Here’s The Truth Behind Why The Great British Baking Show Takes Place In A Tent..Watch !



the great British baking show is a

beloved fixture of British TV pulling in

an audience of millions each week just

as iconic is the famous tent that hosts

the baking competition however

conditions inside the marquee can be

intense and a lot of that has to do with

the structure itself and yet producers

keep it as the backdrop for the show

regardless and their reason why may

surprise you now American viewers have

taken to the great british baking show

especially since it was added to netflix

in august 2018 indeed many US fence told

the BBC in 2019 that they love the show

because it's an escape from reality

for instance they find it soothing to

watch the contestants fake their

confections in the midst of a seemingly

endless news cycle however those who

have watched the Great British baking

show from the beginning know that the

series has changed over time yes the

first seven series had bakers presenting

their creations to judges Mary Barry and

Paul Hollywood while host sue Perkins

and Mel Joe joycie kept the laughs going

but when channel 4 bought the rights to

the BBC show the series saw some changes

for you see while Hollywood stuck around

the famous veteran Barrie quit and new

judge crew leaf stepped in next to him

instead of the Perkins and Jude Royce II

hosting team Sandi Toksvig and Noel

Fielding now bring the humour however

both versions of the Great British

baking show have charmed viewers in

America and beyond that's because the

core of the show has remained the same

contestants simply baked for glory not

for prizes and they do it all from a

tent built on an English estate for one

very surprising reason on that note

let's first go back to the start of this

popular program so Anna Beattie created

the Great British baking show called the

Great British Bake Off across the pond

and it first aired in the UK in 2010 she

told the Guardian three years later that

she initially imagined her show as an


and baking competition with people who

only wanted to bake a good cake it was

as simple as that but the jovial nature

of BT's vision didn't speak to

television executives at least not at


she recalled it took us four years to

get anybody at any channel to take any

notice nobody wanted it nobody liked it

but she persevered she said because she

knew it was a good idea eventually the

BBC caught on to the genius that was the

great british baking show and they aired

the first ever episode on august 17 2010

and the rest as they say is history but

where the series was originally based

differs greatly from what viewers see

today as we'll find out you see the

first season saw the show's contestants

shuttling around the UK to cities linked

to the confection they bake so bread we

took them to the Kent town of Sandwich

while they baked scones and cookies at

Perth Cheers scone palace for the final

the contestants still standing prepared

their last confection in London's Fulham

Palace after the first season though the

show put down roots at least for each

year's production yes rather than

shuttling contestants around the UK they

started baking in tents built on the

grounds of beautiful British estates for

example season 2 was based at

Valentine's mansion in red bridge while

series 3 and 4 were at harp tree court

in Somerset however from the fifth

season onward Welford Park in Berkshire

has painted a stunning backdrop for the

show's famous tent indeed the private

residence quickly transforms into the

set for the series and Deborah Huxley

who lives there told the Sun in 2019

that it only takes three days to build

the marquee regardless of location every

series of the Great British baking show

has followed the same format as far as

the challenges go

that's correct each episode presents

contestants with a trio of hurdles a

signature bake a technical challenge in

a showstopper furthermore all of these

will fall in line with a different

weekly theme in the signature challenge

Baker's present judges with their

personal go-to recipes the ones they'd

make at home for loved ones next they

complete the technical challenge in

which they receive a new recipe and have

to bake it as best they can

crucially the judges evaluate and rank

each confection without knowing who made

it finally

the contestants have to complete the

showstopper challenge which is just as

it sounds you see they are briefed over

what they have to bake but must do their

best to infuse it with

professional-grade flavors and

decorations and once that's done the

judges decide who's that week's star

Baker before eliminating one person from

the contest as mentioned briefly earlier

although these challenges have stayed

the same

those presenting and judging them have

changed over the years when the BBC

produced the original show it had hosts

sue Perkins and Mel Qi joycie to narrate

the scenes meanwhile when Baker's

completed their confections they

presented them to judges Mary berry and

call Hollywood as you may know the

foursome earned rave reviews from fans

and critics alike as Meredith Blake of

the Los Angeles Times put it like a

souffl the great british baking show

relies on the very precise chemistry

between its personalities the firm but

kind very often clad in flour jackets

and pearls is the undisputed heart and

soul of the show then Blake came on to

Hollywood saying a master bread baker

with stiffly gelled hair and a goatee so

he clearly sees himself as the show's

bad cop Hollywood is not quite as tough

as he initially seems and the hosts

rounded off the great british baking

shows perfectly gelled cast

you see Blake wrote Perkins and Jude

Royce er the show say me but

sharp-witted every women providing

frazzled contestants with much-needed

moral support while making lots of body

puns about frosted buns together the

hosts Hollywood and very along with the

contestants would make a hit out of the

Great British baking show in fact it

first aired on BBC two and remained

there for four years eventually becoming

the channel's most popular program then

the BBC moved it to their Lane channel

BBC one by 2015 and into 2016 the baking

program searched to the number one spot

in British television

what's more the viewing figures were

enough to stun anyone yes to put its

popularity into perspective the finale

of its sixth season roped in 15 million

viewers now that was more than double

the amount of Brits who watched the

series finale of Downton Abbey and the

