with my family that's a big key they

take you to the family if she's saying

hey come sit with my family you know you

should meet my my dad my mother my

brother especially their mother it seems

like in the Dominican culture that

mother really be renting things because

a lot of time the father's be in and out

although the father usually when they're

in the home they have a lot of say so

but the mothers are the bread and butter

so if you're going home to meet the mama

and the sisters and I seen all of them

and they actually bringing everybody

over for you for a dinner that's a big

thing right now because once you are

accepted in their very feminine origin

once you are accepted in the family hey

the rest is history

you could dare I'm the opening door

without knocking come anytime you won't

fly into the country anytime you want to

have to warn them and say I'm coming you

just pull up they wait you know they're

always an open door so the ones who are

interested in my name only you want to

watch out for those I kind of took notes

this time y'all to keep you from going

all over the place again boy to sit

straight you know although the set

straight is all over the country earlier

I said a voice too soon in that area the

sex trade is all over the country no

matter where you are south east south

east east west central Dominican


wherever you are the sets traders down

but you still can avoid a sestra

let's say for instance if you insane

till Domingo you know that country is

the cap that city is the capital so they

have the areas where the girls are

you know prostitute are working girls

making their money and even whether

there are foreigners they are not

they're working girls even working for

the towards the the Dominican men as

well you know but you want to go on the

outskirts about just skim around those

area because you have so many areas in

Central Domingo to where there's no sex

workers working girls they're you know

going to outskirts of San Cristobal

bunny you know all those different the

Hitler towns with the women though the

women are still at home their parents

and they're not necessarily out there in

the streets they're going to school and

coming up going to school they're going

home you know they're not out there all

in the streets trying to make money and

stuff like this these are the sisters

you want to look for you know but that

that's oh no exploring type of basis you

have to get out there and explore you

know each time I troubled to the

Dominican Republic about I troubled by

myself alone and I explore I go out

there and it hurts the streets the

culture I bought our tourist attractions

out anything I got something do the

tourists of opposite a lot of places I

found myself at I am the only tourist

there I am well I don't even consider

myself a tourist I consider myself a

foreigner so I'm the only foreigner

there at the time you know also you want

to you want to target the women who's

fresh out of high school of age although

in their country I don't think is it's

based on household whether or not they

you know let their daughters you know

what the age limit is but I'm American

so I like to go up eighteen over so

that's what I stick to my country is

legally 18 so that's it that's someone I

like stick to so high school

1800 the lot of these women are raised

to hold our homes

take care of their man and feminists as

early as 11 12 13 years old a lot of the

dominican man go snatch them up real

quick it's not - what real quickness

wise very rare you find a Dominican at

least 21 22 23 years old she don't have

a kid I already been in the serious


18 19 a lot of times it's hard to catch

them at that age and they don't already

have children it because the men are

already coming in and get them as soon

as they they fresh on the market you

know so you kind of want to go in and

the sisters this light right at 18 19

fresh out of high school or currently in

college going to school who's doing

something different than just sitting

around looking pretty holiday see these

are the women you wanna you wanna you

wanna you want to go at these sisters

right here you want you want to get

their attention you know you wanna you

want to see if they choosing you you

wanna you want to see if they shooting

it Tunis choosing citizens that you and

if so then you go holla at them and you

go ahead and get up the Americanize

dominican woman a lot of them are

Americanized Americans you know leading

and influence we're a leader and

influences and it's our people the black

Americans who's who has the style the

tasting every other reason people want

to be like us you know so but I bought

those women who actually want to be like

the women in my country because it's a

reason why I'm not dating in my country

you know so if I'm going somewhere else

I kind of want another type of black

Mormon you know a brown one you know I

kind of want another taste another five

another coach I love the tradition so

anytime I see any dominican woman

twerking and stuff when I know it's

stupid chop to it you twerking it you're

trying to twerk they're not all that

good stuff there no I don't want to you

know I don't know I kind of keep pushing

you see them saying so you kind of want

to stay away from the ones who's

Americanized and all that good stuff

right there because that's the case you

might as well stay in the matrix and

