Why You Should Bring Your Own Food to Disney World!

we're always sharing money-saving tips

for your next disney world vacation but

is one of the simplest tips steering you

wrong we're going to dive into this

surprisingly controversial savings hack

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hey everybody it's aj for disney food

blog so if you've watched the channel

before and seen some of our disney world

savings hacks videos if you haven't go

watch them

you know that we love recommending free

water under the radar loyalty programs

and bringing your own snacks to save a

little bit of cash on your vacation

dining expenses

so the free water one well we're not

budging on that no one needs to spend

five dollars on a water bottle bring a

refillable one

but it seems that most of our readers

never bring their own food to disney

world so

should you bring your own food to disney

world well we asked our followers on

instagram how often do you bring your

own food into the parks and the results

were kind of surprising

of the over 25 000 people who responded

only 15 percent said they bring their

own food all the time well 85

said they hardly ever bring their own

food into the parks now we know that

every disney tip doesn't work for


not all advice is good advice but this

tip can be super helpful for a whole lot

of people and we want to make sure no

one misses out

so who does bring their own food and why

might you want to consider it let's

check it out

well one of the biggest reasons that

people bring their own food to disney

world is to save

money so food at disney world can be


expensive and when you're shelling out

anywhere from 50 to 100 bucks per meal

that can get a little crazy on the

budget we had one dfb reader that says

anytime i go to the parks i bring

lunch snacks and lots of water then

dinner is spent at a nice restaurant

so you can save for splurges on a

special meal each day rather than having

to worry about spending to fifteen to

twenty dollars per person for breakfast

and lunch

too if you bring your own food so if you

don't need mickey waffles every morning

bank that cash aside for a nice dinner


water is way overpriced in the parks as

we said

a million times so if you bring your own

of one thing make it that

another reader said we ordered groceries

as soon as we got to our hotel saves us

a fortune especially in water bottles

now if you're staying somewhere with a

kitchen cooking for yourself can save

you money big time especially if you're

traveling with a larger group or

multiple kiddos

breakfast is often the meal most people

self-supply in their room so they can

save some cash and get to the rides

sooner no stopping for even a

grab-and-go breakfast if you've already

grabbed and goad it from your hotel room

now i know that a lot of you tell me if

i'm on vacation i'm not cooking i

totally get that

but sometimes bringing a granola bar or

something you don't even have to cook


grab something that's pre-packaged that

you've brought from home or that you've

ordered through a grocery service and

that can save you some big bucks too

another big reason why people bring

their own food to the parks is if you

have a special diet

so disney has plant-based items at every

food location now but other special

diets like gluten-free or keto or

certain allergies

can still be a bit more of a hassle

disney is great with handling allergies

and special diets but you may still have

to speak with a chef and have something

altered or

specially made for you to eat so bring

your own snacks or quick meals if you


those are going to be able to satisfy

your hunger and your special diet and

that will save you some time and money

then you're sure you'll stick to your

diet and always have something to eat

you won't get hangry

one reader who does bring their own food

to disney suggested starting your day

with something you've brought

they say usually easy breakfast because

i'm gluten free so it's hard to find

good on-the-go gluten-free breakfast


that makes sense bringing your own

breakfast is a great way to save time in

the morning gluten-free or not

especially if you're going to hollywood

studios where lines can be long for

starbucks and other grab-and-go spots in

the morning

as i said disney's great at

accommodating special dietary requests

in most quick service and table service

restaurants in the parks and resorts can


most of the top allergens including eggs

fish gluten

milk peanuts shellfish soy and tree nuts

and of course wheat there's a lot of

info surrounding special diets at disney

world so we've created a little cheat

sheet to help you out

just head to disney special


cheat sheet to get a free printable

download all you have to do is sign up

for our very free

newsletter and you'll get that cheat

sheet and all the latest disney news and

info directly to your inbox to help you

plan your trip

now if you're making a table service

reservation through the my disney

experience app

you'll be able to note if anyone in your

party has concerns with those specific

allergens and once you're seated your

server is going to go over your concerns

and options

most restaurants have an allergen

friendly menu or guide that will list

dishes free of those allergens and all

kitchens are equipped to help prevent


most restaurants also have options for

those following diets related to

diabetes gastric bypass lap band low

carb low fat low sodium no sugar added

or plant-based

if you have an allergy that is not

