Why Is The Gospel Called 'The Good News'?

well happy tuesday that means it's time

for this week's video get ready you know

this morning I was thinking because I

was a captive audience I was sitting in

a doctor's waiting room and have nothing

to do but think until he comes in and

sees you so for some reason I thought of

when I was in a church years and years

ago I remember a pastor preaching and he

was talking about the big floor sexual

immorality abortion tithing and the

eminent end of the world that was coming

soon because Jesus was coming back and

he was going to judge everybody and then

you would say we need to tell people the

gospel and I and when he said that I'm

sitting there going okay so you're about

tell us what that gospel is right

because I want to hear what he calls the

gospel and basically you have to tell

people to change their ways repent ask

for forgiveness of sins accept Jesus

into their heart live for Jesus tied and

to avoid God punishing them for all of

eternity and so it's funny because in

Christianity they know the word gospel

and the institutional Christianity they

really do and I can tell you that

because we basically have your

Protestant you're Catholic that those

are the two big vanilla groups right and

I was raised Catholic went to Catholic

school they taught us the word gospel

and they told us that it was it meant

good news and then after Catholic school

we went into the Baptist Church and i

remember in sunday school they taught

them the word gospel and told them it

meant good news and

I'm listening to this pastor saying

you've got to repent and you've gotta

ask for forgiveness and you've got to

ask Jesus into your heart and you got to

do this and you got to do that because

God is an angry god and if you don't

obey Him submit do these things I you're

not going to earn your way into heaven

God's going to punish you at the

judgment and they preach for coming

judgment and that's good news where

where is there any good news than that

so let me tell you why that's not good

news and why that's not even like gospel

Paul called the gospel two things he

called it the gospel of peace and he

called it the gospel of grace peace and

grace automatically have no scary

emotions attached to those words peace

and grace why peace well the gospel of

peace means the good news apiece and

that's an announcement of peace what

piece specifically the covenant of peace

what Kevin inner peace the one that God

prophesied he would establish with when

his righteousness when his righteous one

would establish it the Messiah Jesus he

would establish a covenant apiece God

said that would be an everlasting

covenant and age without end where he

would not not be angry he never again be

angry and he he would be at peace with

all of humanity and the gospel is good

news that God has declared peace with

all of humanity forever that's good news

that's really good news then there's

gospel of grace the gospel of grace is

that sin has been taken away by Jesus

the Savior at the cross his blood took

it away

and yeah it also took away the law of

the commandments of the Old Testament

and so sin is taken away and the law of

the commandments is taken away where

there is no law there's nothing you have

to obey because you live by the grace of

cut that's good news that's a big burden

off everybody's shoulders and that's

really good news why then do the

Catholics from the Protestants why did

they have a different gospel Paul talked

about that a long time ago he said

anybody who doesn't preach this gospel

that i'm preaching which he called the

Gospel Jesus in the gospel of grace they

are preaching another gospel and then he

went on to say and it is no gospel I

know it's completely different than what

you were taught if you were raised like

me and Catholic and Protestant churches

its revolutionary have a revolutionary