xFi Blinking Green - How To Fix Xfinity xFi Gateway Wifi Modem Router Blinking Green Light Help

hey guys so currently my xfinity x5

modem is blinking green

and my internet isn't working i want to

show you in the xy application

what it's indicating that this is

meaning so opening up that x5

application it says there is an outage

in my area and this started with my x5

router blinking orange then after a bit

of time it started blinking green

clicking view status and it's going over

to the status

center and it says that there is a

service outed detected for my internet

in my area and if you just wait a bit of


it should give you an update on this so

it says we're currently performing

routine system maintenance

this may cause an interruption to your

service and then it shows when they

began the service

and when it is expected to end and so

essentially what this green

light blinking on my x5 router is

indicating is that

xfinity is just going through and


routine system maintenance and they try

to do this

during the night hours so it doesn't

affect as many people as you can see

their targeted time for this started at

a little past midnight

and it's gonna go for about the next six

hours so if you're having a blinking

green light on your

x5 router i recommend going onto your

smartphone and of course you might not

be able to use the

xfinity internet in that instance but

you still can use

the data that's a part of your cell

phone plan go over to the

x5 application or the xfinity my

account application and try to check up

on the status

of the internet in your area to see if

you can find any helpful information

and updates on what might be going on

why you might not be able to access the


in that instance so i hope this video

was helpful explaining

what the blinking green light on an x5


can indicate and what you can do to try

to check out what issues might be going

on in your area

thanks for stopping by i appreciate you

guys coming by and viewing

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