The Gift of R-Rated Prayers


you can clap too go ahead thanks Dave

for clapping an amazing opportunity that

we get to worship God if you missed our

conversation in week one we talked about

the gift of worship when we don't know

what else to do we get to sing and so

I'm glad that we got to do a little bit

of that today if you have a Bible with

you we're gonna spend a little time in

the Gospel of Matthew we're gonna start

in chapter 26 and I'm gonna look at you

up to six like I said before if you

don't have a Bible you can download the

youversion app if you want to follow

along with us last week my daughter went

and got her Bible and she's like daddy

how do you find John so I showed it a

table of contents in the numbers it was

really cute so anyways get your Bible

gonna spend time like I said and the

Gospel of Matthew before we read today's

narrative I want to show you guys

something several years ago I think was

about three years ago my daughter who is

now eight she was four so that's four

years ago if my math is correct now

three years ago she was in preschool and

they did a little exercise they they had

this thing where they had to draw their

dad and then they have to write a little

description of their dads and I just

want to show you I want my daughter Eden

did you know if you guys can see it from

home on there and it's kind of cool the

way to do you go to the preschool all

the dads are on the wall and you have to

kind of find yourself and I immediately

found myself not just because it says

Eden's dad because I was the only one

with dreads in there and so Eden I'm

sure you were watching I just want you

to know this is a phenomenal job you did

a great job I love that you gave me

dreads and not boring you know hair like

all the other dads and I love that that

my lips are red juice I don't really

have red lips

obviously but Red's my favorite color so

if you were gonna pick a color

I'm glad that you picked the color red

but can I read you guys the description

that she wrote for her dad is that okay

with you guys just not I can't see or

not but it makes me feel better to

imagine everyone at home is not in and

those of you in the comments give me a

thumbs up if you want me to read it so

when I see this later I'm like oh they

actually wanted me to read it even

though I'm gonna read it anyways and so

thank you Josh and Olivia you guys are

always commented so I'm assuming you're

commenting right now so I'm going to

like thank you in advance for giving me

permission anyways I should read this

okay listen

what he says this is amazing and she is

four when she did this she says my

daddy's name is Sammy atta boy and he is

ten years old okay which is so she was

four when she wrote this and so I was

six when I heard had her according to

her math which obviously is not really a

thing but you know I'll take ten years

old that's pretty good that's better

than if she said 70 or 80 but she says

my dad works at our church and he

preaches there which is what I'm doing

right now which is great she says dad

likes eat fish which is very true he

drinks a lot of water which is not as

true but you know it says his favorite

color is red and he likes to watch

Michigan sports on TV because that's

what Jesus would do he doesn't say that

on here doesn't say that on here but I

know that's what she was thinking

she said dad's favorite sport is

Michigan football and his favorite

restaurant is chick-fil-a because he

likes waffle fries and all the people of

God said amen amen

dad's favorite place to go is on dates

with me and Nora Nora was kind of upset

that I didn't bring her chart because

she wanted an appearance in this and so

now right here you are I mentioned in

your name because your sister mentioned

your name and then she says this it says

dad takes us to Denny's and he buys the

stuff at the store quick story about

Denny's year all my kids are watching

this I don't want to ruin this but years

ago pastor Ryan told me about Danny's

and I took my kids there because kids

eat fr EE if you know what I mean but

they don't know that I'm spelling it

because they're watching right now I

don't want them to catch on but they

think it is the greatest place ever even

though I go then we order all this food

and it's like $2.99 every single time

but they think I'm taking them to like

Jay Alexander's or something but they

love it and so by the way fr EE if you

are looking for a place when we're

allowed to actually go in restaurants

and he says dad calls my mom Ashley and

sometimes I love this he takes her on

dates to New York City one time we did

that just like he takes her on dates in

New York City and the teachers like wow

your dad's fancy you know Grandma and


babysit us then when daddy is at home he

works on

computer he watches TV he eats his

dinner he plays with us and he fixes

things the breaks this is my favorite

part of it right now she said he said

daddy does not help mommy clean the

house very much

it gets better listening he says this is


Eden if you're watching this you're