keep that matrix mindset and you deal

with the matrix women feeling saying so

the ones who are baby mamas and single

mothers first of all if I want a baby

mama in a single mother I got plenty of

sisters around me who are baby mamas and

single mothers you know so that's the

case I just picked from there I don't

want you don't want to necessarily go

for the baby mama single mother although

it's okay it's nothing against being

with the baby mama I think a mother

whether in your country overseas but

overseas you have to understand it's

jobs are very hard to come by there are

no jobs and Dominican Republic rate jobs

they even pay guys to pump gas in your

car like you pull up at a gas pump and a

lot of places there are men who's

standing out taking money they get paid

to pump gas this is just another way to

create another job for somebody to do

because you could pump your own gas

really you know but somebody need to do

it so they can get some money and they

get paid pretty good art so if you're

dealing with a woman with children or a

child now you got more of a risk on your

hand you know you have more of a

responsibility because you have to not

provide for her in this child and also

you have to deal with whatever father

and their tradition and culture there

that's going on for us how baby daddies

are you know and he could be laying in

the cut who knows what type of game

being played but at the same time you

don't want to have to deal with a

situation to where you you are she

definitely have to go out there's some

type of way to get this money so she

don't have a job so how she provide food

for her child you know and and now

there's another thing you want to pay

attention to you know I try to avoid the

women who who has an apartment in the

Dominican Republic and has furniture so

many different outfits so many different

nice pair of clothes and you know they

wear the Gucci in the Louvre turn and

all these little bands and stuff I

bought those women why because there

Americanised it's okay to be independent

have your own apartment but how are you

supporting yourself in this third-world

country that's not paying you enough

money to do all of these things and also

how are you a single woman whether she

have kids or not and you have to pay

attention to how she living you know she

has an apartment and she's holding it

down but she don't have a job but she's

making excuses like oh I have a job I

got laid off and it blase blase blase

blase SteriPEN I mean that's a lot I had

a job a bla bla bla bla

Oh in between the supply you said I'm

saying something that's going on how she

how she's getting this money to pay this

rent every month like b11 my phone bill

every month internet every month nails

it for my long-ass weave and I have

probably every my you know so you want

to kind of avoid that right there you

know and and I prefer to I prefer to

pick my woman in the midst of her family

I prefer to get her from a family I got

it from a mother and father they got

control over their governor they're

watching her you see don't say they want

the best for and I'm not talking about

those families who that should pimping

their daughters that's it see you see a

lot of that in the tourist attraction

area where the family is moving to the

tourist attraction area because they

want to hustle their daughter you know

you might have a family that was from

seminar they are semi now they want to

move to Punta Cana in the tourist

attraction and then soon they thought

I'd better get a check for you know you

kind of want to boil out of those like

situations right there brothers you feel

them saying and kind of keep your eyes

open and be mindful what could be going

on and and all that good stuff because I

prefer personally my advice did she

shoot for the ones who are still at home

with their families that's a good


tech tools and long extremely long nails

and tech tools you know

mm better fit just a little bit thrown

in that Cup right now I got some limits

you squeezed in it some pineapple juice

and a little tap with ginger ale mm-hmm

and the little type of ginger ale it

ain't that delicious all right tattoos

are extremely disgraceful to that

country in that country most people with

tech tools do not get a job at all I

mean it's a disgrace

I'm I've had so many Dominicans coming

to me like yo man what you thinking man

with the tattoos and stuff what I'm

American so you know a lot of Dominicans

whose you see with the tattoos and stuff

especial natively they flip their

forearms or seven certain places if you

see the women with that I say don't date

them you know don't look at them and

take them seriously I'm not saying that

a whole can turn itself into a housewife

a whole can change her ways and turn

itself into a housewife but you can't

never turn the whole into a housewife

I mean it's pimping one on one right now

you know I mean so ain't no tricking in

pivot remember that but at the same time

I don't want to deal with hoes and

turning back in the house on one deal

without it so I try to move a certain

way and you should want to deal with it

especially was trying to go a certain

route with Dominican woman now the

tattoo thing nine times out of ten she's

a working girl was a working girl

becoming a working girl or whatever and

you got to keep your eyes open for that

situation so hey long extremely long

nails I don't even see in America is so

