What is the greenhouse effect? | Global Ideas

our climate is changing and temperatures

in general are increasing on the planet

sea levels are rising and the ice is

melting at the North and South Poles one

reason for this is the greenhouse effect

but what is the greenhouse effect a

greenhouse is normally something useful

it helps us grow things like tomatoes

out of season that's because it's nice

and warm inside a greenhouse the

sunlight enters and visible light

penetrates the glass this is partly

absorbed by the plants in the soil and

partly reflected on the outside has

invisible heat radiation as a result

temperatures rise inside the greenhouse

the planet Earth obtains warmth in a

similar fashion which is fortunate

because otherwise we could not survive

without the natural greenhouse effect

temperatures on our planet would be

around minus 18 degrees Celsius and not

the average 15 degrees Celsius above

freezing sunlight penetrates the gas

layer of the atmosphere it's partly

absorbed and partly reflected just like

in a greenhouse small particles in the

air ensure that a percentage of the

reflected radiation is sent back to

earth however humans caused a lot of

pollution by producing large amounts of

carbon dioxide methane and nitrous oxide

the small particles increase in number

and the result is just like a greenhouse

where the glass is too thick so an

increased amount of radiation is sent

back to earth and the heat is unable to

escape causing temperatures to rise

constantly on our planet