The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in North Carolina Explained

let's say you're walking down a typical

street in any town North Carolina when

suddenly out of nowhere hail this guy

wants your phone what do you do you run

of course or leave the phone behind had

you known where the most dangerous

places in North Carolina were you might

have picked a different place to visit

our goal today is to highlight the most

dangerous cities in North Carolina we

looked at the last three years of FBI

reporting data for cities over 10,000

residents and we broke the numbers down

into your statistical chances of being

the victim of a violent or a property

crime for example surprisingly according

to the stats Durham is only ninth for

violence and didn't make the top ten

sure there were more than 1,800 violent

crimes here last year but the population

so large that statistically both city

doesn't rank as high as these other

smaller cities

so grab your shotgun and your pepper

spray as we get started our first stop

along our most dangerous journey through

the Tar Heel State starts and

surprisingly Burlington this Alamance

County City has the nickname boring ttan

but on the fringes it's pretty rough

Burlington has the state's 22nd highest

property crime rate but on average more

than one violent crime a day happens

here which is one reason it's in the top

ten the Eastside near Graham is the

worst part on a positive note at least a

crime in Burlington is going down so

that's fabulous next up on our danger

zone tour of the Tar Heel State brings

us to Salisbury the heart of Rowan

County now if you talk to Salisbury

residents lots of them will claim they

should be atop this list if you go into

downtown Salisbury at night you better

be packing heat unless you want heroin

meth or crack then you'd fit right in

car vandalisms break-ins and theft's

from garages and storage areas happen

all the time here or you could just get

robbed at the ATM on Main Street or

while pumping gas at will co-hosts

Smithfield North Carolina certainly has

room to improve despite the fact that

crime here has been steadily falling for

the last five years this Johnson County

city is saw the eighth most dangerous

place in the state lots of the problems

here lie with drinking and drugs if you

spend a year in Smithfield you have a

one in eighteen chance of being the

victim of a property crime

/ perspective in Pinehurst North

Carolina you'd have a 1 in 120 chance of

being robbed every year a real big


another city on the eastern side of the

state Rocky Mount sure could use some

love if you spent a year in Rocky

Mountain you'd have about a 1 and 95

chance to being the victim of a violent

crime in fact a few years ago there were

about two violent crimes a day reported

in Rocky Mount on the bright side due to

the high number of people in prison in

this part of the state you can bet the

lines at the highway diner probably a

lot shorter these days Jack and Jill

went to Goldsboro to get some barbecue

Jack got shot and Jill got mugs thank

God it wasn't you

Goldsboro is also seen as crime going up

and down but as it stands this city of

37,000 people sees just under one

violent crime each day both Bros the

former home of Andy Griffith and sounds

like they could use Matlock right now to

help solve some of goals browse recent

crimes since there have been five

unsolved murders in Goldsboro and eight

total murders this year last year goals

row saw nine murders so they're on pace

for a long year this video is brought to

you by Phil's guns on route 15 and

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protect yourself from intruders protect

yourself from them going to take a

highway to the danger zone

welcome to Stateville the fifth most

dangerous city in North Carolina here

you have about a one and 139 chance

being the victim of a violent crime

meaning rape attacked or murdered yikes

and property crimes in Statesville are

through the roof to that brand-new Mazda

Miata in your front yard better lock it

up your New Kids on the Block posters

gone sounds like the punks will pretty

much steal anything that isn't locked

down in Statesville for perspective in

davidson north carolina you have about a

1 and 130 chance of being the victim of

a crime aah

Davidson way back in 2003 Laurinburg was

named as an all-american city but things

are now a little bit dodgy here this

Scotland county city is the fourth most

violent place in the state there were

more than 200 violent crimes here and

this place isn't very big down in Lenoir

County city

Kinston which is third in the state for

both violent crimes in property crimes

per person like several other cities on

this list Kinston was once voted as one

of the better places to live in the

state but now if you read Facebook these

days you see people complaining about

drugs prostitution and gunfire in the

middle of the day ladies it's too bad

that in Kinston these aren't the guys

who follow you out to the car no it's

these type of guys if you want to see a

real mess head up to Henderson and Vance

County near the Virginia state line

Henderson's also the 20th most dangerous

place in the entire nation statistically

there were more than 200 violent crimes

in the last two years and the numbers

are climbing steadily if you spent a

year in Henderson you'd have about a one

in ten chance of being robbed every year

look at the crime stats for Henderson

zero means zero other places are more

dangerous and it looks to be about five

times more dangerous than the average

North Carolina city but hey they have

one of the last remaining drive-in movie

theaters in Henderson and they can't

steal cars at a drive-in or can they

where is the most dangerous place in

North Carolina that would be Lumberton

by a landslide this is both the most

violent and the place where you have the

highest chance of being robbed in the

entire state this is where Michael

Jordan's dad was killed remember

according to the FBI Lumberton stew for

'the most dangerous place in the entire

nation just look at the Robo Sounion

crime report they published this thing

twice a day and there's still plenty of

stuff to talk about basically if you

live in Lumberton you or somebody you

know well was victimized by a crime this


if you live in Lumberton or any of the

other cities we mentioned you live in a

really dangerous place and if you don't

live in any of these cities you can rest

a lot easier at night congratulations