What characteristics make the Outer Coastal Plain and the Coastal Zone unique?

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I today's essential question that we're

talking about is what characteristics

make the outer coastal plain and coastal

zon unique now if you remember our state

has six regions so these are the last

two regions we're getting close to the

end of this unit all right our

vocabulary words we're going to be

talking about throughout this essential

question in these regions are Harbor

Marsh tourism Charleston coastal zone

and outer coastal plain all right let's

get started on the outer coastal plain

region here's the outer coastal here now

let's do a quick review of the other

regions we have this is the Blue Ridge

region say I'm along with me if you want

this one is the Piedmont region then we

have the sand hills and then the inner

coastal plain and then here's the outer

coastal plain or getting closer to the

ocean alright so let's learn about the

outer coastal plain region alright this

region is flat you notice in the word in

the name of it it is plain and that just

means flatlands so this region is flat

it is broken up by many rivers and

streams and next time you see a map of

south carolina that has the rivers on it

you can look and see how many rivers

there are in this region swamps cover

much of the land along the rivers and

swamps remember are just where water

covers the land so the swamps are our

big part of this region people have

drained some of these swamps to make new

farmland and then the longleaf pines and

cypress trees are an important resource

for lumber companies alright you may

want to pause it here so that you can

copy the information into your note

sheet that I gave you in class and then

press play when you're ready to move on

all right here are some pictures from

the outer coastal plain region we've

gotten you see the swamps here on how

the swamps come up over the the water

but the trees can still go through it

because it's shallow enough that the

roots can get the light that they need

all right let's move on all right here

we are at the last region of our state

the coastal zone coastal alright so here

we've got again the Blue Ridge Piedmont

sandhills intercostal outer coastal and

coastal zone all right now this is only

a 10 mile wide stretch of land from the

Atlantic coast inland so if the Atlantic

Ocean is here it only goes back 10 miles

that's not very far at all it's a very

narrow region it does include the

barrier islands that protect the coast

from erosions due to tides and storms to

the barrier islands sit off out in the

ocean but they protect the the mainland

from the waves and the erosion where the

water just takes the the soil out

marshes are a big part of the land here

and that's where salt water comes in

linen covers the land the port of

Charleston is one of the busiest ports

on the east coast of the United States

so that's a very important part of South

Carolina Charleston is a very important

city to our state this region relies

heavily on the tourism industry remember

we've talked about tourism any time you

go on vacation to a new place or to a

place that you don't live in that you're

a tourist and even if you're you know

when you go out to restaurants or you go

out to stay at hotels or go visit places

that's contributing toilet to the

tourism industry and in this region we

have historic sites that people go visit

we have of course the golf courses that

are along the coast that a lot of people

come to stay and play at and then of

course a very popular thing that people

do how the

people go to vacation is the beach I

know when I was young I used to come to

Myrtle Beach even I lived in North

Carolina we would come to Myrtle Beach

to to visit all right so you want to

pause it here to fill in your ID notes

and then you can press play again all

right here are some pictures from the

coastal zone here we see the ocean and

the salt marshes and the here you can

see where the erosion has taken away the

soil and the trees have fallen and then

here we have of course a beach you see

people down here having fun I wish I

could go to the coastal zone today

mm-hmm all right so make sure you have

your notes filled in for our class

tomorrow and I'll see you then