A Day in the Life of FDA/ORA Consumer Safety Officer, Miyo Saito


in my current position as i

import cso we look at commercial

shipments as well as male

facility shipments and we look at

various commodities ranging from food to

medical devices to drugs

and we just make sure that they are

properly labeled and

effective and safe for the public


my typical day involves checking in with

a ces site which is a customs

examination site

we check the entries that are arriving

without prior

appointments and we also make

appointments with warehouses to check

similar shipments of commercial entries

and we check these for misbranding

any health hazards and we just make sure

that everything is

as it says on the documents for


my job is important because when you're

working with imported goods

we don't know we don't have eyes and


readily available 24 7 at these foreign

countries and so when they're shipping

things over to the united

states we want to make sure you know we

can trust

them but we always want to verify that

they are doing what they do

before the consumers what i like most

about my job

is that it's very unexpected every day

is something new

new commodity new entry new issues new


violations and with that you really have

to be on your toes and you have to know

your information you have to know your


and you have to know what this commodity

has a potential

to do with respects to harming the


and with that it just every day is a new


i chose fda because of my science

background as well as

my passion to enforce regulation

i started as a intern student intern

working for the administration and

through that i learned about the various

positions of the fda

and with that my love for enforcement

and science coming together just really


with my background and skills that i

have in science as well as

public health it's a perfect

agency to work for with regards to

protecting the public health and

having this opportunity to give back to

the communities through public service