Dr Phil Almost Ends His Show Cause Of This Kid...

what's good about it I guess what's good

for you is I made you just like how

Oprah made you you weren't nothing

before I came on this show thank you for

that what's up guys welcome to plot

twist over the years dr. Phil has

encountered tons of interesting people

whether it be spoiled kids delusional

parents or whatever you would call the

sexy vegan and because of this I'm sure

that he's had a few moments where he's

considered quitting I mean you can only

deal with so much stupidity before you

eventually snap it only makes sense now

in today's video these kinds of guests

are exactly what we're going to be

talking about to be honest after seeing

some of these guests and hearing why

they've been called onto the show I kind

of feel bad for dr. Phil anyways though

here are a few of the dumbest guests to

have ever appeared on dr. Phil before we

get started though leave a comment down

below who in your opinion is the dumbest

guest to have ever appeared on the show

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back when Danielle bergoglio first visit

on to the dr. Phil show in 2016 no one

expected her to blow up like she did

this girl went absolutely viral and

became an internet sensation when she

coined her sassy catch phrase first

uttered on the show

catch me outside how about that now

although I will admit that Danielle is a

very captivating and entertaining young

lady her initial reason for coming on to

the show was nothing to praise at the

time her mother Barbara Ann told

producers that she was at the end of her

rope with the adolescent who she claimed

to have transformed from a loving

daughter into a provocative physically

combative teen who stole cars despite

this though

the internet made Danielle into a star

so much so that when she came back onto

the show for a second visit she had the

audacity to claim that she made dr. Phil

and just like Oprah he was nothing

before her ouch that's gotta hurt though

look on dr. Phil's face while Danielle

says this BS is pretty funny to be

honest and you can tell that he was

finished here's a clip what's good about


I guess what's good for you is I made

you just like how Oprah made you you

weren't nothing before I came on this

show thank you for that catch you

outside what does that mean what'd I

just say

up next is Patricia who claims to be

defying the odds by becoming a

record-setting weightlifter while also

battling Stage three brain cancer

sounds inspiring right well

unfortunately Patricia's daughter

jessica is insisting that her mother is

lying and that her mother has been

spinning stories about various medical

conditions for as long as she can

remember now despite the evidence

backing Jessica's claims Patricia denies

these accusations and insists that her

diagnosis an incredible survival story

is real

well dr. Phil isn't buying any of

Patricia's nonsense and he proceeds to

put this disrespectful lady in her place

something like cancer is a very serious

and very tragic disease and lying about


is pretty messed up it's clear that dr.

Phil agrees with this as he lets

Patricia know how wrong she is here's a

clip the report which I have right here

says that you walked out of the hospital

that you didn't have in eat you said you

had to relearn how to walk and talk and

and dress yourself and go to the


I am NOT you know what you go have your

head cut open and see how you feel I'm

sure that it hurt but you need to stop

lying low it's tough do you want to know

no number three

up next is Haley a young girl who is

convinced that she's pregnant with baby

Jesus yes you heard me correctly baby

Jesus now although Haley is convinced

that what she thinks is true her family

claims that she's always been a

compulsive liar and that this is just

another one of her lies this girl is

pretty creative as some of her other

lies include telling people that she was

once a contestant on American Idol that

the rapper Eminem is her father and that

she's been diagnosed with schizophrenia

all of which is completely untrue Wow

talk about issues am i right now with

all of this in mind dr. Phil tries his

very best to explain to Haley that based

on multiple tests there is no way that

she's pregnant let alone pregnant with

baby Jesus but Haley just cannot accept

the truth after a while you could see

that this girl stupidity was starting to

get under dr. Phil's skin I mean just

look at his face here's a clip I know

it's Jesus I don't care if my family

disowns me it really comes down to if

you're a true believer in Jesus or not

I know it's Jesus I know you're crazy

she actually thinks her baby's Jesus

first time I heard her say that she was

saying it was Jesus Christ in her

stomach some of her lives are the rapper

Eminem was her dad she donated a kidney

to her half-brother and that she was a

contestant on American I'm number two


okay so we've talked about this spoiled

brat a few times on the channel before

so I'll make this section as quick as

possible basically this disrespectful

teen has ridden into dr. Phil directly

requesting that he brings her family

onto his show as it's an emergency and

she really needs his help now as you can

imagine just like most people on this

list Nicolette's reasoning was

completely justifiable I mean come on

she's upset with her mother as she feels

that she needs an allowance of $3,000 a

month in favor of the pathetic $1,000

allowance she was currently receiving

like I said completely justifiable am i

right yeah let's just say that dr. Phil

was not impressed with this one here's a

clamp understand that I can't live off

of $1,000 a month and I grew up on a

certain lifestyle she can't just take

that away from me immediately if someone

took her lifestyle away from her she

wouldn't like that she doesn't need a

job baby saying she needs a job in the


no she's new job at home she's jogging

away you need a job number one

in last but not least we have Romina who

in my opinion is hands-down one of the

dumbest people to have ever graced dr.

Phil's stage if you thought lying about

brain cancer or claiming to be pregnant

with baby Jesus was bad well this next

girl Trump's it all now look everyone is

entitled to their own opinions but there

is nothing positive about someone

getting physically harmed despite this

though eighteen-year-old social-media

influencer Romina makes videos that

encourage young women to stay with

abusive boyfriends claiming that if a

man hits you then he truly loves you as

you can imagine this girl's message

really upsets dr. Phil and he does not

hold back straight up telling her that

her mind set on the matter is idiotic

and stupid it is so satisfying seeing

dr. Phil tear this lady to shreds here's

a clip anyone is just gonna go to jail

for you not anyone is just gonna it's

you know they're investing time and

money and it's just a lot so like he

must really care your logic is flawed at

so many levels that I ordinarily would

not give you audience on this platform

for two seconds