8 Things You SHOULD NOT EAT in Disney World

from grocery store beer to boring

character meals we have got some things

you should not eat it won't Disney World

on DfE guides today let's get started

hey everybody it's a day for Disney food

vlog and we have got some things you

should not eat in Walt Disney World

today I know we're always telling you

about the things you gotta get the

must-haves but these are things that you

should bypass because there's a much

better alternative we're gonna start

today with that basic cheeseburger so

the basic cheeseburgers at Disney World

have come a long way from those

hockey-puck burgers that used to get and

sometimes still do unfortunately but

Disney has really upped its burger game

recently and if you're gonna have a

burger in Disney World please please

please get a good one don't get a basic

one at a basic counter service joint go

find the good stuff now we have a whole

video on the best burgers in Disney

World but we're gonna highlight a couple

of our favorites here for you as well

over at deluxe burger in Disney Springs

this is a counter service location but

it's the only counter service location

where you can specify the temperature of

your burger so if you are a medium-rare

burger fan like me you can actually

order at medium-rare there and there's

plenty of great options at deluxe burger

they start with a proprietary meat blend

they've got great theming to their

burgers and there's even a secret menu

via the mobile order app so definitely

go check out deluxe burger and Disney

Springs for a great burger other ones we

think you should definitely consider

instead of just a regular basic

cheeseburger at a counter service joint

the lobster thermidor burger a grand

floridian cafe is excellent you've got

all of it amazing Lobster on top Plus

that rich sauce it's truly truly

decadent the Gibson's sandwich King

burger over at the boathouse this is

also in Disney Springs and this remains

probably my favorite burger on property

it is excellent there's a little bit of

spiciness from those fried peppers and

just overall there's so much flavor in

this burger definitely worth getting and

over a geyser point in wilderness lodge

there's the bison burger which you

wouldn't expect to be as flavorful as it

is because bison doesn't really have

that much fat

to the meat but it is really good I was

super surprised definitely worth getting

over there and that's also basically

allowing should slash counter service

location so that one's gonna be a little

bit less expensive so there are some

great cheeseburgers to get and head over

and watch our best cheeseburgers in

Disney World video so that you're not

stuck getting just a basic burger it's

not worth it next thing you should not

eat in Disney World is standard quick

service pizza now if you don't know if

you head into a standard quick service

joint in Disney World and you get a

little pizza it's gonna be a little

round super pillowy super thick crust

pizza without a lot of toppings on it

this is what you're gonna get at places

like pizza Rizzo and Pizza fari just not

good stuff and there's much better pizza

to find so if you guys are having a

pizza craving here's where to go first

up via Napoli and Epcot some of the best

pizza around plus it's huge so

definitely something you can share

flat breads that some of the signature

restaurants are gonna be fresher and

more interesting than those standard

round pizzas so try some of the

inventive options like at g-code Animal

Kingdom Lodge sometimes they've got that

elk confit flatbread on the menu which

is excellent good flat breads also a

california grill and a couple of other

signature locations and don't forget you

can often go to the lounges for those

signature locations and order that flat

breads there as well if you don't want

to do a full on advanced dining

reservation if you want to create your

own pizza

blaze and Disney Springs is a huge

favorite especially for locals and often

the line is very long there but don't

forget you may have a blaze in your

hometown so if you like blaze pizza they

do have it at Disney World and it's

probably gonna be better than those

standard quick-service pizzas and

another we want to talk about is pizza

Ponte in Disney Springs this is part of

the Edison and Maria and Enzo's group

all owned and run by the patina group

who also by the way runs via Napoli but

Pizza Ponte is a great option for

grab-and-go slices lots of different

options there incredible pepperoni cups

if you know what I'm talking about

really really good pizza I was honestly

surprised so go grab your slice there

next thing we think really has a better

alternative is like grocery store beer

so you guys know what I mean you can get

all the standard beers you'll find at

home at Disney World like Bud Light

Michelob yang Ling but Disney World has

really made an effort in recent years to

include some more unique and interesting

craft options on their menus and those

are the ones you might want to try

instead of getting your standard beer

that you can get at your grocery store

at home so how do you find these go to a

lounge or bar instead and get a local

beer or something you haven't tried

before and Disney World brings in lots

of local Florida beers as well so peruse

your drink venues for something a little

more interesting there are even Disney

exclusive beers like the kanga luge

amber ale and animal kingdom you can

grab this at Nomad lounge and a few

kiosks around the park and the beers in