common and you just always but in the

Dominican Republic the woman with the

extremely long nails of the women who's

not doing anything

at home they're not cooking they're not

cleaning they're not doing anything like

that dominican woman is traditional for

them to grow up and learn these things

as a child so I shoot for the ones who's

already looking like she's ready to

twerk at home and do some things and

maybe be a nursing you know anything

with a hands that's good with the hands

you know because that's what make a

woman virtuous the hands house well she

know how to work you know so these are

the things you look for again you have

you mentioned a long ways you know I

prefer all-natural dominican women I

prefer if I won't weave and I want to

make up and all the crazy lashes are

there crazy stuff I got this in my

country I am from Atlanta Georgia raised

Atlanta Georgia my hometown and in

Georgia I am surrounded by some of the

most beautiful women in the world both

multiple different cultures and

traditions here I even have Dominican

women here our type of Martinez here but

if I want that I would wait here and get

that here so when I'm overseas in the

Dominican Republic or the república

dominicana I want natural women natural

hell no lashes no makeup

even if she do wanna throw in a little

makeup it's okay she might wanna throw a

lasso and twist okay but mainly 90% of

the time she's her Plain Jane those are

the ones I prefer because it's less of a

chance that she's out here trying to

impress the American man you know and

also another reason to avoid it's a sort

of planet area because that's where the

bulk of that laughter the bulk of New

York Boston the bulk of the American man

they're up their neck area so you

already know the mindset of the women

there my seller the women there or

whatever the mind said those men

instilled in them and I also hear louder

I talked to a lot of women from the

Dominican Republic who say well this is

why we so cold towards for our men

because they come to our country with

all these different promises and all

that good stuff and they have families

at home where I was at home kids at home

they bring the money here they tricking

us - uh so now we like [ __ ] it we

and tricking theirs back dragon is back

that's y'all don't create a distance

what it is you know so there's so many

women that was like it so many hearts

broken so many dominican women hearts

are broken because of how the game is

being played you know i studies just

keepin it straight up gee you know it's

being played with a bunch of finesse you

know and then you know so now make them

want to strike back and they ruthless

when they do it you know

heartless when they do it it's well you

think they love you but they know they

cold but yeah I try to avoid out of

wheeze and all that good stuff right

there because she can afford out a

Brazilian weave and I are there right

there we're seeing that money from how

she live it she's I mean come on man you

gotta use your brain when you're going

out of here looking at these sisters in

a third world country all right

you know so another thing you got to

look at cities like San Pedro when I go

to San Pedro I have a good time you know

I actually have an ex in San Pedro but

we still cool to this very day great

girl we just we didn't see eye to eye on

some some things you know but it wasn't

nothing scam anyone nothing nothing like

that I mean it was a sweet situation

however San Pedro usually when I'm in

San Pedro I think that I'm not only

foreigner there because it's so

Dominican there's not a tourist

attraction I don't have a beach you

don't have no resorts you don't have

none of that you dealing with nothing

but Dominican in Sin City is a pretty

large city within itself it's a pretty

large city you know it's it's between $1

yo and put the comma you know so it's a

pretty nice large city and I think if

they want to go to the beach they use it

to go to $1.00 so it's nothing but

Dominicans death so it's Dominican day

in Dominicans there so and I have a good

time they have a whole lot of female

friends there man you know it showed me

a good time I have a whole lot of male

friends there as well there should be a

good time man this is how you pick that

raw authentic cultural traditional

Dominican you still don't saying


teen that Latino this is how you this is

how you pick you go sit amongst these

areas know even la Vega you know these

areas where

you might find a few little tourists

there for this day you know you want to

going out he's there Romana Romana am I

saying it right there are ok in hey you

know these are the areas you go into

warned oh do you know I had a good time

one though do I spend a lot of time with

one adult Leo shot out the window the

old San Pedro you know I'm saying shout

out the book of Chico because she could

have a very high concentrated tourist

attraction there but at the same time

this is where I take my women from San

Pedro my friends from Santo Domingo we

might go to Boca Chica and kick it

Olivia I might just go to Boca Chica by

myself and kicking the lipid but but but

because she could pretty much have a

certain area well you'll find the women

who is working and usually a lot of the

Haitians and Dominicans together have a

high higher Haitian concentrated

concentration on hits where you have a

lot of Haitians and Dominicans who's

