Is the 2020 Dodge Charger Scat Pack the BEST VALUE 4-door Muscle Car?

hey guys what's up it's Joe Reddy from

radius rides I'm here at Jerry ohm dodge

and Tampa Florida and then guess what we

have a four-door muscle car this is a

2020 Dodge Charger scat pack let's talk

a little bit about muscle cars and

dodges Dodge has been around since 1900

if you could believe that the very

famous Dodge Brothers started their own

car company Dania had in the mid-to-late

1960s that muscle car craze really boil

up and then by 1970 it was like boiling

over the Dodge Charger believe it or not

has been around since 1966

now during those muscle car days if you

had a four-door car you would basically

tell somebody that's two doors too many

in the 21st century I don't think that's

no longer a big issue because you could

get muscle car power packed punch

underneath of a hood with a car that has

four doors now there's also been some

debate going on some arm wrestling some

tongue wrestling or excuse me thumb

wrestling about should the charger be

two-door because you go back to 1966 the

charges were two doors they weren't four

doors the reason why that they're not

going to make a two-door charger any

time soon is that that would be direct

competition to the Dodge Challenger that

you see right next to this charger what

Dodge promises though is you're gonna

get some amazing performance and a car

that has actually quite a distinctive

look to it so let's go ahead dive into

this all-new Dodge Charger scat pack

right off the bat this car looks like it

wants to eat you up

chew you up and spit you out I love the

headlight design very angry looking head

right headlight design but in a good way

like you you want to drive it you don't

want to run from it full LED lighting

the daytime running lamps as we drop


no fake vents not on a Dodge remember

there's that saying Mopar or no car and

that's another part of Dodge history

motor parts shorten it down to Mopar

that's where that comes from and the

aficionados say Mopar

car well guess what there's no fig vents

you do have LED fog lamps down below if

you see the yellow here yes I know it

looks good I know you you love taking

pictures of it at car shows this is

actually for delivery purposes only

you're supposed to peel this off after

the vehicles gone through PDI which

stands for pre delivery inspection but a

lot of people just leave them on as we

come across the front you have flat

black on the grille design you can see

the scat pack logo with that iconic

bumblebee and if you look closely the

bumblebee actually has two tires which

is just like I said it's all about

tradition it's all about heritage with

the charger and especially with the

Challenger we drop down lower flat black

you have a large lip splitter that comes

out from the front fascia not a bunch of

stuff tacked on very smooth to the look

a little bit of flat black and then when

we pop up on to the hood this is a

functional piece it's not a pencil bag

it's not not just for show and and no go

you're gonna get the performance and the

look that people crave when it comes to

this type of car and that's the

wonderful news is that the scat pack

with that 392 you're gonna get some big

power all naturally aspirin now when we

come around the bend you can see how the

headlight design really nice with the

Dodge name in there we drop down to the

wheel and tire combination on this

catback so you're looking at a 20-inch

wheel flat gray you got your four piston

Brembo calipers nice bright red it's

gonna grip down on that rotor fully

slotted and ventilated now the reason

why they put those slots in there is to

actually dissipate heat faster because

remember heat robs us of horsepower

underneath the hood heats also gonna rob

you a braking performance and what this

charger they find the balance of power

horsepower but also braking capabilities

as well but really just a nice clean set

up 245 on the width and that's a 45

series sidewall now as we come to the

side you can see you got that 392 what

does this mean it's not part of an

arrant code we're talking about 392

cubic inches that's actually a larger

engine than what is under the hood of

the Hellcat red eye because this is a

6.4 liter be

and back in the muscle-car days there

used to be an old saying there's no

replacement for displacement the iconic

Hemi name goes with Dodge like peanut

butter and jelly that's what I love

about these cars is that it's all about

bringing back that old heritage of those

fabulous days now we continued on the

side no sunroof or anything like that

but what I do love is the scalloped

design in the door here just really

gives us so much character if this was

not here this car would look a lot more

bland but I love the indentation the way

it runs all the way the back and comes

into the Beltline you can see how the

rear fender it almost makes it appear

like it's flared out and then coming to

the back of the charger is another sight

of beauty

I love the flat black flat black trunk

lid spoiler you got full LED lighting

that I kind of dodged name there's the

bumblebee the scat pack bumpy and what I

like on the charger is better than the

challengers is I like the dual exhaust

nice round oval tip slash cut very

simple diffuser but boy does it look

wide and mean from the rear while we go

ahead pop the hood and see what's

powering this Dodge Charger alright guys

we got the hood popped on this Dodge

Charger scat pack you do have hood

struts which is a nice touch especially

for a muscle car underneath the hood is

that no replacement for displacement 6.4

liter v8 engine 485 horsepower 475

pound-feet of torque it's all mated to

an 8-speed automatic transmission the

car weighs around four thousand three

hundred and eighty-five pounds

MPGs don't even worry about it just make