Pandora and yeah there is a green beer

there and you can only get it in Disney

World but those Pandora beers are

exclusive as well and don't forget to

check out those World Showcase countries

in Epcot where you're gonna find some

imported beers as well so maybe some

things you haven't tried there next

thing we want you to avoid eating at

Disney World is meals that are way too

expensive for what you get especially if

you're not using the Disney Dining Plan

so good examples of this our breakfast

it'd be our guest

or maybe that giant ribeye steak at Kona

Cafe so if you're on the Disney Dining

Plan breakfast it'd be our guest is a

great deal but if you're paying out of

pocket it is super pricey for what you

get so adult entrees right now are 28

dollars each kids are 15 dollars each

and it's basically like a doughnut so I

don't really under it's more than a

doughnut I get it there's some more to

those meals but they are not worth 28

dollars so if you're not using the

Disney Dining Plan I don't recommend

doing be our guest restaurant in the

Magic Kingdom for breakfast go for lunch

do lunch is a great deal and it's great

meal as well and dinner although it's

not as good a deal it's probably going

to be better than breakfast for $28 but

lunch is for real where the value lies

for be our guest

those entrees are fourteen seventy nine

to eight

99 for adults here already over $10 less

than they're gonna charge you for

breakfast so much better deal same thing

over there at Kona cafe so Kona recently

underwent him this is in the Polynesian

village resort by the way Kona recently

underwent some menu changes brought some

more upscale items to this otherwise

moderate restaurant to the 14 ounce New

York Strip is $42 the 20 ounce bone-in

ribeye is 55 or the porterhouse for $95

now we're not saying that Kona isn't a

great restaurant it is a great

restaurant but it is still a moderate

restaurant in atmosphere and service and

so the fact that Polynesians seems to be

trying to make this into a signature

location because the Polynesian is a

deluxe resort and doesn't have a

signature location at the moment it's

not quite working so I would suggest

going to a better Steakhouse if you're

gonna get those huge steaks so go to

yachtsman or lacell yay or Shula's or

even a few locations and Disney Springs

if you're gonna pay ninety five bucks

for a porterhouse now if you're on the

Disney Dining Plan then Kona suddenly

becomes an excellent excellent deal

because it's still a one counter service

location so that's an excellent deal to

get that $55 ribeye so it really all

depends on if you're on that dining plan

or not so if you're gonna spend that

kind of cash that signifies a two credit

restaurant then go to a two credit

restaurant or use your Disney Dining

Plan at Kona hope that all made sense

next thing we want you to skip when

you're in Disney World is the plain old

vanilla or chocolate soft-serve ice

cream now you may love vanilla or

chocolate officer to ice cream you may

be a devotee and that's fine we totally

get it but for those of you who are

looking for the biggest bang for your

buck for your ice cream money there's a

ton of great ice cream options and

Disney World unique specialty things

that is probably going to be a better

experience in a better memory for you to

spend your money on now of course

there's a ton of Dole Whip choices from

the classic pineapple the citrus swirl

and now you can get several other

flavors mango lemon

lime and even raspberry dolak is

floating around from time to time so

head over to pineapple lanai in the

Polynesian Village Resort storybook

treats and Magic Kingdom and

anti-gravity Xin magic him to try some

new flavors and if you just really want

some good good ice cream head over to

the boardwalk for ample Hills Creamery

which carries 16 unique flavors like

gooey gooey butter cake and an exclusive

to that location

flavor Sally sells seashells which is

orange flavor with chocolate sea shells

in it which is super cute now over here

you can also build your own custom

sundaes you can get ice cream flights

but it really is boutique ice cream

really really good so head over to ample

hills on the boardwalk across the water

at the beach club you'll find beaches

and cream one of our favorite places to

go this is home to those over-the-top

milkshakes I'm in no way Jose sundae

that I absolutely adore

and of course that giant kitchen sink

which is a great memory to make with

your family you just dig into this huge

huge huge literal kitchen sink full of

ice cream and all the toppings in a full

can of whipped cream and it's just a

super-fun memory to make with your

family so that's over at beaches and

cream in the beach club resort now in

Epcot you can also stop by Lauda's and

egg Leste for some great ice cream even

better ice cream vessels like that giant

macaron or the brioche bun with the ice

cream inside so good

very intriguing very unique and not like

something you're going to get anywhere


don't forget they've also introduced

some fresh fruit and boozy popsicles and

the Italy pavilion if popsicles are more

your thing than ice cream and you can

also find that tasty fresh fruit

exclusive popsicle and Pandora in animal

kingdom the fruits of muara bar so

there's definitely some unique options

that may make it worth your time and

money to not waste those snack credits

and that money on just a standard

vanilla saucer next thing we want you to

skip chef Mickey's now I know we do

actually recommend chef Mickey's is one