listed on disney's website have pku

or other medically restrictive diets or

four or more allergies or intolerances

you can reach out to disney's special

diets team via email 14 days before your

arrival and that's special.diets at

disney is also able to accommodate both

kosher and halal meals

kosher meals are available at table

service restaurants and select quick

service restaurants

and those can be requested 24 hours in

advance by calling 407-824-1391

halal meals are also available at select

table service locations you can request

them 24 hours in advance

by calling that same number or emailing

the special diets team

know that if you bring your own food

into the parks disney will not be able

to store

cook or reheat anything for you but if

you're staying at a disney resort you

can request an additional fridge for

your room if you need some more space

if you have any other specific questions

reach out to the special diets team via


and download our cheat sheet to have all

this info and a few of our recommended

restaurants for those with special diets

right in your inbox disney

special diet cheat sheet

another big reason people bring their

own food to disney world and you might

want to do the same is to save

time having your own breakfast and

snacks on hand can be a huge time saver

especially if you're visiting the parks

when they're more crowded and lines for

food get long

and if you only have so many hours in a

park especially like right now with

shortened park hours and no park hopping

you may not want to spend any time

waiting in food lines and noshing at a


since mobile ordering is basically

required for everyone right now our top

secret tip is out

and even if you are mobile ordering it

could take a few minutes to get your


so skip all that potential waiting and

pack a sandwich or a quick and easy

snack to hold you over until you're not

rushing from ride to ride

now another reason that people bring

their own food into the parks is to

appease the kiddos

listen your kids will have a meltdown in

the parks whether it's from over

stimulation a wonky vacation bedtime

schedule or they just need a snack

come prepared to appease the kiddos as

this dfv reader does

they bring quote just snacks for the

littles goldfish fruit snacks and pb

js it's always good to have snacks on

hand if you're not ready to stop for a

meal but the kiddos need to eat asap

so gift shops sell some items like chips

and snacks but you might want to order

groceries or pack a few items in your


to ensure you'll have exactly what you

and your kids want

we hear the recommendation all the time

from moms and dads to pack a fanny pack

for each kid with several snacks they

can dip into throughout the day

so you aren't stuck carrying everything

in one big bag and you don't have to

stop in the middle of something to go

get a snack

another big reason people bring their

own food to the parks myself included

is if disney world doesn't stock your

favorites so you won't find a full

selection of items and brands in your

hotel gift shop and there are a few

things you won't find anywhere on disney


so if you need these in your life you

better plan ahead and bring them replace

a grocery order to be delivered to your


so disney doesn't carry pepsi there's

only coke products

cheerios or general mills products so

you may find some knockoffs

gum and neither does the orlando airport

by the way goldfish though they randomly

pop up on mac and cheese or at club

level lounges from time to time

and you can order groceries from amazon

prime now garden grocer and other

delivery services and have them brought

straight to your hotel

so items can be left at bell services

even cold items they will actually store

cold items in a refrigerator

but they will charge five dollars to

bring your groceries to your room

totally worth it in my estimation all

right another reason you might want to

bring your food into the

parks is to help bank those snack

credits so the disney dining plan is not

currently running but it will more than

likely be back and so will snack credits

as this dfb follower notes there's only

one thing they bring to the parks

only snacks we love using our snack

credits for coffee in the afternoon

if you're someone who doesn't have

trouble using up your snack credits like

if you use them for coffee for the whole

group each day or twice a day

help bank those snack credits away for

the things you really want by bringing

your own snacks to the parks

coffee is a great deal on the disney

dining plan you can get any size

starbucks coffee for a snack credit yeah

even a venti

and save those snack credits for high

cost disney snacks or just what you like

the most to get the most value out of

the plan

all right and the next reason you might

want to bring your own food to disney


babies and toddlers i know we already

talked about kids but now we're talking

bottles and baby food and all that stuff

so if you're going to disney world with

little ones

really little ones you are more than

likely bringing at least a bit of your

own food into the parks

baby food in small glass jars is the

only glass item

permitted in the parks but if you don't

want to carry your own you can always

purchase some in the baby care centers

which are in each disney park

in addition to baby food they sell juice

diapers wipes sunscreen

otc meds and some clothing the baby care

centers are also where you're going to

find nursing rooms a changing room a

feeding area with high chairs a small