same number of people tuned in to the

2014 World Cup finale in the UK too but

the Great British baking show in its

most popular iteration wouldn't last


instead channel 4 bought the rights to

air the show for a reportedly hefty 32

million dollar price tag given that

season 7 of the series would be the last

to air on the BBC and with this came

several personnel changes on the show

for one thing Barry decided not to make

the move with the programme from the BBC

to channel 4 and she explained her

decision in a statement via the BBC

saying my decision to stay with the BBC

is out of loyalty to them

as they have nurtured me in the show

that was a unique and brilliant format

from day one soon Perkins and Jude Royce

II followed suit

sticking with the BBC instead of the

show itself

so only Hollywood remained as the series

premiered its eighth season in 2017 this

time on channel 4 that wasn't the only

difference of course the show had a new

judge and two new hosts now the new

judge was proved who played the same

role on the Great British menu on BBC

two actually that show has been going

for 11 years on British TV and was a hit

in its own right as for the hosts

comedian Noel Fielding and broadcaster

Sandi Toksvig signed on to the newest

iteration of the baking series

surprisingly the great british baking

show didn't quite take off in the u.s.

as quickly as it did in the UK firstly

there was the question of what name to

give the series you see the UK version

is called the Great British Bake Off but

the American version couldn't use this

title why

well the Pillsbury company has a

trademark on the phrase Bake Off after

its own famous competition in the US so

the program took on a new name the great

British baking show but even that didn't

solidify success instead the series

aired on PBS and the network played the

show out of sequence

obviously episodes of an elimination

centric competition viewed in random

order wouldn't appeal to viewers to

boost interest in the series TV

producers kicked off the great American

baking show too however US audiences

soon made it clear which version they

liked better yes they preferred the

original baking show from Britain and

more and more people got on board when

the kroger

had Netflix in August 2018 nowadays

Americans love the Great British baking

show just as much as British audiences

the BBC revealed in 2019 that US

audiences appreciated the show's

politically neutral entertainment value

and they said they decompress while

watching the baking competition without

thinking about the non-stop cycle of

sensational news headlines as Kristine

Wang Dixon wrote for fan sighted in 2018

nobody shared their views on briefs it

or gave their opinion on Theresa May

hardly anyone even mentioned personal

hardships all that outside noise is left

where it belongs outside the great

british baking show became the perfect

set of arms to run into Plus as Blake

wrote for the Los Angeles Times the show

turns everything we know about reality

TV on its ear namely the contestants

don't fight against each other for a

massive cash prize instead they engage

in friendly competition with the top

faker taking home an engraved cake stand

as you might expect though the winner

usually succeeds in going on to greater

things having been declared the best

furthermore the low stakes atmosphere

means that the show's contestants don't

typically plot against or argue with one

another instead they become friends as

well as competitors even helping one

another during their challenges viewer

Christina Capello cited this as her

reason for loving the program as will

now find out yes Capello a Philadelphia

native explained to the BBC the

producers focus on the moments that the

team are working together when someone

helps someone take something out of a

pen when someone has a suggestion on how

to fix something or just gives a

much-needed hug

it's endearing and it's exactly what the

world needs right now more feel-good

television as such the great british

baking show has continued through its

tenth season which kicked off in august

2000 and nineteen even with nine seasons

in its wake this go-round marked a first

in the show's history that's right David

Atherton a contestant who had never been

named star Baker throughout the series

won the competition and Atherton was

presented with his trophy just outside

of the famous great british baking show

10th in october interestingly watching

the Baker's toil away in the marquee has

lead viewers to wonder why they work in

such a space instead of say a proper

indoor kitchen well the main reason the

show's competitors work in a tent goes

back to series creator biddies original

vision yes she told the Guardian that

she imagines the baking competition to

be akin to a faith in rural parts of the


therefore the great british baking shows

tent is designed to invoke the feeling

of a traditional british village fete a

faith is a type of fair with activities

such as food and commodities stalls

raffles skill games morris dancing in of

course baking contests on top of that

although the show's location has changed

over the seasons it's maintained

familiarity with the iconic tent plus as

a great british baking show fan noted by

Acorah the tent represents the UK way of

life - they wrote it's really all part

of the production design the idea is to

reflect the typically quintessential

British tradition of taking afternoon

tea on the lawns of some great country

house over the years baking in an

outdoor tent has posed problems for the

contestants so for instance Frances

Quinn who won the show in 2013 explained

that the unpredictable weather outside

of the tent had a huge effect on what

was baked inside of it

yes Quinn explained to cosmopolitan in

2019 the temperature fluctuates you'd be

making a meringue and it would start

raining or we'd try and make pastry and

it would be 27 degrees Celsius outside

the technical challenges in lack of time

and lack of fridge and workspace are the

enemy on that show and don't expect the

production crew to add air conditioners

to help with this either for the great

british baking show's production team

adding air conditioning would create too

much background noise for filming so

contestants have to deal with the heat

of the show's famous tent put in place

because it evokes the feeling of a

traditional British competition and now

so does the sight of the white marquee

on the lung for those who watch the

series mission accomplished