Why is the construction industry struggling with digitalization?

a lot of research have shown that the

building industry actually is not an

industry anymore it's more of a

handicraft business and if you compare

it to other industry it performs very

poorly economically and quality wise it

is worse than it was ten years so twenty

or fifty years ago this is a business of

crisis and a lot of this day is also

about that the building industry really

hasn't digitized the processes are very

old the means of coronations are very

very old and the standardization around

this is is in shambles

the biggest challenge the entire

industry has is a little bit around

digitization but more about fragmentary

sation and compartmentalization we have

actually not achieved the level of

coordination that an industry needs so

if you go to any building site anywhere

in the world you will see lots of

confused people carrying rebar and and

bricks and timber and they working with

their hands

where are the robots where is the

pre-production of course there are

really good examples from from place to

place but overall this is not an

industry this is a handicraft business

we need to utilize new processes and new

tools from the early stages of analysis

and planning and design but we also need

to really digitize a production phase of

this industry we need to digitize all

these steps and we can't

compartmentalize this digitization it

must be the same information that flows

through are the old processes things we

produce in the design process for

instance digital information we create

has a great value after the building has

been built for asset management and

facility management and operations up

until quite recently simulations and

analysis tools have been very slow and

not very integrated

to the rest of the design process

typically these kind of tools come in

late after the design process is more or

less finished so analysis has come more

and more to become a tool to prove how

poorly this building will perform but

nowadays there are new kind of analysis

tools that come in very early in the

design process that can integrate with

the design tools directly this means

that we can actually start to drive the

design from knowledge understanding of

how certain designs we perform in

different kind of perspective when it

comes to climate or daylight or wind or

air pressure whatever we need to know we

can start or analyze very early on so we

can get a more interesting architecture

because we know much more about how the

building will perform otherwise when we

go by the rule of thumb who tend to play

it safe without getting more more boring

in architecture so by knowledge from the

early stages driving the sign for this

will means better performing houses and

more interesting architecture analysis

tools like in good cloud you don't need

to export and do everything from scratch

you can have the same tool

driving the entire

design process and this is actually one

of the core features of being having the

same information running throughout the

process not really creating and doing

copies or information but it's safe

information so that's very right