How to Solve Loud Laptop Fan Noises Caused from Overheating

can you guys hear the fan noise from

this laptop hopefully you can because

that's today's subject is a loud laptop

cause from a fan that's going full blast

all the time from just a few minutes

after you turn this laptop on till you

turn it off this fan is going full blast

and it's annoying and I've seen this

happen to a lot of laptops not just a

HP's this is a pavulon but it happens to

all types and generally the problem is

caused from blockage in the cooling

system the cooling system on these

laptops are very small and these produce

a lot of heat and if there's any

blockage at all

they run hard because they need that

extra speed so we can probably clean

this out and improve it maybe a

defective fan but we'll find out when we

get in there anyway today the mystery of

the loud laptop hopefully will quiet it

down let's get started on that

for this HP I'll show you where the

cooling system resides but this is true

for just about all makes and models of

laptops not just HP in your top

left-hand corner on the bottom you'll

find these vents here here and here

there are vents here here and in various

other places as well but for the most

part these three vents are the main

vents were cooling the CPU and the video

card and that's where mostly comes from

and also the sound the loud fan sound is

coming from this vent I don't know if

you can see it I've got a flashlight

here but there's a fan under here and

we'll get a lot better look at that once

I take this apart but the way that this

works is air comes in through here this

is our intake passes through some

cooling blocks and I'll show you those

again when I open this and then the hot

air is expelled out these two air vents

here so it's just a continuous cycle if

you've ever put a laptop down on a

blanket and it starts running hard or

hot that's because this intake is

blocked and generally if you have this

set on a hard surface

these feet keep this up off the surface

slightly so that this gets air intake

you know but if you have it on a blanket

a lot of times it conforms to that vent

and it's not getting the air that it

needs but anyway back to our problem the

air comes in and then out and if we have

dirt blocking any of these ports at all

it's not getting the full cool if you've

ever had a dirty household fan

know that once you clean the blades it

works a lot better and this is the same

principle I would like to add that a

quick fix for an overheating or loud

sounding fan is to just take a normal

vacuum cleaner and to clean out around

these vents and actually take the vacuum

cleaner and put it right on top of these

vents and try to remove the dirt that

way and this might work for a while and

temporarily fix your laptop but it can

also cause the dirt to move especially

if it's like pet hair and it can jam

even worse so you know it may work for a

temporary but it's always better to take

it apart and that's what we're going to

do here today since we're taking apart

our laptop we want to do it the best

that we can without guessing and the

internet your friend so what I suggest

you do is to Google service manual and

then the name of your machine in our

case it's the HP pavulon and we have the

DB 6700 and in these service manuals

it's like a PDF and it will tell you how

to disassemble certain things so let's

see if I can find what I'm looking for

here right here fan heatsink assembly so

if we go to page 86 it tells us how to

remove the various parts and screws and

take apart this laptop so that's the

best advice I can give you is try to

find a service manual for your

particular machine instead of just

removing screws or randomly this will

really help you up so I'm going to go

ahead and use this guide to open this

laptop and get to our fan so to begin

disassembly of a laptop you always want

to disconnect it from your household

mains and room

the battery I wanted to say something

about this HP I usually call this a

pavulon and I know that most of you

pronounce it Pavillion and it probably

is pavilion but I always said pavulon so

forgive me if I say pavulon and if it

bugs you that much don't bother comment

and just stop watching the video I've

had other HP videos in the past and

people just gripe in the comments about

my dialect instead of you know the main

problem of what the video is about but

instead of complaining and griping about

it just to watch something else so what

I'm doing is I'm removing the covers

from the optical drive I'm sorry from

the memory and the hard drive and then

I'm going to remove the optical drive

and that's usually the first step and

disassembling these and then what I like

to do is put all my parts together so

I'm not confused later like I'm going to

pull this laptop or this hard drive out

and this is the cover for it so I'm just

going to keep these together off to the

side over here and a lot of times like

if I take out a screw like this is the

screw for the optical drive here let's

take that out and it helps to have a

magnetic screwdriver so I'm going to

pull this out you know put the screw

right there and I'll tape it right to

that way I know that that screw belongs

to this it's important that you remember

where the screws go and as you're taking

out screws I like to put them on the

table and remember where they go and

even write a note if you have to because

if you put a long screw where it doesn't

belong you can actually damage certain

components so now that I've got the

major components of this out

and I could take out my memory I'm gonna

go ahead and refer it to my service

manual online get these screws out here

so really the only tool you need for

most laptop disassembly is a good

phillips screwdriver this is a pretty

good one here I like the kind with the

swivel top because you can hold it like

this and swivel it you know without

letting go this is a 261 and you know

for a few bucks you can have a pretty

good screwdriver and magnetic is

important so I'm going to take out these

three screws first and that should

release the cover I switch cover on the


hopefully I won't have to take this out

even though it's not no big deal

that's my that's my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

module there I might have to pull these