grounded for the next 30 years okay

listen to what she said she says one

time he did the dishes and sometimes he

picks up toys but he doesn't do anything

else that's great right there she says

mommy and I cleaned the house I love it

when Daddy plays games with me when we

played with my frozen dolls when he

makes me a frozen bed and we were play

outside on my swing set and slide daddy

has some friends I don't know their

names but he likes to go to restaurants

with them daddy's happy when I give him

hugs when mommy takes him on trips and

when he gets birthday presents which I

do like birthday presents says daddy

gets mad when I don't listen to him but

that's the only time he ever gets mad

and he says I love my daddy as much as

100 and so I know right and so even I

just want you to know and everyone all

my other kids I love you as much as 100

thank you for that great letter I loved

it and my favorite part is that she says

that I take mom to New York City unday

time we went to New York City for from

my daughter's perspective that's what

daddy does all the time and I read that

because I think it's a great picture of

how much can easily get lost in the

translation between what is actual

reality and what we perceive right isn't

that crazy that so much get lost in the

translation between the reality of

what's actually happened in my life and

between my wife and I and what our kids

perceive I don't know about anybody else

but I feel that same tension in my

friendship with Jesus right I don't know

if this happens to you or now but I feel

like oftentimes when I think about what

it's like to be in friendship with Jesus

I feel like a five year old or a four

year old that's trying to understand the

reality of who God is and so much gets

lost in the translation and wow there's

so many areas

and examples I could give you of where

this becomes a real thing I'm not sure

that there's a greater example of this

than prayer and those of you who are

part of soma City Church I've heard me

say this a million times but I have

always struggled with prayer okay I'm

gonna say that again and give you a

second to just you know kind of let it

sink in that your pastor is telling you

I'm pretty sure that's like on my resume

if you want to become a pastor is you

got a love prayer but I've always

struggled with prayer and when I say

always struggle with prayer I don't mean

like in my past

I struggle with prayer and now I'm good

because that's how you know every story

often in the church goes you know it's

like man I used to struggle with this

and then I met Jesus and then he changed

my life and and Jesus has changed my

life but the truth today is in some ways

and on some days I feel like I still

struggle with this idea of prayer the

same way I struggled with it 10 years

ago and the worst part for me is not

just that I'm a pastor that struggles

with prayer the worst part is I feel

like there's a whole lot of shame that

comes with that there's a lot of shame

not just because I'm a pastor but

there's a lot of shame because I'm a

follower of Jesus Christ there's a lot

of shame because at the end of the day I

feel like God is disappointed in me I

don't know if you've ever been there or

not but I feel like there are things

that God wants from me specifically in

this area I feel like God maybe more

than anything else wants me to pray more

all of my life I feel like God has been

following me around say me say me saying

say me I just want you to pray more and

I've always struggled with this idea of

pray more and because I've always

struggled with it I always felt like I

can't give God what he wants

ie God has been disappointed in me if

you've ever felt this way if you've ever

felt guilty that you don't maybe pray as

much as you know you ought to or as much

of the people around you pray I want to

propose something this morning that

might shock some of you I want to

propose something that definitely rocked

my world view of pray and it's gonna

sound crazy and it's gonna sound like

heresy but I hope that you

with me for a moment what if God does

not want you to pray more okay just

think about that for a second what if

were God once from you and I is not that

we would pray more what if God were God

actually once from you and I is that we

would pray more honestly I don't know

about anyone else in here but I feel

like I never got that message

anytime I thought about prayer and

growing up in church I feel like the

narrative that was always ringing in the

back of my mind was God following me

around all day saying Sami I just want

you to pray more I felt like there was

almost like this bucket of Prayer in

heaven and I didn't fill that bucket of


thank God wasn't happy with me but what

if what if that's not the narrative

right again this is a little bit

different for most of us but what if

what God wants the most from us is not

that we would pray more what if what God

wants the most for most of us in here is

that we would pray more honestly here's

another way to look at it what if God is