sure you have your fuel card with you

for those stops because you're gonna get

15 in the city 24 in the highway the

best part though and a four-door car

zero to 60 4.2 seconds quarter-mile and

12.4 at a hundred and eleven miles an

hour if you're wondering well what does

s RT mean it actually stands for street

and racing technology that is the

performance branch of Dodge which has

put all the work into the scat pack

we talked about the word Hemi just so

that we're on the same page I do not

want you to be misinformed this actually

is not like a traditional Hemi from 1970

this does not have hemispherical heads

that's where the name Hemi comes from

they use it more for branding but one

thing is for sure actually two things

you're gonna get maximum performance and

maximum enjoyment added this 392 cubic

inch engine but let's go ahead fire it

up and see what it sounds like

alright guys we're inside the 2020 Dodge

Charger scat pack I know you're probably

saying well Joe this thing does have

plenty of muscle even though it has four

doors does it have a high extreme price

you're looking at MSRP around 42,000

dollars let's see what you get for the

money - the door panels now I love what

they did with the Alcantara type

material with the contrast stitching I

like the leather on the armrests and

their saw material at the top of the

door and you have a pretty decent sized

pocket for some drag strip Twinkies and

a nice cold beverage of course

non-alcoholic at the end of the quarter

mile when you come to the dash that same

soft material you got the 392 badge

there with your bumblebee that's an

iconic logo from Dodge goes all the way

back to the 60s and early 70s 8.4 inch

UConnect system I like the way you could

get into your controls here heated seat

heated steering wheel you could go on to

climb and control everything touch so if

you want to do it all touchscreen you

can but if you have a phobia about

touchscreens you could do it the good

old fashioned way as we drop down you

have your different drive modes that you

could go into activate line lock for

your pre-staged at the drag strip you

can go into your performance pages it's

got all that great technology all in one

system here's those a/c controls blower

switch knob dual climate control system

you can hit the buttons and you don't

have to worry about touching that that

screen at all you got a 12 volt

nice large area for slim jims the

shorter kind and then you have a little

bit of a reminder that the Dodge

Brothers from Detroit made this because

that's what it says right here designed

in Detroit you can put your breath mints

in there it's great after you smoke

somebody at the light pop a breath mint

so you don't get a smoke taste in your

mouth 8-speed made by ZF I like the

material in here no fingerprints here's

your standard Dodge key fob it's a

little large it's a little bland but it

works you got the touches on the back

with your remote start and everything I

like this sliding lid for your two

cupholders if you don't want to look at

them you don't have to

soft material on the armrest with the

stitching we open it up and then look at

this party you got a removable party

tray so you could put your peanut M&Ms

in here and then you got some places for

Jolly Ranchers that you can kind of sign

there or atomic fireball then you have

some felt lining that you could put your

your iPhone 20 in here and it's not

gonna get scratched 12 volt two USBs and

an aux jack will put the party tray back

and then seats all cloth you have the

bumblebee embroidery which is great

this houndstooth design which mimics

back to the good old days manual

controls it is cloth but it's soft and

it is very durable which is nice as well

and I'm telling you six feet tall I got

plenty of headroom in here

steering wheel placement is great why

don't you come on over the business and

I'll show you behind the wheel of this

charger scat pack

alright guys business time on the

driver's side you do have electric

assist which is really nice for the

driver nice touch steering wheel love

the leather love the thickness I wish

that there was some contrast stitching

in here but overall nice design horn

button is a little bland it's a little

bit of that rubber material but I do

like the Dodge logo there flat black on

the buttons and then you do have paddles

to go up and down the 8 speed my only

Zonk is gonna be I wish they were larger

I know maybe some of you have heard that

before but I wish they were larger and

they were actually made out of real

metal this is a muscle car I don't care

what people say

that would be nice touch but I do like

the - it's got that classic look tach

speedometer and then the center there

you have your digital display that you

could scroll through a plethora of

information which is really great and

that's gonna allow you to really be in

tune with what your muscle car is doing

but while we get to the best part let's

check out that backseat because what's

fun about this charger compared to the

Challenger you could haul some real

people back there and they could have

fun too let's go check it out alright

guys backseat time this is really where

it's gonna pay big dividends is that you

got plenty of room back here I didn't

even move the driver seat forward one

bit I'm 6 feet tall got plenty of

legroom the back of the seat it is a

plastic around this edge portion but the

rest of it is leather so that's a nice

I'm only gonna give it a half song for

half of the plastic you do get two rear

AC vents and two USBs which is a big

thumbs up and you get pockets on both

sides which is great the best part is of

course you're gonna have that oh crap

handle as you're ripping down the drag

strip with your driver driving you as

fast as they can but really love the

seating position flip this down soft

