How is technology changing the construction industry?


have you ever thought about what a line

is the dictionary definition is a long

narrow mark the lines can be so much

more you can walk the line tell the line

or drop a line something can be off line

you can cross a line there are hard

lines thin lines and even dotted lines

one can even put their career on the

line a one of the most essential lines

in business is the line of progress over

the last hundred years most industries

have made significant gains in their

progress lines while the construction

industry's line has remained relatively


however we are entering an age when our

progress line is about to increase

what's the force that's driving this

change technology

the technology helps us improve quality

expedite delivery keep our people safe

increase the bottom line and meet the

ever-changing requirements

handed to us by clients technology has

become a strategy for PC ELLs future

success and is no longer a necessary

evil with your help and the guidance of

our innovative leadership team PCL can

influence the progression of this line

and the future of construction how are

you planning to move the line