not looking at you and I to necessarily

extend the quantity of our prayer what

if what God is looking for is that we

were to deepen the honesty of our prayer

let me show you what I'm talking about

if you have a Bible we're gonna camp in

Matthew chapter 26 for a little bit I

feel like we've read this narrative so

many times in the last year but it's

just so good and I just keep coming back

to it just a little bit of context if

you're not familiar Jesus had spent

three years preparing his disciples for

his death and they don't really

understand it but he's trying to tell

him like hey I got to die I got to come

back again and it's close it's almost

midnight Jesus is about to be arrested

he's about to go to the cross and the

writer tells us that he takes his

friends and they go into a garden here's

what happens in Matthew chapter 26 we're

gonna start in verse 36 Jesus then went

with his disciples to a place called

Gethsemane right and when he got to that

place that writer tells us that Jesus

said to them he said sit here while I go

over there and pray verse 37 says he

took Peter and the two sons of Zebedee

along with

and it says that Jesus began to be

sorrowful and troubled and then he said

to them don't miss this amazing Jesus

says to them Jesus says it says my soul

is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point

of death stay here and keep watch with

me verse 39 listen to what happened says

he says going a little bit farther Jesus

fell with his face to the ground and he

prayed this prayer he said my father if

it is possible may this Cup be taken

from me yet not as I will but as you

will here's what's happening if you're

not catching it Jesus is about to go to

the garden and he knows that this is the

moment that he has been waiting for all

of his life this is why he came and so

he got his best friends together he

called his three guys that he hung out

with and he's like I just need you guys

to pray with me they go into this garden

they come together with him those guys

are tired they start falling asleep and

the writer tells us ok don't miss this

this is incredible the writer tells us

that Jesus was so overwhelmed and he was

so filled with sorrow and his soul was

so burdened that he literally fell to

the ground with tears streaming down

from his face some translations tell us

that he was bleeding blood if you can't

imagine that and here's the prayer that

jesus prayed Jesus on his face on the

ground says to his heavenly father God

if it is possible will you take this cup

from me what Jesus is praying there if

you're not catching it is God is there

another way for me to do this without

having to go to the cross I don't know

about you guys but I don't know what box

to fit this Jesus in right and those of

you who know me and you work with me

know that I love boxes I love to put

things in boxes this is the box that all

the socks go and all the t-shirts go in

this box and all the pants go I love

when things are systemized

and everything fits in a box and I guess

that's why I keep getting drawn to

Matthew 26 because I read what Jesus

does in here and I don't know what Jesus

box to put that in and what's


about this passage is not just the

prayer that jesus prayed what's

uncomfortable about this passage is the

posture that Jesus had that the writer

tells us that Jesus the Son of God the

one who spoke the universe into

existence is pictured this fell on the

ground overwhelmed with sorrow and he

said God is there another way if it is

possible and I don't have to go to the

cross now is the time to let me know

here's the moral of the story if you're

not catching it it is okay to be

brutally honest with God in prayer I'm

gonna say that again it is okay and I

would add more than okay to be brutally

honest with God in prayer even if it

means that we protest the things that we

already know what he wants for us even

if it means that we cry even if it means

that we yell even if it means that we

scream even if it means that we disagree

even if it means that we say things that

we're not sure we're allowed to say to

God it is okay for us to be honest with

God and I would take it a step further

and say no no is it okay for us to be

honest with God but could it be that

what God wants more than anything else

when we pray is our honesty I want to

give you two reasons why I believe

there's two reasons why my hope is that

our community would not only be a

community that prays a lot there's

nothing wrong with praying a lot but

perhaps more than that that we would be

a community of people that are committed

to praying the most honest prayers

possible I believe there are two reasons

that God welcomes and invites us to pray

brutally honest prayers reason number

one is this God wants us to be honest

when we pray because God already knows

okay do me a favor look at the person

sitting next to you on the couch or in

the kitchen wherever you are and say he

already knows

and that crazy God already knows he

knows what you're thinking before you

say it he knows what you did last summer

