9 Bad Ideas You’re Going to Have in Disney World!

you're gonna have an amazing time on

your disney world trip and you're also

gonna have some bad ideas while you're


let us help save you from yourself so

you won't make these


hey everybody it's aj for disney food

vlog with so many changes and updates to

the way we normally vacation at disney

world it's more important than ever

to stay on top of all the tips and

advice about visiting those theme parks

even when it might not be what you want

to hear now these are the bad ideas

you were going to have when you're in

disney world we all

have them believe me and this is what to

do about them

all right first bad idea you're gonna

have in disney world i've had it a

hundred times

i'm totally gonna use that totally

useless but really expensive souvenir

a lot when i get home right there are a

lot of great souvenirs to be had in

disney world

some you might use every single day like

a new coffee mug

and then there's this stuff that you buy

because in the moment it seemed like you

couldn't live without it

as i've said before on the channel i

have a ton of stuff from tokyo

disneyland that

i have never used i don't know i guess

i'm glad i have it but

that was a lot of money so when you get

home these souvenirs kind of get shoved

in a closet and they're not seen

until you're marie condoing the place by

the way are you guys still sparking joy

just asking

all right so here's how you avoid this

particular bad idea

set budgets ahead of time especially

when it comes to souvenirs for the kids

it can be easy to overspend on presents

for your kids because you love them

and they really really want this thing

and you're supposed to be having great

family time

and nobody wants a grumpy kid in disney

world so i get it

but let the kids know this is how much

you have to spend if it's anything at

all maybe you're just a no souvenir


family and that's cool but let them know

ahead of time here's what you have to

spend and you can decide when you want

to spend that or

if your kids can't make up their minds

or have you know decision making

capabilities like that because they're

not old enough

then you as adults can sort of set a

budgetary goal for

what you're going to spend on your kids

now also take into account those hidden


that are going to eat into your souvenir

budget so that's taxes tips parking fees

all that stuff can add up fast so be

sure to crunch the numbers when you're

deciding if you can really afford

everything the kids are going to want to

take home also think about how much

those souvenirs might cost once you've

purchased them

do you have room in your suitcase or

will you have to pay for extra baggage

or shipping

in a recent video we suggested packing

an extra collapsible duffel bag to help

bring your goodies home but make sure

you take into account baggage fees for


now i'm totally aware that i'm talking

about you buying souvenirs for the kids

but i think we're all aware

that i'm talking about buying souvenirs

for you so we'll just

leave that right there all right the

next bad idea you're gonna have in

disney world again i have this one all

the time too

do we see a pattern maybe i can hit the

snooze button

one more time now you might not be

running to rope drop these days as the

parks are less crowded and opening later


you definitely want to leave yourself

more time to get to the park in the

first place

transportation especially now can take a

long time

social distancing means that even the

skyliner which runs continuously and has

super short trips between stops

can have long lines especially a park

open and close

if you are headed to rope drop hollywood

studios to make sure you get a rise the

resistance boarding pass

double check the times the

transportation starts running make sure

you are one of the first

to get on that mode of transportation

because boarding passes are still going


super fast so you may want to drive

yourself to make sure you arrive with

enough time

to get into the park before they're

released or take

lyft or uber or something like that to

get there

now once you're in the park things may

take longer than you expect

crowd levels and wait times are starting

to creep back up especially as we start

to move into holiday season so

keep in mind that rides are being

cleaned every two hours to keep up with

cdc recommendations which can easily add

15 minutes to your wait time

if you hop in line as that's being done

and since we're in the middle of

florida's rainy season

remember that outdoor rides will close

if there are storms in the area so we've

been in line several times recently only

to hear that the ride is temporarily

stopped while a storm moves through

and of course we have to mention the

weights for rise of the resistance this

ride breaks down a lot and some days

they don't even start calling boarding

groups until later in the day

so even if you have an earlier boarding

group it may still take some time to

actually ride

so can you hit the snooze button one

more time you be the judge but you know


i know myself and it's never just one

more time

so figure out how many snooze buttons

you need to press

to get there on time and to manage your

own time budget

all right continuing with our pattern i

have another bad idea you might have

when you are in disney world and that is

riding expedition everest after drinking

a margarita

or rocking roller coaster after a

martini or test track after a tequila

flight from la cava you get the idea

the dfb team has some really funny

stories about this and this advice

extends to riding disney's more

thrilling rides after a big meal as well

unless you have a stomach of steel if

you're prone to motion sickness you also

might want to think twice about riding

mission space or

star tours both can cause very queasy

stomachs even if you haven't eaten or


drunken drunk drinked drink drank

anything sorry let me know in the

comments which variation of

past tense drink you prefer and if you

or your kids are afraid of the scary

rides don't feel like you need to push

yourself there are rides at disney even

some of our dfb

team haven't ever ridden for one reason

or another so if kiddos aren't tall

enough there will always be next time

and those rules are there for their


but if it's something they're just not

interested in writing or

they're nervous about writing we've said

