Earth Wire and Its Functions


what you've just seen could happen to

anyone however it could have been

avoided let's find out how this is a

typical residential wiring system I have

put together the various electrical

components in a single panel to help you

visualize first let's find out where the

FYE is located here is an electrical

wiring Chungking the earth wire can be

found inside this trunk let's open this

what do you see here are three different

wires the earth neutral and live wire

you can identify the earth wire by its

green yellow color code this is an

electric hot plate that has been plugged

into the power point this is how the

wiring looks like inside the hot plate

let's trace the earth wire from the hot

plate you can see that the earth wire is

connected to the metal casing as we

continue tracing the earth wire it goes

to the power point then to the common

brass terminal inside the consumer unit

from the consumer unit the earth wire

connects to two places one the


- the metal water pipe what you see here

are earth wires from residential units

connected to the metal pipe this is what

the entire circuit looks like the earth

wire that runs to the substation is

connected to the earth rock and of meth

buried in the ground the earth wire

connected to the metal pipe goes all the

way down to the ground and into the

earth providing an alternative path for

leakage current to flow to the earth so

what about the lighting circuit the

lighting circuit also has an earth wire

and the of wire follow the same path as

what we saw earlier so what's the

function of the earth wire let's go back

to the animation at the start of the

video the boy touched the 40 electric

hot plate and was electrocuted why first

the live wire with damaged insulation

touched the metal casing second the 40

electric hot plate was not earth we

fought the earth wire when the boy

touched the 40 electric hot plate there

was only one path the electricity flow

which was through his body resulting in

electrocution however if the 40 electric

hot plate was earth the electric current

will flow through the earth wire instead

this is because conventional current

flows from a high electrical potential

point to a low electrical potential

point the earth wire provides a path of

lower resistance and thus the current

will flow through the earth wire instead

of the human body when the current

suggests through the earth wire it

treats the earth leakage circuit breaker

and this connects the electric hot plate

this protects the user from


so the next time you see an earth

leakage circuit breaker trip you will

have a better understanding of how the

earth wire protects you from