padded armrest here two cupholders we

flip that back over all I'm ready to

rock and roll but before we do let's go

ahead and check out that trunk area see

how usable the charger is alright guys

time to check out how much room we have

in the truck this is the one thing that

separates the Challenger from the

charger is you're not only going to get

the four doors but look at all this

trunk space and the great news is those

seats are gonna do a 60/40 split so

really for living day to day you want to

have that muscle car feel you want to

have that v8 growl you could get the

trunk space in here to go get the

groceries anytime that your wife or

husband boyfriend or girlfriend needs

you to go get the groceries and you're

gonna do it faster than you ever did

before but while we go ahead take this

muscle car for a spin guys we're in the

2020 Dodge Charger scat pack with that

392 you know I was just kind of looking

over the UConnect system the 8.4 inch

UConnect system and its really great

because it gives you a lot of Awesome

drag strip options where you can adjust

what RPM you launch out with the launch

control so that really it shows its its

intentions of being a muscle car you

could take this to the drag strip and

run some very very respectable times one

thing I've noticed right off the bat is

how much smoother this car rides then a

challenger for sure I'll

looking out over the hood it's got a

nice power bulge to it and really

screams muscle car all day long and the

great news is that this car is not gonna

overheat it runs super smooth purrs like

a little kitty cat

really really does visibility out the

front the rear of the side windows is

fabulous brakes work really well with

those Brembo calipers one thing I am

noticing is that the throttle is a

little touchy so you gotta be a little

smooth with the throttle but let me go

ahead we got nobody really behind us I'm

gonna do a little acceleration test here

to give us a taste of what's going on

with this charger on throttle here we go

Uline ABAB traction control doing its

thing lots of fun with this charger the

good news is that it handles well too

there is a little too much play in the

steering wheel I would like it to be a

little weighted some more but overall

feels great driving this charger and

they did some great work with the

chassis setup and everything in it for

sure back on throttle here we go

you got a great sound great sound coming

in to the cockpit for sure and if you're

wondering is any of that simulated

through the speakers no that would be a

big negative dodge has sworn that they

will never use artificial sound on any

of their challengers or chargers and

this vehicle proves that to a tee

getting to the infotainment system is


the gauges have that like I said that

classic look but they're easy to read

easy to understand and these seats are

ultra comfortable

my only Zonk would be I would like some

some leather in this thing now you can

get leather it's gonna cost more money

but I think at 42,000 dollars some

leather seats would be nice but other

than that I'm very impressed with what

you get in this package on the charger

but as you can see pulling away from

this light very very smooth

if you want to be slowing it you could

be slow and then when you want to smoke

them you could smoke them that's the

wonderful thing about this charger you

can pick up the kids from school drop

them off at home and then go out with

your buddies to the drag strip I mean

that's how versatile this vehicle is

even more so than the challenge of guys

pulling away I think some of the songs

that I want to touch on are there's

three fake buttons on the steering wheel

which obviously at a higher trim would

have some type of function to it but the

fake buttons look really tacky and I

really have noticed that the plastic

around where the shifter is is quite

hard compared to the other materials

inside the cabin overall though I am

quite impressed for $42,000 the amount

of performance that you are getting out

of this charger by far let's see how

making a u-turn works in this charger it

is larger obviously than the Challenger

but we're gonna find out when it comes

to u-turns how difficult it could be

once this garbage truck makes their turn

here so

not too bad we did it we made it you

turn in a tight stream so that kind of

shows the flexibility of the charger

going over rough patches I'm telling you

right now it's as smooth as silk that's

one thing is for sure is you're not

gonna get beat up by the suspension one

bit let's get on throttle again shall we

pronto here we go

nice ships pass ships and that's the F

I'm telling you this thing screams break

good feedback from the brake pedal I

just I wish the steering had a little

bit more weight I do not feel connected

with the front wheels I feel connected

with the rear wheels but not the front

wheels one bit so that is something that

I would like to see a little bit more I

know that's not the intention of this

car to be a corner carver but it would

be nice to have a little bit more

feedback coming to the to the steering

wheel here but really enjoying the fun

data that you could have in this 392

equipped charger but we're gonna go

ahead and hopefully this gave you a nice

overall feel of what the charger is

about we're gonna wrap it up and get

back to Jerry own dodge so I'll see you

in a split second all right guys Ben

another muscle car day here at Jerry om

Dodge I definitely get to thank Jay Ron

the rest of the crew getting us this

2020 Dodge Charger scat pack with that

392 is it a four-door muscle car that

you need a definitely buy I would say it

needs to be high up on your list because

it's a ton of fun but if it's vehicles

like these you want to see on the

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