that has a microwave and sink so you can

heat up bottles and a little lounge area

and a tv

with seating if you just need to get out

of the parks with your little ones for a

few minutes

that's a huge huge benefit moms and dads

if you guys aren't using those baby care

centers to kind of

escape the parks and the crazy and get

some air conditioning for a little bit

consider it it's definitely great

all right so now you know why you might

want to bring your own food into disney

world now here are some tips for

bringing your own food into the parks

remember there's no loose ice allowed in

the parks right now that was one of

those changes that came in last may

so instead of loose ice you can bring

ice packs or toss ice in a ziploc

bag besides small baby food containers

no glass is allowed in the parks

and it should go without saying you

can't bring your own alcohol into the

parks as well

coolers must be no larger than 18 by 25

by 37

inches which is the size that will fit

in a large locker so you can't bring

those kind of wheelie coolers around and

have like a whole gourmet meal in the

middle of magic kingdom but you can

bring coolers with some

keep cold stuff if you have bottles or

something like that

and lockers are great don't forget if

you don't want to carry food around

every day

lockers are available at each park small

lockers are 10

per day and large lockers are twelve

dollars per day there are also jumbo

lockers at magic kingdom in epcot for

fifteen dollars per day

now why don't people follow this tip and

bring their own food to disney world


there are several reasons why and we

totally get them we've outlined the top

reasons people do bring food in the

parks and why you might want to consider

it yourself but

there are some pretty decent and logical

reasons why people might not bring their

own snacks into disney world

first up you live for disney snacks you

don't have to tell us twice we're

constantly trying so many disney snacks

there's no need to bring anything else

into the parks to eat

now most of you don't have a job that

literally requires you to try all of the

newest disney snacks and menu items but

if you've been eyeing the eats we post

on our instagram feed and you saved up

plenty to eat every meal out on vacation

then you may not need to bring any extra

snacks in your park bag

we had a lot of responders to our

question kind of saying

why would i bring more food i just want

to eat the disney food

makes sense we get it another reason why

you might not

want to bring your own snacks you don't

have trouble finding things you can

and want to eat in the parks so if you

don't have allergies or dietary


or they're handled easily you may not

need to pack a backup snack just in case

disney's gotten so much better with

readily available special diet friendly

items in the past several years

ten years ago being gluten free or vegan

meant talking to the chef at every

single restaurant and not being able to

dine just anywhere

now you can pretty much walk up to any

kiosk and find something you can eat

another reason why you may not bring

your own food to disney world

you're on the disney dining plan if

you're like our coffee loving follower

maybe you don't have a hard time using

up every single one of your snack

credits on the dining plan but most

people don't find it so easy

many people end up not using some of

those snack credits no snack left behind

remember that's what we say here at dfp

don't snack on a granola bar from home

when you've got a snack credit burning a

hole in your pocket

and another reason why you might not

want to bring your own food to disney


you're in full vacation mode you don't

want to worry about prepping breakfast

or carrying around a bag for snacks we

get it this might be your one big


or your 10th big vacation that year i

don't care and you don't even want to

think about cooking

any kind of meal for anyone you do you

you're traveling light or bagless you

might not have room for granola bars or

other snacks

just budget ahead for all that disney


so if bringing your own food to disney

world still doesn't seem the best way

for you to save money on your upcoming

trip but you still want to save

or now you're curious about that disney

dining plan we have a great resource

that breaks down

all of the ways you can save on food at

disney world and helps you decide if the

dining plan might be right for you when

it comes back

we've created our dfb guide to walt

disney world dining with our team's

combined decades of disney world


it's over 700 pages of info straight

from the experts

you can pick that up your very own copy

of our ebook

over at use code youtube

for a discount on that guide or on

any of our snack or epcot festival

guides or any of our bundles

everything's up to date with what's

going on currently in disney world the

special tips for visiting right now

we hope these tips are helpful we're

always giving out our hard-won advice to

help you have a better

disney trip we always say if we're not

creating valuable content we don't want

to create any content at all for you


if you have tips leave them in the

comments your advice helps others plan

their trips as well

thank you guys for being experts and for

helping out the rest of our subscribers

and our watchers and our viewers

to make sure everyone can have a great

disney trip thank you guys for watching

thanks for listening as always this is

aj for disney food blog and we'll see

you real soon