Disneyland FOOD REVIEW! Best & Worst Foods


today my photo venture takes me to the

happiest place on earth that's right I'm

gonna Disneyland and if you know me I'm

not going for the rides I'm not going to

hug Mickey I'm gonna go try out all the

food and I'm realistic I'm sure the

foods not gonna be the best but I just

felt like this could be a really fun

experience you know going around Disney

relive my childhood a little bit me the

last Disney experience I had was a Hong

Kong that was just a steaming mess so

today we're gonna go have a fun Disney

food day


we're now on route to the Disneyland

Resort main entrance Plaza I'm on the

frame right now and that's where driving

I feel hunger obviously but I'm also

feeling the Disney magic right now

because one of the funnest things I ever

did when I first came to the US was go

to Disney World so coming to Disney is

always really nostalgic for me let the

eating begin



I didn't want to start out with this but

it is a classic and I'm absolutely

starving his first thing I saw since I

walked in that resembles something I

want to eat it's a corn dog

whoa bacon ketchup pickles ranch honey

mustard cheese let's get a corn dog

they sell the corn dogs on this little

little truck so it's a hand dipped corn

dog that's quick

thank you corn dog with bacon ketchup

this is a crazy-looking corn dog


how's it going corn dog just a regular

hot dog in the middle but it's really

punchy super crunchy on the outside in

when the batter is very delicate and

soft and says it's almost like eating a

crunchy cornbread with a hot dog in the


this sucks tough bacon ketchup like I

don't taste a bacon here which is we

call ketchup

all right towards the end the battery

gets way too much because is stuff this

thing is just soggy on the inside that

does not taste good anymore I mean in

the beginning it's pretty good

then just like the TV show Lost this

thing loses meaning this thing is so

greasy I'm eating a bag of lace to

counteract the grease now I got a little

food in me the hangar is gone now I can

spend more time looking for actually

good food let's go


Ohio's hoping I could find this right

after the corndog and it's right next to

that greasy disaster the pineapple Dole

Whip this is the Dole Whip flow I've

been hearing about this non-stop for

years this thing was was an internet

sensation so it's a soft serve ice cream

sitting in a cup of pineapple juice to

actually taste this so good not because

it is so good it's okay it's just that

arrived to our greasy corndog I needed

this this tastes exactly like a Bardot

food item I mean you can definitely

taste the pineapples as fruity it's


the soft-serve has more of a sorbet

consistency than that of ice cream it's



it's the chicken bun looks like curry

powder on top this is a chicken bone

with butternut squash and fresh herbs

inside smells good just tastes really

really really just okay I hope this hot

sauce he gave me can help this hot sauce

helped it it's very blend really could

even tell there's chicken in here this

is deep bulgogi with some potato

different types of spices in here this

is actually not half bad

much better than the chicken one I think

it's million the potatoes I love that

creamy texture when I bite into this bun

and then the meat is just okay it's all

about the flavorful potatoes in this one

this is the lumpia and the first time I

had dish was in Chinatown in the

Philippines this is like a lightly

wrapped egg roll and this is a desert

version has clean sheets inside and they

give you some pineapple sauce to dip


basically a super crunchy spring roll

sugar cinnamon outside love the cream

cheese I think there's bits of pineapple

in there as well so a little fruity a

little creamy a lot of crunch yeah

definitely better than any of the buns

I've had what I love about this food

tour in Disney is that ye some food you

go on a couple rise burn it off the heat

again the best thing you're having fun

eating then you're just having fun then

you're having fun eating again that's

what I call magical day I feel like a

folder should be rolling towards me I

think that was a Zilla rating of our

right as Disney can possibly have next

up I want to get some kebabs at Bingo

barbecue oh the barbecue actually looks

halfway legit these are the skewers I

got this is the asparagus wrapped with

bacon this is the hot and spicy beef

store and this is the pork belly skewer

there's just a spare ghost wrapped in

bacon you can't really mess this up I do

like the fresh char flavor I spread guys

to swim in choo-choo

bacon is doing is as usual amazing thing

I just there's the pork belly score

massive chunks of pork belly pretty

charred with a little bit of pickled

carrots and radish on top of cilantro

this is bright the best thing I had

today food wash nice chunk off the fat

actually the pickle with carrots and

radish goes really really good this this

kind of tastes like a bunless balmy

sandwich there's not a tender piece of

meat but it is extremely flavorful and

it's smoky I will actually like this

more if it's on the sandwich give me

this into a sandwich there'd be a pretty

bomb sandwich but overall not bad best

thing I had today does it the spicy beef




flavor is good a little gamey tough as

all get-out

Oh ma'am surely that's gonna work y'all

right here but out of all this pork

belly store besting here does the one

that's really useful to know how to use

chopsticks to disk yours

they pick up that remaining radish and

cursor that's why chops are superior let

me make sense right the Chinese people

invented the chopsticks and the fork and

we stuck with this I heard coming at

Disney you got to get a pickle oh yeah

this one's calling my name I walk around

Disney with a napkin diaper pickle

searching for the turkey leg and I have

found it

Humbolt Ricki Lake I walked a pickle

halfway across Disneyland for this I

finally found it my weapon of choice

both in war and in food this is the

infamous turkey leg last time I had this

I remember it was in some museum park in

st. Louis Missouri when I was 12

it's a lot smaller than I remembered all

right because I was a lot smaller back



I need a bigger mouth I guess my jaw

muscle workout continues I feel like I'm

eating up turkey jerky

the flavor is gone

oh one more last retry this is why you

need this


this is good given though is this spicy

not really special but does go go with

