Climate Change: Why are thousands of species facing extinction? - BBC News


scientists estimate that billions of

species have lived on earth since life

began around three and a half billion

years ago and over the course of that

time 99% of them have become extinct but

scientists say were now losing species

at the fastest rate for millions of

years so what does this mean for the

planets and what does it mean for us so

species go extinct normally this is

natural process but sometimes there are

periods where a lotta species go extinct

at a single event and this is what it's

called a massive mass extinction

scientists have identified five of these

events in the history of the earth and

from what they know in each instance

around 75% of the planet species

disappeared over millions of years

so we expect a number of species to go

extinct every few thousand of years but

currently we have evidence of a large

number of species that have already gone

extent in the past few decades or

hundreds of years and this is way higher

than we would expect just by chance the

expectation now is there to the current

extinction will be much faster the most

important factors are is hepta

transformation this is particularly

important in tropics climate change the

species exploitation and pollution as

soon as climate change starts

interacting with this lack of habitat

that we find then that's when we're

going to start seeing thousands of

species going extinct there is the

intrinsic value of the species so polar

bears are quite important for us and

orangutangs are quite important for us

and those species once extinct will

never come back


I don't think humans are likely to go

extinct in the near future we have

incredibly broad needs then and we can

live anywhere we can eat anything it is

likely that the changes that we're

causing the environment will drive us

Wars or drivers to human conflict and

this may lead us to extinction


there are many things that we can do in

terms of habitat transformation for

instance we can reduce deforestation in

the tropics to zero and all of this can

be done without compromising the amount

of food that we produce for ourselves so

there is no debate within the scientific

community aware that we need to save

species or or produce food we can do

both but for climate change we're just

going to have to be more frugal we're

going to have to eat less meat buy less

and just change our lifestyle