anybody see that movie God already knows

you know what God didn't do when Jesus

got on his face and he said God if

there's any other way take this cup from

me you know what God didn't know God

didn't go whoa timeout timeout what is

this this is not what we agreed okay

remember when we had this conversation

in heaven and we're like we need

somebody to go on earth and give their

lives for all of those sinners and you

volunteered and you say yeah pick me I'm

gonna go I want to go and I told you I

showed you what was gonna happen okay so

there was no surprises we had a

PowerPoint presentation we had pictures

we had video I let you know what the

cross was gonna be before the cross came

and not only that but every day for the

last 33 years I have let you know why

you were on earth you remember all of

that how can we now get to the final

hour and you're saying is there not in a

way I told you already this was the only

way interest isn't it that that's not

the response that God gave fascinating

there Jesus even though he knew the plan

even though jesus knew that there was no

other way that he has to die on the

cross and he wanted to die on the cross

even in that context Jesus recognized

that God welcomed his sincerity yes

Jesus we believe was a hundred percent

God but I love that in this narrative we

see the humanity of Jesus could it be

that what God is looking for for most of

us in this season is our most honest

prayers even if it doesn't fit in the

box of what we think of when we think of

prayer I've shared the story many times

maybe one of the most significant prayer

times I've ever been a part of was I

think I was a sophomore and at UT and I

was leading a freshman Bible study in


Towers parks our still in existence they

like tear it down it's still in

existence okay good all right I was

leading the Bible study there and I

didn't know what I was doing it was just

like you know four or five freshmen and

I came in to lead a Bible study and we

bring free pizza because that's what you

do you know we had free pizza and and

before I knew what was happening this

kid that lived next door to this other

kid that was hosting the Bible study

came in to the Bible study and the

reason he came into the Bible study is

because he heard that there was free

pizza okay and so he's like dude I'm

coming to a Bible study and so he walks

into the Bible study and this kid

obviously had no idea at all not yet

actually give me like a little bit more

he had no idea at all that they what a

Bible study was or what we were even

doing or any of that stuff like that so

he just kind of came and he just came to

kind of hang out for just a little bit

and so this kid is hanging out in there

we have the whole Bible study he's not

saying much it's the end of the Bible

study and I just remember looking up and

I said to this kid I said to the whole

group not this kid I said hey anybody

want to disclose our Bible study in

prayer and and I'll never forget this

kid this is a true story I don't even

know if I'm allowed to say this on

camera parents you might want to cover

your kids ears

he's like hell yeah I would love to pray

and that was the moment ladies and

gentlemen that I knew that I was in

trouble okay I was like this is not

going to end well and so so this kid I'm

like okay let's pray and he starts

praying I'm not exaggerating I promise

you this is a true story

he prayed for maybe 60 seconds and I'm

pretty sure he dropped the f-bomb at

least 10 times in his prayer and it was

the craziest thing I've ever been a part

of and he's praying and half the room is

dying laughing the other half the room

is crying they're looking at me like

what do we do I'm looking at them like

nobody told me in the Bible study

training how to navigate when the guy

starts praying dropping the f-bomb and

what what's so funny about this whole

thing is that he had his eyes open the

whole time the whole time he didn't

apparently no one told him that when you

pray you close your eyes okay and it's

like the creepiest thing in the world

when another grown man is sitting across

from you just eyes wide open and you're

trying to close your eyes and he's just

praying literally the most profane

prayer I've ever heard in my

and I remember walking out of that Bible

sort of going I don't even know what in

the world I just walked into and it

wouldn't be until years later that I

started to process that experience and

it hit me one day that could it be that

God actually loved that prayer and I

don't know about you but that is a hard

thought for me to wrap my arms my mind

around could it be that in that moment

that God loved the prayer that this guy

was praying now just so we're on the

same page I don't believe that I'm not

saying that God loved his prayer because

of his profanity what I'm saying is I

don't think that God was offended by his

profanity in the context of his

sincerity and that was the thing that

always stood out to me about that prayer

is that even though he didn't know what

he was doing he wasn't saying those