actually together you know Haitians and

Dominicans mixed like biracial you know

so this is a pretty good area saintil

domingo san cristobal san cristobal is

another good place that's you know like

the opposite of San Pedro it sits on the

other side of st. Joe Domingo these

sisters out here are the ones that you

find oh by the way San Pedro these are

the ones you find my color you know you

find Michael any extra a baseball or

country a baseball city known for its

baseball legends like Sammy Sosa and a

lot of Lorenzo barceló a lot of great

ballplayers come out of San Pedro and

it's a lot of people are color by color

it's like it's it's right - like whether

the first Negro is one of the first

Negro citizen Oh in the Americas all

together you see them saying so you got

a lot of black women down now man you

know African descent die now man

No all throughout that whole area man go

away to the other side I hope south

coast you not me

I said crystal ball as well and between

San Cristobal and Bonnie and started

lighting up with maybe the skin

complexion started getting a little old

mocha a little more lighter with the JIT

long black hair you know and by nan

swinging it really just turned into the

light skin with the wrong jet-black hair

you know and these sisters in San Pedro

and saying Cristobal and you know it is

it's that brown skin that Pocahontas

with the long black hair curly or wrong

you know so these are these are the

generic these are the authentic

dominican women you know these sisters

hairstyle they have class they're being

honest out a big only class they're

being being sophisticated they being on

looking sexy and seductive they

everything about them is pretty clean

you know and I like that how they move

Santo Domingo you have a multi populated

area right that this is the capital they

all coming in from all over Dominican

Republic for school you know University

factory workers nurses bankers and

lawyers and doctors and dentists and

these are the ones you shoot at it these

are the ones you go at my brother you go

get your teeth done at the dentist and

you send down tough to the doctor

throwing your teeth these are the ones

you shoot at my brother you know these

are the ones you go for you know

Santiago Santiago

this is where you get the car to beat at

the ones these are the ones where you

know it's more of a European stand you

know you see that Spaniard little look

going on and I think this is the area

where he get the more racism that as far

as when they say they're not black a lot

of time when Dominicans say they're not

black they're not saying that they're

not Afro Afro Dominican what they're

saying is they're not black like how we

would look at black and American white

in America Dominican Republic isn't

confined by black and white and over


they're from their nationalists we are

Dominicans no matter what color we are

I'm Dominican

that's my race now I'll bring you back

up no I'm going

blacken me I am Dominican notice how

they feel and so if you're a septate

culture if you embrace their coaching

you're not just coming as far dinar

tourists who trying to date but don't

want to embrace the culture you have to

embrace the culture in order to get the

woman you have to even here in the

states I wear the Dominican flag you

know and I embrace the culture that the

will is whichever woman I'm dealing with

she also embraced my coaches where he

was are we gonna work you know so you

have to embrace the culture you can't be

a man coming from New York Atlanta like

I'm not I'm above your coach beneath

your coach or whatever I'm not embracing

your coach of this 1/2 arms I don't care

about learning Spanish I don't care

about running the bachata I don't care

about Internet your music I don't care

about none of that

I'm placing young thug its place on some

some nas and jay-z you know whatever

you're not gonna make it with the with

the nationalist Dominican want me shoe

rather have a Dominican man if that's

the case you know because he's gonna

know how to war you know so all right

thank you I go you ahead more about you

have a real small tourist attraction

there as well you'll find tours every

now and then but you make basically

dealing with all Dominicans it's a lot

of beautiful women there too so you in

these lay areas where just all

Dominicans you want to take advantage of

those areas we agree as you move pay

attention to two other the sisters who

actually genuinely like you don't want

to get to know you you see them saying

I'm not interested in your money because

not all Dominicans are interested in

your money like I said I have a whole

lot of Dominican friends you know from

each and every last one of these

different cities you know some all of

them I have met I have a very few that

haven't met you know and and and they

all the same never asked me for a pen

and never played sick never said I

needed rent money never said they needed

this nothing I never sent nothing

overseas to nobody I never did nothing

bad I never not it I don't see that side

when they all see why cuz my energy

going towards tricking and my in

imogen ain't going towards to sit

straight my energy ain't going towards

the working woman if I see a woman

dressed like a ho she dressed short and

she dressed in too much of a short I

noticed the islands so they kind of

revealed her skin and eye but some [ __ ]

