Stop Extinction








our planet is being cut and cleared our

wildlife is being killed and song our

rainforests are burning the extinction

of species plant and animal has now

accelerated to where we have lost more

species in the past 50 years than the

million years perform


because of the human impacts on our

earth in the last 50 years over 80% of

our tropical rainforests in Asia and

over 50% of the Amazons jungles have

been lost today mammals fish reptiles

birds amphibians and insect Kingdom are

collapsing right now over 1 million

species Teeter on the brink of

extinction the effects of losing

critical species could ultimately lead

to the loss of our own mankind as we

destroy our rainforests pollute our

watersheds and decimate marine habitats

and entire fisheries we are threatened

by our own self-destruction leading

scientists around the world agree that

the actions we take now will be critical

to the final outcome our final outcome

we must act now to protect our world's

national parks tropical rainforests and

animal sanctuaries the last bastions for

survival of species on earth by stopping

human destruction we will save our last

critically endangered species along with

their wild habitats unlike America

developing countries need critical

support financial technical and

operational resources to protect their

national parks and world heritage we

need your support to stop extinction now

by protecting our last intact forests

and wildlife habitats before it is too


fight extinction today by saving our

global parks and critical wildlife

habitats for future generations go to

global conservation org and show your


join stop extinctions dot org and see

how you can help endangered species in

each country and make a difference today