Stephen King Speaks Out On Why 'The Dark Tower' Movie Failed

author Stephen King the mind behind the

Dark Tower series of novels says the

recent big-screen adaptation starring

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey

failed because it was a pg-13 10 poll

I liked everybody involved with that

movie and I liked some of the casting

choices for it king told aw I liked

media rights capital producer mode I

wigs ik the producer the director

everybody so you know I'm always careful

what I say about it but I will say this

okay King continued the real problem as

far as I'm concerned is they went into

this movie and I think this was a studio

edict pretty much this is going to be a

pg-13 movie it's going to be a tentpole

movie we want to make sure that we get

people in there from the ages of let's

say 12 right on up to whatever the

target age is let's say 12 to 35 that's

what we want so it has to be pg-13 and

when they did that I think that they

lost a lot of the toughness of it and it

became something where people went to it

and said well yeah but it's really not

anything that we haven't seen before

King explained King said his attempts to

affect the creative course of the movie

went ignored there was a decision made

to to start it pretty much in the middle

and when they actually made the movie I

had doubts about it from the beginning

and expressed them and didn't really get

too far King said sometimes when people

have made up their mind the creative

team that's actually going to go and

shoot the movie it's a little bit like

hitting your fist against hard rubber

you know it doesn't really hurt but you

don't get anywhere it just sort of

bounces back and I thought to myself

well people are going to be really

puzzled by this and they were so there

was some of that problem to the Sony

release from a royal affair director

Nicola arsal grossed just 111 million

dollars worldwide on a 60 million dollar


the Dark Tower pulled a 16 percent

approval rating from critics and a 47

percent approval rating from audiences

former The Walking Dead showrunner Glen

Mazzara was tapped in August to helm a

proposed Dark Tower television series

which will likely not involve Alba as

gunslinger role in Desk hein that might

happen King says of the series which

moths are acclaimed would explore

Roland's origins and adapt the

gunslinger wizard and glass and the wind

through the keyhole it might happen

another Stephen King adaptation it was

released by Warner Brothers in September

and became the highest-grossing horror

movie of all time The Dark Tower is

available on 4k and blu-ray