it before don't push your kids to do

stuff they're not ready for because they

could ruin their whole

trip and it's not worth it for you mom

and dad either

now we actually asked you guys which

rides you'll never ride again whether

it's because the ride was too scary or a

little too bumpy or made you queasy

and we compiled the answers along with

some great tips on what to write instead

or how to test if you're ready and tips

to avoid motion sickness on

3d rides you can check that out in this

video over here

all right the next bad idea you're gonna

have in disney world booking three table

service meals in one

day so be reasonable about how much you

can and want to eat

three table service meals can be

expensive in both time and

money so prioritize where you really

want to eat

and don't waste that valuable park time

sitting at a restaurant remember table

service meals can easily take a couple

of hours

usually you're in and out of there in 45

minutes that's always their goal but

those longer signature meals can take a

lot longer

so narrow it down to one per day that's

a must do for you depending on when you


now the parks may have shortened hours

so try to schedule those long meals


non-park times have breakfast before the

parks open or dinner

after they've closed for the day and

remember that some restaurants are open

weird hours right now

or maybe kind of unexpectedly closed so

check operating times before you start

deciding where to dine

once you have your must-do meals in mind

start booking them with the hardest to

get reservation

first so obviously be our guest is going

to be the first one you're going to book

even if that's not until your fourth day

in the parks

because that's the easiest way to make

sure you snag

those reservations depending on how

difficult they are to get i hope that

makes sense

and right now you can book dining

reservations 60 days in advance of your

trip it's not 180 days anymore it's 60


i had an email the other day with

someone saying oh my goodness

i can't book dining and i'm this many

days out i had to remind them that it

was 60 days now now 180 days

made them feel a lot better but i don't

want you guys to kind of wake up real

early one day just to

not be able to book your dining now

remember there's a new walk-up feature

on the my disney experience app

that you can use to book restaurant

reservations last minute so instead of

walking up and

asking if they have a table available

you can actually check my disney

experience to see if they have a walk-up

table available

and disney just rolled out a to-go

option for some table service

restaurants as well in the app so even

if a restaurant is all booked up

you can get the same menu items to go

potentially but overall

three table service meals in one day

tends to be a lot

a lot a lot of food most people don't

want to eat that much maybe you do maybe

you are

kind of like me and you have like eight

meals a day and that's your jam

cool but definitely figure out if that's

you or not before you book

that kind of time investment and money

investment in your disney trip

and since the parks aren't open the same

number of hours as they usually are

you may be wasting some serious time by

eating a full table surface meal in the

middle of the day

that you could be using to ride rides so

tweak the way you think

you know the parks aren't open kind of 8

a.m to midnight anymore

the way that they used to be so think a

little bit extra about

whether it makes sense to do those three

table service meals or not

all right next bad idea you're gonna

have in disney world we'll wait and book

our park passes when we decide what we

want to do that day

okay we've been talking a lot on the

channel about how you don't have to be

as strict with your pre planning any

longer for disney world because there's

no fast passes

you can book restaurants 60 days out

instead of 180 days out

there's no park hopping so there's not

as much pre-planning

to do as there used to be but what we

are seeing right now

is that those parks are actually filling

up to capacity

really quickly especially for annual

pass holders but also

for regular ticket holders and hotel


they are filling up quickly especially

for those

long weekends the weekends in general

and the holidays i think thanksgiving is

already booked up

so our advice is that you should

absolutely plan ahead

which park you want to be in on which

day of your vacation

it may be hard to swap last minute but

you definitely need those park pass

reservations you won't be able to get in

without them

so don't wait till the last minute

especially if you're going during a long

weekend or on the weekend in general or

a busier

time we've been tracking which days seem

to be filling up over at disney

and as we move into that holiday season

we're seeing a lot more times even two

months out

that are getting booked up so you're

going to want to jump on that hop on


real fast you're also going to want to

decide which park to visit

which day when you're planning out your

dining reservations you need that park

pass to get

in the dining reservation isn't enough

to get you into the park

so you have to have the park pass and

the dining reservation if you're going

to eat there

now right now you can only visit one

park per day there's no hopping over to

epcot for dinner

after a morning in the magic kingdom so

restaurants and pre-booked experiences

like lightsaber building at savvy's

workshop and hollywood studios

have very limited reservations and those

park passes will sell out

so don't wait until the last minute to

book something if you really really want

to do it

and if you're going during a holiday

time or if you're going

on a weekend or a long weekend get those

park passes

asap you guys are filling up all right

next bad idea

you're going to have in disney world not

going back to your room when you forgot

your sunscreen rain gear extra mask etc


plan ahead pack ahead there are a lot

more things you might forget to toss in

your park bag these days

and you really don't want to be caught

without them when you're in the parks

running back to your room quickly can

save you a whole bunch of money over

buying some of these items in the park

so make a checklist to not forget any of

these things before you head out to the

parks each morning here we go

sunscreen you will need it you will need

to reapply

