So why HAS the US government shut down? - BBC News

why is the United States in the midst of

a government shutdown to put it simply

every year Congress has to pass and the

president has to sign laws funding the

federal government in this case there

are a number of departments and agencies

that don't have funding and that has led

to a shutdown in a way the system was

designed this way with separate co-equal

branches of government you can have a

president controlled by one party

Congress or even a part of Congress

controlled by another that they believe

fosters compromise in deliberation but

in recent decades it has been just the

opposite if we don't have border

security will shut down the government

you have Donald Trump and Republicans

demanding money for their wall or there

won't pass any new funding does a body

have any doubt Democrats being dead set

against that we're not doing a wall and

hence you have a deadlock in this case

Democrats don't have any real motivation

to strike a deal they just won a

sweeping victory in the midterm election

where they have taken control of one

chamber Congress the House of

Representatives their base doesn't want

a deal

polls show that the public at large

isn't all that jazz about the idea of

Trump's wall and they blame Donald Trump

in particular for the shutdown law

enforcement professionals have requested

5.7 billion dollars for a physical

barrier for Democrats this is about more

than a few billion dollars for a wall

this is about policy priorities and who

is going to set them for the remainder

of Donald Trump's presidency Donald

Trump on the other hand has forced the

issue by demanding funding for his wall

and as he himself is admitted it would

be embarrassing if he were to back down

build that wall build that wall his base

and conservative commentators have

insisted that he take action the wall

was a tangible example the kind of

promises he made on the campaign trail

and if he wasn't able to deliver on that

promise it would be very clear when he

runs for re-election in 2020 Donald

Trump has described this as a growing

humanitarian and security crisis at our

southern border and a president who

backs down in the face of such a crisis

wouldn't be much of a leader