the trick you like don't even try this

without a pickle if you're wondering why

I finished there well if you paid $11

for a bigwig of Turkey you're finishing






whatever vice on that right keep your

mouth closed unless you want to know

what 20 year-old water tastes like


let's go get some Benny

shall we actually on the way to Ben Hays

this come III not just a churl but

sugarplum sure that could be interesting

that's pretty

so the sugarplum journal the same

journal it just dust it with I guess

sugar plum sugar it's purple


just asleep with a nice plump Pharaoh

huh pleasantly surprised right ish like


one of the other things are hot today

let me compare it to the regulator oh it

definitely has more about Disney magic

to it a lot of you guys told me I got to

come here

Cafe Orleans supposedly the Monte Cristo

is really good as well as the bene I got

some powdered sugar base and some candy

cane be nice these are so pillowy and

fluffy it's like a finger trampoline

park oh six pin ace pretty not the best

idea to get all these at once but no one

ever call me smart let me just go ahead

and take off his other year


really light and airy slightly sweet

these are pretty delicious mannish

that's the happiest Mickey Mouse ever

made me forget his candy cane Mickey

Mouse man eh

I'm sorry I should have warned you if

you're a Mickey Mouse lover this is a

good time to look away product of candy

cane flavor I better just that's like

additional peppermint and the crunch

from the candy game really makes this

stand out also when you're eating this

you got to be careful because these

things will fight back and just powder

sugar you all over the place

why should I change my mind after quite

a few of these candy cane beignets

little - peppermint eat well only thing

is a sugary mint julep definitely

doesn't go well with that nope some we

need to get into the blue Baio

restaurant and right next to it is this


club 33 this is a secret club that

that's in Disneyland there's a Members

Only if you want to get into the

initiation fee it's like twenty five

thousand dollars plus is twelve thousand

dollars a year it's basically a super

fancy private exclusive restaurant in

the waiting list of joins like a

gazillion years this is crazy though

this is the value huh Wow look at that

this is really really cool restaurant

that's a shame I went there for the

fried Monte Cristo sandwich but I missed

like 15 minutes all right time to draw

my sorrow and some fried chicken


this is why I'm here for chicken

please thank you ooh that's a big plate

of fried chicken veggies mashed potato

and gravy biscuit and of course the

chicken not the crispiest chicken

the true test of whether a fried chicken

is good at least for me is the breast

because if this thing is dry then it's

not going that good first glance doesn't

look to be the juiciest I mean this is

not freshly made to order fried chicken

so I'll keep my expectations low waiver

is good mass drive uSAgain I want to try

a piece of dark meat

it's okay Fried Chicken I should I light

the match potato and gravy much more

than a chicken ooh

there might be a way to salvage this

he's a white meat which is a little dry

dunk it in that gravy and mashed

potatoes get it all up in there Wow so

much better

I really really shaved it and honestly

guys I've got a whole day of just eating

fried foods and giant turkey legs I even

I need some vegetables the vegetable is

actually pretty good I think overall in

terms of value in Disney this is not bad

$18 for a massive plate of this stuff

it's gonna fill you up and give you back

some of that magical feeling all right

I'm gonna finish my chicken and more

rice until I got waited for this ride

longer than any there's gonna be good

so excited that's kind of fun

all right I'm gonna find one more food

item and I gotta get out of here


this is the coconut there's the coconut

not a porn that guru reason I'm laughing

is because it's heavy as heck this is

just a thick dense piece of desert I

freaking love this shredded coconut

weaving through the cookie dough there's

a very very solid cookie it was just a

coating of white chocolate

the sting is sweeter than my mom it's

perfect little clump up like not columns

right there's perfect with a picture of

hot cheese by the same time I can't stop

eating it I'm glad is the last thing I'm

eating today cuz I don't think I can fit

anything else in my stomach after this I

mean this does this is gonna take up

permanent residency I'm sure but guys

like I said I'm really really fun day

today the best thing I had was the first

few bites of that corndog where it was

so incredibly crunchy the fatty pork

belly barbecue score that was

unexpectedly good and of course the plum

churro in the Mickey Mouse beignets

but overall the food tastes exactly what

I thought it would taste like overpriced

and cooked in a massive theme park so

anyway that's my review of the food here

in Disneyland in Anaheim California

thank y'all so much for watching until

we get again see you later

good bye this deal and I think in

conclusion the happiest place on earth

it's really not the yummiest place on

earth but still fun going on right

trying out different foods from all

around the park to put this in

Disneyland terms it still was a magical

day you know I love coming to Disney

because my first trip after we moved to

the US was to Disney that was our first

family vacation and still remember how

incredibly happy we all were just

exploring the park together so Disney

will always be a really special place

for me

but now how about we go grab some dinner


it's really really good food my favorite

hometown meal yeah this is more like it

cold wheats new dogs

Oh after a day of eating different foods

shaped like Mickey Mouse's ahead this is

such a welcoming bite oh I love this

skewers of tofu skin cooked in this

broth there's an amazing broth okay look

I almost have a selfish elbow

no dip that is some sesame sauce with

little chili in there oh that texture is

amazing of course the pita lamb soup

take a bite of pickled garlic spoonful

of that soup and PETA most iconic dish

from my hometown Xian

little lamb barbecue skewers with some

cumin and chili and some shredded potato

salad pork dumplings and spicy sour

broth and the finale

I see chili garlic onion flash-fried

byung-hyun noodles this is the most

inviting sight

ah now my day feels complete so there