How To Reset WiFi or Ethernet Network Adapter on Windows 10 Fix Internet Not Connecting Issue

hello and welcome back to another

computer sluggish tutorial I've been

asked by pull is there any useful

computer Diagnostics that can help

repair and all reconnect pcs to the

Internet well let's just focus on the

internet section for this video there

are actually a couple things you can do

within windows to help if you get thrown

off the internet and to start off with

let's just minimize our web browser and

go down to the bottom right hand corner

and right-click on our network icon

we're now going to go to open network

and sharing center and we're going to go

to change adapter settings basically now

you're gonna have a Wow down in the

bottom right corner your icons gonna say

no internet access and it's gonna have

big red cross through it same with this

icon here but what we can do the first

test is to simply right-click and go

disabled and once you disabled your

network adapter we're now going to right

click again and go enable basically what

this does is just refresh is the network

adapter and hopefully that should work

but if that does not work and you're

still getting a network error we can now

right click on our network adapter again

and go to diagnose and we can allow this

just to run a couple of tests and see if

it can find the problem as you can see

there is no issue on my machine as I am

already connected to the Internet but if

you do have an issue come up then just

follow through on this guide until you

actually get to the end and hopefully

that will fix the problem but if you

still have not fixed the issue and it's

really becoming a issue now we can

simply close this and also the next

thing you can do is try and restart your

computer if restarting your computer or

laptop does not work then this is the

next step you need to go down to the

bottom left Hank

not obvious screen we're now going to

right-click and go to settings once

you're in settings we're now going to go

to network and Internet and we're now

going to go down to a network reset and

basically what this does as you can see

here this will remove and then reinstall

all your network adapters and set other

networking components back to their

original settings you might need to

reinstall other network software

afterwards such as VPN client software

or virtual switches make sure you back

to think up and you're prepared to do

this we're now going to hit reset now

and we're gonna go yes and as you can

see you're about to be signed out

windows will shut down in five minute as

you can see I now only have my

VirtualBox network adapter there is

completely removed my network adapter

that's built in on my motherboard which

means that this process is working I'm

now going to go ahead and restart my

computer so it can do the full reset

once you restart your computer you

should now have connection to your

internet if you're on laptop then you

might need to enter in your password

settings again to connect through the

wireless but if you still cannot get on

the Internet then there might actually

be a issue with your router which means

you may have to find out your supplier

so they can do some checks on it

or also if you will connect him through

a cable then just get the cables a

little check and make sure all the

cables are ok I hope this tutorial

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