words just to be dramatic he was saying

it because he was praying the most

honest prayer that he could pray in that

moment God is calling all of us I

believe to pray believe it or not

prayers they look a whole lot like the

prayer that that guy prayed maybe with

not the words that he used but could it

be that God is asking us to pray with

the sincerity that he prayed with and if

I could take it a step further I would

even suggest that God is far more likely

to be offended by the impressive shallow

prayers of those of us who are close to

him than he is to be offended by the

unimpressive honest prayers of those who

are far from him I love the way Jesus

put it in Matthew chapter 6 listen to

how Jesus wraps up this whole idea of

Prayer Jesus says this it says when you

pray do not be like the hypocrites who

love to pray standing in the synagogues

and on the street corners to be seen by

others so just like when you want a

prayer just want to give you a couple

things you don't have to stand on the

street corner you're gonna you know get

your microphone and social media like

here's what I'm praying about right now

like don't be like those guys why

because they're doing it so people can

see them truly I tell you they have

received their reward in food and listen

to what he says verse 6 it says but when

you pray I want you to go into your room

I want you to close the door

and I want you to pray to your father

who is unseen then your father who sees

what is done in secret Jesus says will

reward you verse seven and this is the

part right here that brings all this

together he says this when you pray do

not keep on babbling like pagans for

they think they will be heard because of

their many words don't be like them says

Jesus for your father knows what you

need before you ask him what Jesus is

saying here is a game-changer Jesus is

saying I don't want you to pray a lot of

words because you think God will hear

you because you're praying a lot of

words Jesus and I just want to remind

you that God already knows what you're

gonna say before you say it now I don't

know this for sure but my guess is some

of you are watching this right now going

okay Sammy so if God already knows what

I'm gonna say before I say it then why

in the world do I need to even pray that

is a great question I am so glad that

you asked that question here's why and

this is my second point we pray on it

spreads because God already knows but

here's the second reason here's why we

pray those prayers even though God

already knows what we're gonna pray we

pray honest prayers because authenticity

paves the way for intimacy okay look at

the person can we just say that together

you're not to look at the person next to

you just say it together let's say with

me authenticity paves the way for

intimacy let's try that again cuz the

guys in here aren't really saying it so

I'm just gonna do it with you guys over

there hopefully you guys are a better

sport than these guys over here let's

all say it together one more time

authenticity that's better thank you

guys paves the way for intimacy or to

put in a different way it is impossible

to have intimacy without authenticity

now you ever think about that think

about the fact that the people who are

closest to you the people who would call

your inner circle your BFFs are almost

always the people who know you the best

isn't that interesting that the people

who are closest to us are the people

that we are most vulnerable with why is

that because authenticity paves the way

for intimacy and it is impossible to

have intimacy or to have a close

relationship with someone if we are not

honest with that person most of us

understand it from a human dynamic but

what I'm hoping that we'll see this

morning is that the same thing that's

true when we connect with other people

when we're honest with other people and

you know honestly we build a deeper

friendship with them the same thing is

true in our friendship with God the more

honest we are with God the closer we get

to God it's not that when we're honest

with God does like wow I didn't know

that and now I know God's like no I

already know but when you're honest with

me when you pray you're most honest

prayers then what you're doing is you

were paving the way for intimacy I don't

know if you've ever noticed this or not

but almost all of the biblical heroes

the people that we look at in the Bible

and go man that guy was amazing and that

guy was so close to God and that girl

wow I want to be like her almost all of

them had this one thing in common they

had this ability to pray the most honest

prayers to God prayers that if you were

in the room when they prayed it you

would feel a little bit uncomfortable I

just want to read you guys a couple

examples of those prayers we don't have

time to read them all but listen to this

prayer that Moses prayed in Exodus

chapter 33 God just told Moses that he

was with him and he was gonna go with

him wherever he goes that his favor was

over him gods like Moses I like you

