The Truth About the Cross: Who made the cross a symbol of Christianity?

Welcome back to Face The Truth our topic today is about the cross

Now before our break we read an excerpt from a book, Discourses on the Apostles Creed

And we learned that the catholic church claims that the custom regarding the cross dates back to the time of the apostles and the beginning of Christianity

Now Apostle Paul was also quoted where he said in Galatians 6:14

"Far be it from me to glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ"

Now though the Apostle Paul mentioned the cross in this verse

There is no mention or commandment for us to have a physical cross

And if you still remember what we studied earlier that other than the actual death of Christ on a literal cross

Other mentions of the cross refers to sacrifice or self denial

In fact you cannot read in the bible that the fist christians had any such practice of having physical crosses or a crucifix in anyway

So where did this practice come from?

Was this practice or symbol Christian?

Well in this catholic book entitled The Visible Church on page 121, this is what we can read

And so as we have read the cross is said to be the most important of catholic emblems

And when blessed as either a cross or a crucifix it becomes a great sacramental of the catholic religion

So the symbol of the cross became identified with christianity only through the catholic church and not from the Holy Scriptures not from Christ or even the Apostles

This was used by pagan nations even before the time of Christ

In fact how should the symbol of the cross really be considered

Well the answer may shock many so you don't want to miss it. Now we'll find out when we return on Face The Truth