Why should we bother saving species from extinction?

What people forget is that we are on a little ball floating in a very dark hostile

scary place, space, you know.

And we're all if you like earthlings on this little planet.

To me, those animals have every right to

exist on this planet and to wash you know to just

see them disappear an absolute tragedy of it be

It's probably one of the worst things that can ever do you know - just snub out a

form of life, species that have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

Just because of our short-termism, so it

It's its right to exist is paramount. You know we should cherish these things as the ultimate treasures of the planet

You know every spirit life is only possible because of the diversity of life on Earth anyway. And

Nature doesn't do redundancy. You know if something's redundant in an Ecosystem it generally doesn't last very long.

There's been an awful natural selection to get us to the point. We are now, already. There's more chance of that natural selection,

being able to protect or keep the right things in the right places,

if there's more diversity to start with. You know reducing any amount of species reducing any amount of animals or

removing populations is only going to make this a weaker planet.

So you're going to make the resources weaker for the people who depend on it and the animals that depend on it.

If we look at this some planet that we live on this ball floating around. It's got this fantastic

regulated system that regulates the climate the water, the air, all these things that we take for granted.

But the nuts and the bolts of the system are the species within it. The Pied Tamarins, for example, the Black Lion Tamarins,

the fish. They're all part of the machine that keeps us on this habitable planet, so if we start chucking away

the Nuts and bolts, and they start disappearing.

Ultimately, you know from a selfish point of view that's gonna have an impact on us

that's gonna have a massive impact on us. So from a

altruistic point of view of that and the beauty and the wonder of the planet, yes, these animals have to survive.

But also from a selfish point of view, we have to have these animals and these species on the planet.

We are intrinsically linked our futures are intrinsically linked.

And we've got to grow up and just recognize that fact because we're just fooling ourselves and

robbing future generations of humans who live on this planet if we don't stop and think now.