you're my boy we're gonna kill it we're

gonna do great things and listen to what

Moses says to God Moses sister God hey

God I just want you to know not he

didn't say hey god that's my paraphrase

but here's what he actually said he says

if your presence does not go with us do

not send us from here God just told

Moses that I am with you I'm gonna

follow you and Moses like yeah

that's nice but I just want you to know

that if you don't go with us that we

might as well not go how will anyone

know that you are pleased with me and

with your people unless you go with us

what else will distinguish me and your

people from all the other people on the

face of the earth

Moses is having this amazing interaction

with God and he's saying of course

you're gonna come with us if you don't

go with us we're not going anywhere

listen to this prayer the Hannah prays

in first

Samuel for those of you who don't know

the story Hana I was barren she didn't

have any kids and and the writer tells

us what her prayer was like in 1st

Samuel listen to what he says in 1st

Samuel he says in her deep anguish write

reminds you of anyone Jesus the story in

Matthew 26

he says Hannah prayed to the Lord

weeping bitterly just imagine that she's

in the house of God she's praying and

she is weeping and she made a vow saying

Lord Almighty if you will only look on

your servants misery and remember me and

not you'll get your servant but give her

a son Hannah's like hey God I know

you're there but can you please look

unto me can you please remember me can

you please not forget me I'm gonna read

you one more David in Psalm 13 this is

one of my favorite favorite chapters in

the whole Bible listen to the honesty of

David the man after God's own heart

listen to what David's prayer sounds

like in Psalm 13 David says how long God

will you forget me forever this is David

killed Goliath wrote most of the songs

this is like the guy you can't mention

three characters in the Old Testament

without talking about King David and

listen to David's prayer in his journal

he's like God how long how long are you

gonna forget me how long will you hide

your face from me how long must I

wrestle with my thoughts and day after

day have sorrow in my heart how long

will my enemies triumph over me how long

David says will you forget me how long

will you hide your face for me no

exaggeration I could read you prayer

after prayer after prayer after prayer

after prayer in the whole Bible the echo

the prayer that you see in Psalm 13 and

what's amazing about the scriptures is

that God welcomes it

isn't that crazy that David could say

God how long are you gonna forget me how

long are you gonna hide your face from

me and God wasn't offended God wasn't

intimidated God didn't call a timeout

God didn't vote him off the island no

God welcome his honest prayer so I'll

say it again could it be that what God

wants from you and I is not necessarily

that we would pray more could it be that

we've been asking the wrong question man

how can I pray more how can I up the

quantity of my prayer could it be that

God say no I just want you to pray more

honestly I don't want you to just

increase the quantity of your prayer but

I would love it Samy I would love it you

know John I would love it David I would

love it Bailey if you were just deep in

the sincerity and the honesty of your

pray I don't want to oversimplify our

friendship with Jesus but what if that's

what God is waiting for what if this

whole time you and I have been praying

God make yourself known to us God do

something in my life and God he's saying

I want to I want to know you I want to

make myself known

but another for that to happen

you need to pray honest prayers one I

already know but to your authenticity is

what's going to pave the way for

intimacy question when was the last time

that you prayed a brutally honest prayer

to God what you told God exactly what

you were thinking and exactly what you

were feeling without any qualifiers

without any super churchy words that

you're trying to just fill in the gaps

with when was the last time you say God

I'm gonna say this and I don't want to

say out loud that loud because if

someone hears it it's gonna get

uncomfortable when was the last time you

came to God and you just laid it all on

the table when was the last time you

prayed an r-rated prayer several weeks

ago I talked about how God gives us a

gift of worship in the midst of

adversity and then we talked about how

God gives us the Holy Spirit to come

live in and through us could it be that

among the gifts that God has given us is

also a gift of r-rated prayers

could that be the gift that you've been

ignoring that God is saying I am giving

you a gift to be able to pray honest

prayers I don't know what it looks like

for you to pray your most honor

honest prayers to God but here's what I

know I made a list I'm gonna read it to

you if you haven't disagreed vehemently

with God and pray lately maybe you're

not honest enough in your prayer if you

haven't blamed God for things not going