is just too far so if I see a woman

going too far what she got on and all of

that right there and how she walking

with a blade she kind of wanna you know

hide here when a woman cutting and

trying to you know get some attention

while her body language those are the

ones you stay away from you know those

are the ones you stay away from you said

I'm saying so also when you're trying to

impress the dominican woman you have to

know how to speak romance you have to

know how to have your voice set to a

certain tone and slow down your speech

you know kind of you know who her with

your words because this is what she

understand this is after you know broke

our two little chains of all the

possible whole tendencies and running

set straight so now you got yourself for

good and she's interested in you so now

you got to know how to war in you got to

know how to talk to you know be

seductive slow down your speech you know

pour your baritone that you know keep

your masculine frame you know because

she definitely want a masculine man this

woman wants you to take charge she wants

you to tell her no yes you know although

she's a high-strung high-strung

temperament and Feist in and has that

Caribbean latina you know that keeps a

knife thing going on you know say they

cut you up type of thing going on you

have to count like she still want that

man to know how to be a man that no

house to handle her correctly you know

who's not gonna catch a [ __ ] fit I'll

be too emotional when she lit up

something in espanol ain't quite

understand yet but you know she kind of

snapped you know hidden up she's

speaking English broken English say some

stuff that me you know okay well you

know it ain't gonna bother him like that

but you have to be able to war or

you know learn to dance little bit learn

how to move with a bit learn how to do

the bachata you know I'm taking my

childhood classes I don't got pretty

good at it now when I'm taking still

taking classes to learn my spins and you

know my direction because the dance

bachata is all about the man leading the

woman it's all about this is what she

want this is their dance this is their

see the black America we got so many

different dances we don't have a dance

we actually grew up with so this every

other tradition has a traditional dance

they grew up with so the bachata is one

of the data in different ways you would

do to a child's different different

types of regions in the Dominican

Republic that do it but Charlie

difficult but it's all based on the same

1 2 3 pop 1 2 3 4 with the photo pump

you know so this dance is all about the

demand controlling the woman and the

woman following the manly this is all

the dance is about so even though I was

a kid we learned this dance they

learning to follow the band's lead you

know the man learning to lead the woman

you know be graceful with it don't hold

on to a too tight no squeezing hands too

tight turning when you need to boom kind

of leave it to what she brought to go

next and walk into it you know so

everything is like a dance so I knew

that if I'm going to impress the Latina

because that's just what I'm interested

in then I knew at some point I had to

learn how to think I'm the worst dancer

in the for I I have like 500 feet

you know I can't dance over there but I

think I'm doing pretty good right now

when it comes to the pitch other you

know and I'm and I'm doing my thing and

I always knew that I wanted to you know

be able to keep up when they come to

dancing they're moving and when I'm in

certain spots enough well you know when

I look at the Rico suave the Dominican

Espanyol the Latinos when they suave it

up and they come on

I kind of knew like Ola hold on how can

mean straight out of zone since Easter

level you know let me figure out how to

put this move on you know I mean so you

have to know how to speak romance get

the dancing together

I also learned Spanish my Spanish isn't

great I have the basic Spanish now now

I'll pet I can I can walk up me actually

start a conversation and kind of get

some direction and kind of move the way

I need to move with her and everything

is comfortable you kind of want to learn

Spanish as well

I'm looking at the list now the

dominican woman is extremely extremely

jealous hmm extremely jealous

so you answer sorely put a platter and

you experiences the experience in the

working girls I mean human eyes you may

not experience the jealousy you know

because she know that she's gonna check

she's gonna bring a friend and yeah I

can do threesomes or whatever you gotta

do but when a dominican women is into

when a dominican woman is into you and

she wants you she is extreme so jealous

she's looking at your mama sideways it's

just a sad way she's like yo she's like

what she see what she wanna be on your

phone on your video all day long she

want to be here she want to be there you

know a lot of my friend I got to sleep

fight them off for my video Carlton I

didn't want to go to sleep looking at me

while I'm asleep I mean this is fast man

you know I have had someone like my

American female friend me we've been a

Yohei late at night you know

you know so they are extremely when I

when you win them in public she's

clinging oscillation you can't deal with

an extremely jealous woman and clingy

like I'm talking about she wanna hold

your arm a plumber you walking she

holding on to you you know shielding

your hand tight she wanna kiss ya this

is romance this is the Romance language

this is the love language these are the

love people so so if you're not if

you're not into do not enter all of that

you're not into I want to be a Klingon

when I hold on to you and kind of like

stick with you get mad at every little

thing like you should see you can

Lansing out a woman she gonna go off

she wonder why you looking at her do you

think she prettier though she's gonna be

coming with so much stuff that's just

what it is my brother you got it they

just come with the Latina dominicana

that just that just what it is man you

know this is when you know you have one

you know so another one is Facebook

Facebook all right she's really into you

she's gonna suppress everything on

Facebook she's not going on Facebook

well family can see a friends can see