of the best restaurants for first-timers

it really is an iconic restaurant but it

probably doesn't offer the best

experience or the best food for those

returning to Disney World so chef

Mickey's is iconic their whole Fab five

is there

is reason to go there if you kind of are

first visiting Disney World or if you

absolutely have to if you're staying in

the contemporary but if you wanna meet

those Fab five characters and have great

food head over to Garden grill Tusker

house or Hollywood and Vine now they

don't have all of the characters that

you're gonna meet at chef Mickey's but

they do have most of them and some good

standings as well you know that my

favorite place is garden grill over

there in Epcot future world in the land

pavilion awesome food great character

interaction because those characters are

gonna come around multiple times because

it's a smaller restaurant than chef

Mickey's and at chef Mickey's you're

probably really only gonna see those

characters once even if you stay for an

hour so garden grill is a great option

if you want to interact with the

characters and have some great food

Husker house and Animal Kingdom also a

great option plus the characters are

wearing their cute Safari gear which is

super fun picture to take and overall at

these restaurants are gonna have much

better food it'll be less crowded so

you'll get more time of the characters

and it really is a win-win the bonus is

that Garden Grill serves its food

family-style so you don't have to worry

about wrangling little ones on the way

to the buffet they just bring the food

to you you can have as much of it as you

want and it is really good food so I

know you guys don't want to hear not

that you shouldn't eat at chef Mickey's

but honestly if I were going with my

family for the first time I would

probably choose garden grill or Tusker

house or Hollywood in vine / chef

Mickey's or even Ohana breakfast you

guys know I love Ohana breakfast where

you can meet Mickey and Pluto and lilo

and stitch again another

style meals so definitely consider those

over chef Mickey's because they may even

be a little less expensive next thing I

don't want you to eat name-brand chips

and snacks so there are so many unique

snacks in Disney World

it just doesn't make sense to spend your

snack credits your calories and your

money on Lay's potato chips or Cheetos

now I don't know any problem with Lay's

potato chips your Cheetos if I'm just

sitting at home or at the grocery store

or whatever but if I'm in Disney World

there's a lot more great options for you

and you should definitely take advantage

of those so try the buffalo chicken

chips at trial Oh bites in animal

kingdom these are house made chips

topped with buffalo chicken blue cheese

sour cream arugula and pico

the patatas bravas at pepe those are

potato chips with aioli and Brava sauce

this is of course in Disney Springs like

these are potato chips created by a

James Beard award-winning chef you guys

so they're gonna be a lot different than

just your grocery store chips so the

patatas bravas looks like a regular bag

of chips when you open it the chips are

actually served in a paper boat and that

aioli presents a pronounced garlic

paired with the tomato based Brava sauce

really really intriguing really yummy

and unique so there's lots of great

snacks you guys know we have a ton of

snacks videos we have three super

comprehensive snacks books over at dfv

store calm so lots of information for

you about snacks on Disney food blog in

our guidebooks and in this video series

as well so don't waste your calories

your money or your snack credit on just

a regular old bag of chips get something

excellent and then finally the place

that we don't want you to go because we

think there's better options Planet

Hollywood and Disney Springs and I know

I keep talking about that but they're

just not getting their act together yet

but what's weird is the guy fatty who of

course created some of the menu for

Planet Hollywood when it reopened he

just opened chicken guy no chicken guys

downstairs from Planet Hollywood it's

run by the same company

but it is so good it's much quicker and

cheaper and much tastier so the chicken

tenders and the 22 different sauces

there might not sound like anything

special but they're fantastic and it's

one of my favorites one of my favorite

places to eat in Disney World so Planet

Hollywood I think is not worth your

money it's standard food its standard

service and I've had universally bad

experiences when I've eaten there but

the opposite is true of chicken guy

downstairs so head down there and also

other good alternative to Planet

Hollywood basically anywhere Ragland

Road boathouse Morimoto Asia Wolfgang

Puck Bar and Grill Edison

lots of great options in Disney Springs

now that I would recommend over Planet

Hollywood probably now as I always say

Disney restaurants can change and they

are completely inconsistent so don't

worry I'll be heading back to Planet

Hollywood to try out again see how it

goes and I'll let you guys know if I

change my mind about that location but

in the meantime lots of better places to

try and better alternatives so there are

a few eats to avoid in Walt Disney World

because there are just a lot of better

alternatives for those things let us

know in the comments what you guys think

about this video

are there specific restaurants and

locations that you would avoid or that

you would recommend let us know we'd

love to hear from you this is a date for

Disney food blog and we'll see you real