the way you want maybe you're not honest

enough in your prayer if you haven't

asked God for something that you want

that you know he doesn't want to give

you maybe you're not honest enough when

you pray if you haven't shared your

deepest desires with God maybe you're

not honest enough if you haven't shared

your deepest struggles with God and your

sin with God maybe you're not honest

enough if you haven't shared your

greatest this is a huge one for me and

vision with God could it be that you're

not honest enough if you haven't shared

something with God because man you

should know better than to ask for that

could it be that you're not being honest

enough if you haven't told God that you

doubt him every once in a while or maybe

a lot of times could it be that you're

not honest enough if you haven't

wondered to God in prayer if he is even

listening maybe you're not honest enough

if you haven't told God that you're too

busy too tired and too overwhelmed for

him could it be that you're not honest


if you haven't talked to God about the

arguments that you're having in your

head with other people maybe you're not

honest enough if you haven't told God

lately how disappointed you are and the

people around you and in the

circumstance that you're in maybe you're

not honest how about this if you're

watching this right now and you don't

believe any of this god stuff and you

haven't told him that could it be that

you are not honest enough I know it

sounds crazy I know it's uncomfortable I

know it's different but come on y'all

could it be that this is the prayer

could it be that this is the next move

for us that what God is waiting for

could it be that this is the next step

to our lives being transformed forever

is us just saying God this is exactly

what I'm thinking and I'm feeling and

I'm gonna lay it all on the table

because you already know and because I

know my authenticity and my honesty will

pave the way for intimacy as I was

driving here today I was thinking about

what my honest prayer was because I want

to lead the way in this conversation I

just wrote a couple things down if I

could just pray my most honest prayer to

be God I'm tired

I'm really tired

and I feel like most of it is my fault

but I need you to help me anyways god

I'm afraid that I haven't done enough

and maybe most of that is in my head but

I need you anyways what's your Mo's

honest prayer

several weeks ago we talked about

lifting our hands in worship

that's worshipped as a gift and then we

talked about opening our hands to the

holy spirits because God's giving us

that gift also and today I want I want

to give you a different posture and when

you do this posture and maybe you don't

do this anymore people don't really do

this anymore but you get the idea this

is the posture of prayer then when we do

this could it be that your very next

prayer is going to be the most honest

thing that you said to God in a really

really long time

it's the gifts of an r-rated prayer an

opportunity for us to cast our burdens

the God of the universe so much

happening around our world right now

there's so much uncertainty and so much

anxiety and so much fear and God is

inviting you and I to talk to him about

it to just say God I am mad

I'm pissed angry tired frustrated and I

need you I'm gonna give you a few

minutes before we sing this last long I

know it's a little bit different than if

you were in the room and in your living

room but I want to encourage you to just

practice this for the next few minutes I

want you to take a few minutes and just

pray you're most honest pray it doesn't

have to be long

doesn't have to be a whole lot of words

remember he already knows you don't have

to give him every single detail he knows

but he's inviting you to pray your most

honest prayers so I want to invite you

in this moment to take an opportunity to

do that before we sing a song I have a

couple questions that I want to throw at

you to maybe help you navigate what that

prayer is what's really hard or sad

right now in your life just think about

that what is really hard what is really

sad maybe take the next minute or so and

just tell God that what's really scary

right now what is keeping you up at

night what is causing anxiety in your

heart God saying put that on me what's

missing or confusing in your life right


what's not working

Bible says casts your burdens on him

while he cares for you we pray honest

prayers because God already knows and

because our honesty and authenticity

paves the way for intimacy so I'm gonna

pray for us I'm gonna give you an

opportunity to take a minute or so to

pray and we're gonna sing one more

something no we'll be out of here Jesus

I don't know if this was enough

I know that you are

and so I just asked you to fill in the

gaps and do what you do best I'm tired


stick a few minutes into spray and then

we'll sing a song


I'm just thinking of being really thank

you for being here

just invite you to stay and to continue

to master continue to do fitting you

make yourself known

speak to us is really awesome