Ethiopian Wolf Hunts for Pups | Africa's Hidden Wonders | National Geographic Wild UK

these Ethiopian wolves are some of the

rarest predators in the world making

their home 3,000 meters above sea level

where winter temperatures routinely dip

below freezing despite living in Africa

these walls start their day surrounded

by frost the park is led by a dominant

female this year she has given birth to

six pups

she has exclusive breeding rights but

she needs the help of the entire path to

raise them in this desolate land they

set off leaving the matriarch behind to

care for her young the hunting party

must band together to ensure the entire

pack survive the winter months while

their American cousins work together to

bring down caribou or moose there's no

large prey to be found here they've

adapted their hunting strategy


each wolf hunts alone and brings their

kill back to the daily

their territory is roughly 13 square

kilometers splitting the pack increases

their chance of finding prey this small

rat makes the perfect meal

but we'll disappear underground at the

first sign of danger barely any cover

for the wolf creeping closer

each my inch


no luck this time but this isn't his

only opportunity tens of thousands of

rats live in the Wolves territory

another target


the pub's depend on him

he cannot fail


his stealth pays off


the successful hunter returns to the den

with dinner regurgitating his catch for

the matriarch and her young


little and often this food will help the

pups grow over the next six months until

they can hunt for themselves