rain gear just like how cinderella

castle is now pink

rain is gonna come and you're gonna have

to get used to it

masks and a backup mask and another

backup mask and maybe one more backup


hand sanitizer do we need to elaborate

on that one you're gonna want it those

travel bottles won't take up much room

in your bag so

bring it oh and here's a little tip i'm

not sure if i gave this in the video


what i did to stay safe but i brought a

large bottle of hand sanitizer that i

used to refill

my little carabiner bottles that i put

on a camera bag when i went in each day

that was

really helpful all right so do you have

your list

great put it in your like suitcase

right now and make sure you don't forget

that stuff because you're definitely

definitely going to want to bring it for


and your family next bad idea you're

gonna have in disney world

it's cool my sunglasses totally won't

fall off on this ride

all right follow directions listen to

patrick warburton

and store those ears sunglasses hats

anything that might fall off on a ride

again i'm saying this from experience my


cast members walk the tracks of rides

each and every day to look for lost

items and according to disney 210 pairs

of lost sunglasses

are turned into the magic kingdom lost

and found every day

you guys not every month not every year

every day

200 pairs of sunglasses so disney rides

will have little bags or bins to put

your bags and other items that might fly


but your bag is too big and we recommend

placing it on the floor

and wrapping a strap around your leg i

do that every time on rock and roller


i always wrap the strap wrap the strap

can we get that on the screen editor

wrap the strap okay or you can always

get a locker if you're planning on

hitting several rides in a row and you

don't need access to all your things in

your bag while you're in line

since sunglasses are one of the most

commonly lost items at disney world 210


crazy consider bringing a less expensive


or bring a spare or two along if you're

someone who often loses your sunglasses

fyi all of my sunnies are from target i

don't have any expensive sunnies because

i leave them

all the time okay next bad idea you're

gonna have in disney world

it'll be so much fun to spend a whole

week with my in-laws

i know some of you love your in-laws

that's cool that's great i love my

in-laws what am i saying

they're great but it can get to be a lot

sometimes when you are in disney world

and you're already at the peak of

emotional and budgetary stress

to have the whole family around and

you're probably

the expert because you're watching dfp

videos and so you're probably in charge

and trying to make sure that everybody's

happy and that's just exhausting so it's

okay it's okay we've got

some tips for you consider splitting up

so everyone gets to do what they want to

do even with low crowds you probably

won't be able to do it all

and trying to hurt a big group to every

ride and restaurant is going to take a

lot of time

so it is a bit easier to get on rides

with a big group right now since

fastpass is on hold

it was pretty hard to snag fast passes

especially day of fast passes

for large groups not impossible but

pretty hard but you can all just hop in

line now since the standby line is the

only line around unless you're using

disney's disability access service

which is a service that accommodates

guests who may not be able to wait in


that's running just like it was before

the park closures rise of the resistance

boarding passes though will

automatically select

everyone in your friends and family list

who's in the park so it's much easier to

speed through that process

and get a boarding pass no matter what

size group you have much much easier

than fastpass

but still even if it is easier for

everyone to ride the same ride

you might not all want to ride the same

ride if your group has different


different ages split up and tackle

different rides and shows

and meet up again for dinner speaking of

dinner with social distancing in place

you may want to check in with

restaurants to make sure they can

accommodate larger parties

and definitely make those reservations

as early as possible they may need to

split you guys up

amongst several tables who knows but

make sure to check with the restaurant

next bad idea you're gonna have in

disney world it's raining let's just

duck under here

social distancing guidelines get thrown

to the wayside when it starts to rain in

disney world right now and you need to

seek cover

we have seen time and time again too

many people crowding under awnings or

that covered entrance to galaxy's edge

we're all used to ducking into a store

or undercover for those quick pop-up

florida rain showers which are coming

every day

but remember to leave space between you

and others disney's taking social

distancing pretty seriously

and you probably should too also when

character cavalcades come by people

crowd around

there are spacing markers in many places

so don't forget to stay six feet apart

we know you're excited to see jack

skellington but let's not put anyone at

risk unnecessarily

all right we know you guys are gonna

make some great decisions on your next

disney trip you're already making a

great decision by watching disney food


but these bad ideas are just a little

too common

i've done like all of them and we want

to make sure you don't make the same

mistakes as many times as we have

so with so many extra rules and so many

changes it can be hard to keep up on

everything going on in disney world

right now

so we hope these tips might help you be

better prepared if you're headed to

disney world soon

don't forget to keep an eye on the blog

too disney

we are pumping out tons of great

information tips we've got

reporters in the parks every day that

are giving us the latest about how

crowded it is what the wait times are

what's going on

and so we're adapting all of our tips to

that information

because we know a lot of you are heading

in soon and a lot of you are planning to

head in next year

so as always thanks for listening thanks

for watching you guys

i hope you haven't made any of these

less than great decisions like i have

but if you have a great story please let

us know in the comments

about what you ended up doing and give

your tips for how to avoid

these mistakes as well this is aj for

disney food blog and we'll see you real