The Atlantic Coastal Plain


today we're going to be talking about

the Atlantic coastal plain the Atlantic

coastal plain is a lowland area that

borders the Atlantic Ocean it extends

2,200 miles from the New York Bight

southward to the Georgia Florida section

of the eastern Continental Divide it is

located in the eastern United States

while the Atlantic Ocean is east of the

plain to Gulf of Mexico is located in

the South Atlantic coastal plain

contains many different rivers and

excellent harbors most of the thirteen

colonies were located throughout the

Atlantic coastal plains to take a look

here much of where the 13 colonies are

that's where the Atlantic coastal plain

is it's average elevation is less than

2,000 feet above sea level it extends

hundreds of miles inland from the ocean

the coastal plain is normally wet

including many rivers marshes and swamps


is its geography is specifically located

within the Atlantic coastal plain

highest elevation in that state is about

450 feet I'm here in the Atlantic