How to fix your AC! Outdoor fan not running.

so whenever you're troubleshooting an

air conditioner always check first to

make sure you have a clean filter if you

have a plug filter it's going to cause

all kinds of problems you could have a

frozen coil inside so you can open up

that panel make sure your coil is not

frozen which can be caused by various

things but in this case the inside unit

the fan is running the filter is clean

everything looks good inside at the


turn the cool air on you can hear the

sermon stack click but if you go to

event I just have warm air coming out so

the first thing I did one of the first

things I did come look out here the unit

outside you can hear the compressor


but the fan is not turning

so that's something to look at on the

outdoor unit the compressor was making

noise it was it was doing its thing you

could hear it running but the fan was

not running so this is a pretty common

problem with air conditioning units

these outdoor units where the fan won't

run the compressor is still going so

that's good the compressor is the

expensive part so there's a couple

things to check out here maybe something

damaged the fan there's a sometimes

there's an overload on those fans

there's a button you can switch and

untrap them or maybe there's something

wrong with the fan itself so a couple

things to look at I took the fan apart

and felt the shaft and everything and it

it seemed like the bearings were in good

shape and when I spun it it spins real

nice and easy it's not catching on

anything so there doesn't seem to be

really anything wrong with the fan motor

that that I can tell so far the next

trick was to turn it on and run it and

then what you just saw me do is stick a

screwdriver in there kick start it get

it get it going and this actually worked

the unit turned on and the fan started

going and it started running normally

but I had to get the fan to start so

that starts pointing you towards a

capacitor problem inside the unit so

we're going to open it up and check it

out okay before you do any work on your

air conditioner you start opening up

anything always disconnect the power

this is the very first thing you should

do before you even begin to open up

you're out outside unit

all right to get into the panel locate

where your power comes in there's going

to be a cover on it usually just a

couple of screws hold this thing on take

those off

okay in this case if you trace the lines

the fan are these three lines here you

got a black a brown and a yellow and you

trace them up and around and you're

going to see they go into this this is

your capacitor you're going to see a

little u and a capital F on your and

that will tell you that's your capacitor

that's micro farad's and that's a

measurement of how much electricity that

holds what this does typically you'll

see these on air-conditioning units

you'll see this one has two numbers a

big number and a small number that means

this is really two capacitors in one the

big number is the charge to start your

fan so in this case it takes 45 micro

farad's to kick-start the fan to get it


once the fans going it's got a second

capacitor to keep it running at five

micro farad's so a capacitor holds

electricity and it allows you to have a

smaller more efficient fan and that

gives it the energy it needs to get

going so since my fan runs if I kick

start it my guess is that that part of

the capacitor is fried is no longer

working so it doesn't have the energy it

needs to get the fan running so we're

going to replace that with a new one and

see if that fixes our problem now one

thing to be extremely careful about with

capacitors as well as I said these store

electricity so this thing could be

storing electricity even if it's not

functioning properly if you touch your

fingers to the top two prongs it could

discharge that electricity into you so

you can make sure you dissipate that

electricity and wear proper PPE when

messing with this so you want to take a

metal object with with the plastic

handle and wearing plastic gloves and

across the cross the terminals and make

sure you release any energy that may be

in that capacitor because that could hit

you with a with a jolt if you get your

fingers in there and then you can safely

remove your wires

and remove your capacitor

okay I got a new capacitor I just bought

this off at eBay on a one day shipment

got it for $20 so a lot cheaper than you

can get it from an HVAC store if you

know if you've got one that'll sell to

the public or maybe an electronic store

but you know you want to make sure that

you're getting the same capacitor so

remember this is a 45 5 micro farad so

make sure your new one is a 45 5 370

volts 370 volts you know you just want

to make sure that that all the numbers

agree so make sure you're matching up

same pegs to the same peg back here

we're going to have our brown wire over

here our blue and our two yellows here

it should be that simple

all right mounted it back up

take our brown wire attach it to the fan

take our blue wire attached there and

our two yellows go on the common there

and there

all right

now we should be able to power it up see

if it work

of course you want to turn the power

back on to it we'll go inside and flip

it on all right we're going to flip this

to cool you can hear it come on come out


and the fan is spinning away

all right

so that's how you fix your AC problem

for $20 instead of calling in an AC tech

and having them charge you several

hundred dollars or tell you you need a

whole new outdoor unit for $1,500 a

little know-how and a screwdriver you

can save yourself a lot of money thanks

for watching