wires through hopefully I don't have to

all right I've got those three screws

out let's see if I can get this switch

cover off-grid under here

if you have to do any prying I recommend

using a guitar Peck you know a heavy

guitar Peck works fast or a piece of

plastic that way you're not marring the

finish let's go like a little ribbon

cable on there on the back let me go in

for a tight shot on these ribbon cables

there is a certain way to take these off

maybe I can be some help to you

so I've got a tighter shot on these

connectors here's one and here's one

here and this is a press-on connector

you have to be very careful with these

because they break very easy but to

remove the cable you just simply I have

a flat bladed screwdriver here take your

fingernail or a screwdriver and just

slightly push this plastic ahead just a

little bit see how it's moving just like

that and then with that sticking out

like that you can just pull on this

water will come right out and then when

you're ready to put it back in make sure

that this is forward like this would be


and then push a wire in then close that

back let's do this one here push it

forward like that then pull the wire out

most of the time that's the type of

connectors that are on these laptops and

then you'll have these Prospekt

connectors like this and these just pull

out and usually I just use my fingernail

and pull them like that just be very

gentle you don't want to break these

there we go

now we can start to see our fan and

you'll notice too that there's a lot of

dirt I'm starting to see around these

connectors so I expect there will be a

lot more inside here and that makes

absolute sense because our fans are

running so hard okay now I'm going to

try to take the keyboard out here

now another tip that I'll share with you

is like there's a screw right here for

the keyboard and you might not be able

to see it but engraved in the plastic

right here is a picture of the keyboard

so that's telling me that that screw

right there is holding in the keyboard

there's one blue over here now the

service man only showing four screws

even though I can only find three so

evidently they've changed things or I'm

missing a screw somewhere so I'm going

to remove these three and see if though

that'll take the keyboard out the

service manuals showing another screw

over here but I can't I don't see it

anyway let's flip it over and see if we

get that out of there a lot of times

they'll put out one service manual for

once you different types and then

they're a little bit different they

don't bother to tell you so yeah there

was only three holding the saloon

so you can see there's another one of

these clips holding this keyboard in

there called zero and zero force clips I

believe is the name of these on these

types you lift up these little wings

then you pull it straight out just don't

force anything I can see evidence of

hair in this quite a bit of hair

there's our keyboard so it looks like

we're going to have to go deeper what

we're looking for is under here certain

computer models are a real pain to get

to defends and you pretty much have to

take everything off including the

display it's just a fact of life we

don't like to do it if we don't have to

but to get this front cover off it's a

necessary evil

well hopefully you're still with me I

know it was a long road to get to this

fan but here it is and I've just taken

the screw out of there let's take a peek

inside here and see what's causing all

the problems hopefully you can see that

this is pack solid full of dirt just

solid see they're the same could breathe

it was just choking on its own dust and

really all the way across is totally

blocked up this probably would have

benefitted from just taking a vacuum and

pulling on this before taking it apart

but who's to say this would even fit

through the vents you know and as far as

the fan goes the fans fine but I'm going

to go ahead and replace it anyway

because I'm already in here I might as

well and I'm also going to change the

the compound on the heatsink you know

put new comp piecing compound down and

and redo that but that was the main

problem as that dirt was just walking

those guns and there's not much there

for vents anyway so that was the cause

of our problem so I'm going to get a

vacuum clean this all up and start

putting it back together change out that

fan well the work is complete and the

computer sounds absolutely quiet I've

let it run for about an hour now and you

can barely hear the fan so it's pushing

here better than ever and that was the

problem just a little chunk of dirt so

it took some time and we definitely had

to take it right down to the motherboard

and really in real time it was about an

hour's work or maybe a little more for

somebody that's never done this before

so if you have to pay a technician an

hour's worth of work they also have to

make a living so they're going to have

to charge you a couple hundred bucks

anyway and for a used computer how much

can you buy a new computer for maybe


so it doesn't make sense to really send

this in for repair anymore and that's

why a lot of repair shops just tell you

to buy another one and again that's why

I'm putting these videos out not

everybody has three hundred dollars to

throw at another laptop so this will

help you to fix your own if you have

this sort of problem it's certainly not

hard it only takes a few tools and some

time and you just have to be mindful of

your screws and remember where

everything goes a lot of times pictures

will help if you're taking apart

use a camera and take a picture where

screws go and certain wires go and if

you break it it was broken anyway and

this will also solve laptop shutdown

problems if you're having trouble where

a laptop will only run about an hour or

so and then it shuts down he is the

number one thing that causes these

laptops to fail and HP has certainly not

helped the industry any by making it so

hard to fix it I understand why they do

it they want you to buy a new computer

but at the same time it makes it not

fixable by most you know what I mean so

anyway I hope you got some use out of

this video and you liked it if you did

give us a thumbs up and we'll see you on

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