and all of that she's not she you know

that's that's a red flag gotta keep your

eyes open for that you know I kind of

want to kind of rush to right click and

rush this video on up I didn't expect it

go to 40 minutes but I want to make sure

you brothers really had idea I'm wearing

approaching that woman and this is part

one I'm a car that's part one because

I'm gonna come again and keep giving you

information and I'm actually calling

some live footage and like videos of me

actually in person with these type of

situations so you can kind of see for

yourself you're on too high so you'll

know I'm not just somebody sitting

behind the camera and just telling you

some blah blah blah blah blah blah

I'm actually walking through this I'm

even let you see hands on what's going


and how they apply to your own

strategies or whatever so yeah but yeah

she'll definitely try to connect you

with Facebook or social media you know

and all that good stuff

also Pantages to the branch the shoes

you know dominican women have this their

own style of assembles open toe open

foot sandals I think it's so [ __ ] you

would never see another woman when it's


wearing these shoes except for them

these sounds so [ __ ] man you know these

are the ones you look for although they

are me well but you don't want the ones

with the red bottoms or the fake Gucci

so the Jordans fake Jordans and all that

right never cut we if we paying 200 some

dollars for Jordans in our country

wedding any money from to just be paying

a type-1 in their country but they're

living in a certain type of way they

live in Arrangements don't mention what

the shoes it's like having a Porsche

parked outside above based on income

apartment complex they don't make no

sense you know you know so all the name

branding our that I come with that you

know she's dressed like a whole

interested in America all that good

stuff I covered a lot of that stuff man

hey I hope you guys enjoyed this video

with keen like it man I just wanted to

show you how to approach the dating

world in the Dominican Republic the

Alpha way you know what to look for and

what to separate from you know that it's

tricking in the hose and all that good

stuff that's not that some of themselves

I kind of gave you a pretty quick read

through this forty minutes plus but I

kind of want you to look at this video

and understand if you're dating the

Dominican Republic there is a certain

type of woman you got to look for in a

certain type of warm you got to stay

away from a certain type of area you got

to stay away from if you want to up to

authentic real experience of the real

Dominican woman culture you know you

have to avoid sort of thing because I

myself experienced the real

authentic dominican woman i don't

experience the hose and all that stuff

right there you know I don't know what

they do behind my back Hank I didn't do

it but I'm talking about without pay or

not pay which I don't pay or without

experience and don't experience which I

do experience you understand what I'm

saying I'm giving you my perspective my

game like what I experienced when I

experienced the Dominican Republic you

know my hands on abilities and and what

I do you know and it's nothing more than

what you could do I'm no better than

what you can do but I just know what to

look for I had a lot of guys coach me

shot that boy tailor-made tailor-made

coached me you ceiling Sam boat race

watch a lot of his stuff he his videos

coach me tell them a hands-on sent me

messages and we talked back and forth

before I even made my first trip my very

first trip to central Domingo I wasn't

afraid to reach out to learn from some

of the pioneers at this game you know I

watched me go worldwide you know I watch

and Tony on the Cuban cigar smoker i

watch a lot of these guys man who's

actually out there are the white BJ men

i watch the guys from that's not doing

anything man in it's a sewer area you

know and I also learned a lot from their

videos which led me to move a certain

way so right now I'm dropping my own

version a version of how to move when

you in the Dominican Republic or as they

say the república dominicana

when you're out there this is how you

move when you're trying to successfully

date women see I'm a pickup artist you

know wrap it all all day I'm dating and

I'm busting moves and stuff I'm not

paying for anything you know of course

this not this video isn't saying you

don't look out for the locals when they

need something not when they trying to

offer their help

yeah you tip them you do all the things

you tell them but I'm talking about

Strickler they're women

mango you not I mean I don't I don't pay

the player there's none of that and I

kind of want you guys to understand that

you don't have to either if you choose

not to but every man in like me I get a

thrill out of the game I get a thrill

out of putting down my game I get a

thrill out the chase man I get a thrill

out all that good stuff I gotta throw a

lot of being rejected and still have to

pom pom pom pom pom come back and pull

their rejection on in like ya ain't get

too far boom 90s submission hey I get a

thrill out all that good stuff man I got

a thrill out of hold it on two and

having women around holding on to me but

their life you know I mean I get a

thrill out all that good stuff man

because a lot of my women throughout

life man we still cool to the date man

it's been I that's an elementary school


you know sense so I get a thrill out a

good stuff thanks you know saying I get

a thrill out of not having to pay you

know a pretty women just really want me

next to them when I go places you know I

get a thrill out of that so I'm saying

this man you know some guys don't like

this some guy just want to pay you know

and beyond not me man sometimes I don't

even a lot of times I turned down I

turned out six I turned out all right

this stuff I turn it down like only one

another time so hope you guys enjoyed

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barrel man y'all take it easy managed to

boy keen like it man checking in again

with the dominican women part one how to

approach the dating scene as an output

hey y'all take it easy mellow you stay

strong god Bless You Man peace and

positive vibes all day every day peace