5 Facts That Prove The Earth Is Flat

So you're an astronaut?

Indeed I am. I don't know if you noticed but obviously an astronaut

Yeah I see that. You don't really need the astronaut thing here, I mean I have oxygen

Well you can never be to careful, Christopher.

It's Jason

Whatever. Plus the ladies love it.

Well i'm sure they do Neal. It seems you're left with little else to impress them with. Tell me this,

I mean as an astronaut who's been on the moon and looked at Earth from outer space

Surely you can confirm that it's spherical. Yes. See that's just the thing Jerry. It's Jason

Whatever the point is I was never in space.

Now okay explain further

I've got the ice-cream sandwich here to prove it you see Space Camp isn't all it's cracked up to be

It's a 10-year long training regime, and no one's ever completed it. What does this have to do with ice cream sandwiches?

clearly you've never had space food after the physical challenges the flight safety the swimming lessons the vacuum training comes the

survival test you have to live for a week on space food

oh easy peasy we get to eat ice cream all day allow me to demonstrate

it's disgusting you're try some whoa I think I've had my sample

Okay, so your whole point is we never went into space because space food sucks hence the earth is flat

Now you're getting it. Okay. Well this has been

Incredibly insightful. Thank you for your

Service I believe the next interviewee is ready, so thank you oh sure thing George. Thanks for having me, it's


Thanks for joining me could you state your name and profession my name is Jorden frisbee, and I'm a professional chef.

Here I've brought you this. Oh, thank you

Fascinating yeah. I was just eating a space food

terrible anyways

What's your take on this whole earth being spherical round flat?

Pointed whatever great question you know a lot of people say I look up at the moon. It's round

Why is everything in space round if they're not spheres that seems like a fair point? What's your counter look Jason?

Is it yes Wow thank you, so what's your favorite food Jason? I'm not sure I don't have a favorite

Tell me what's your favorite food?

Okay, I don't know pizza of course

It is everyone loves pizza pizza is round Pizza is flat. Oh


Okay, so how about this the moon right it has lunar cycles

So let's just say this baseball here is the moon and my phone is the Sun you shine a light on a baseball?

Half of its lit up the other half

It's dark because it's spherical and the light doesn't wrap around same thing happens with the moon in the Sun

Well sure, that's a theory okay, so explain to me the shadows on the moon

What look at it looks like the moon doesn't it oh?

Okay, I'm convinced. Thank you. Just get out of here

This is a nice-looking garage. You've got say. Thanks for the free oj. Oh that's not oh boy

That's not bad

Well I'm Jason it's nice to meet you likewise my name is Clint Westwood

And I'm a space cowboy you're a space cowboy. Yes, sir. Oh good grief. That's a profession is it

Oh, it most certainly is typical city folk response always knew y'all dumb

Okay, I'll just try to expand my views. Let's just get right to it. How do you know the earth is flat?


Excuse me what? Balls. Okay, let me break this down for you got any sand. Oh sure here you go. Well. That'll do

Now do you think the very first person

He drew a map you think they drew that on a sandy beach or on some spherical Rock

Well of course it was in the sand every map he ever seen splat because Earth's flat that simple globes aren't flat

No, they ain't balls ain't flat and people love balls footballs baseballs

Soccer balls green balls pickle balls. That's just a pickle lime balls basketballs

apple balls tater balls

Egg balls you just went grocery shopping yeah at this point you probably think I'm you sure do talk about balls a lot.

It's true. I do love balls anyway

Those smarty party politician or folk came up with a way to help teach people about geography

So they put a map on America's favorite thing balls well that backfired

Now everybody thinks earth is round still ain't nobody nowhere. Uzbekistan is. You're right,

I have no idea where Uzbekistan is mm-hmm

pickles and balls


Thanks for joining me could you state your name and profession my name is Greg House, and I'm a scientist a scientist

Yep. Okay, um how do you know the earth is flat? How about this as a scientist how do you explain the tides?

Global warming.

Global warming.

Yep it explains the tides and I'm not talking about Tide Pods

People need to quit eating s***. What?

Nothing that the Tide Pod thing just seems like something a doctor for example might say, I guess

I just find it interesting that you believe the earth is flat, but you also believe in global warming

Jason I'm a scientist

97% of us have figured this out for years. I'm not disagreeing

I'm just not sure what this has to do with tides or Tide Pods or whatever it is you're trying to get at.

Well Tide Pods are shaped like balls

It's obvious. Why people like them people love balls you guys really are in this together

What about the tides?


So it's really simple when the ice melts sea level rises ice

Freezes sea level drops the tides go in the tides go out

Okay, thank you for your time. I am ready for the next expert. What do you mean?

I was told I was the last one. No you're the fourth I've got one more. There's five

I am the fifth the astronaut the chef the space cowboy the scientist five

Can I ask you something why do you have a stethoscope because of a scientist I've got an eye chart, too

Okay, when you're sick. Where do you go?

The doctor.


This is embarrassing it is you can leave can I check your reflexes just go

Now I know what you're thinking Jason. We've learned nothing here there have been no facts. You duped us, and you're absolutely right.

This is a Tide commercial

It's not an advertisement okay every April fools I do something stupid and pointless

I've never been paid by Tide

If you want to check out some of the other dumb videos that I've done on April Fool's you could or you could just learn

Something instead. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed. See you guys.