Fortune Tales | The Story of Lunar New Year

Semien koala happy new year

join us as we explore Lunar New Year a

holiday that dates back thousands of


today we'll travel to China to explore

the rich traditions that have been

passed down from generations to

celebrate the holiday another year of

good fortune is beginning in China

fireworks pop high in the sky dragon

dance in the streets and the city slows

down to celebrate Lunar New Year in

Chinese culture it's the most important

time of the year

rooted in traditions and customs passed

down through the ages the celebration

lasts for 15 magical days full of family

togetherness delicious food and good

fortune today Lunar New Year is filled

with happiness but according to legend

it didn't start out that way a long long

time ago in China there was a big scary

nasty beast named man whose name means

year he had razor-sharp teeth giant

claws and a really mean growl most of

the time he lived in the wilderness but

on the darkest night of the year when

the new moon was in the sky he would

sneak into the village and scare

everyone in sight even the animals

people dreaded the no moon for many many

years until Amann taught them the three

things nyan was afraid of loud noises

fire and the color red the next time the

in came the villagers fought back they

hid their drums as loud as they could

let every firecracker they had and wore

the color red from head to toe nyan ran

far away and never came back after that

the people started celebrating the new

moon instead of fearing it death

celebration became a 15 day festival of

family food and good fortune called

Lunar New Year every Lunar New Year is

always represented by one of 12 animals

in the Chinese zodiac chosen by the Jade

Emperor of China centuries and centuries

ago according to legend a long time ago

in China the Jade Emperor held a great

race the first 12 animals to reach his

palace would be the winners and they

would each get a year named after them

in their honor during the race the Ox

was winning until he had to cross a

rushing river the rat was right behind

him and couldn't swim very well so the


the rat right on his back as soon as

they got to the other side the rat

jumped off and scurried to the finish

line to win the race first that's why

the first year in the Chinese zodiac

calendar is the year of the rat 11 other

animals reached the palace to create the

12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac it

said that the animal your birth year is

named after can shape your personality

and destiny you might be honest like a

dragon or smart like a monkey when your

animal takes its turn in the zodiac

cycle legend has it that your year will

be full of surprises but no matter which

animal you are everyone is excited to

honor these ancient traditions even in

modern New Year celebrations today Lunar

New Year brings families together all

over the world in fact billions of

people travel back to their homes and

families in China to feast on a

delicious reunion dinner with plates and

plates of a homemade food many of the

foods like egg rolls noodles and shrimp

means something special egg rolls

symbolize wealth for the coming year

because they look like bars of solid


chow mein noodles shouldn't be cut

because long noodles symbolize health

for a long life

shrimp symbolizes happiness because the

Mandarin words for shrimp and smile

sound very similar as part of the

festivities lucky red envelopes called

palm bow are passed out to children as

well as unmarried adults in Chinese

culture the color red symbolizes luck in

order to receive the red envelopes well

wishes are given to the elders

thank you money is inside each envelope

to bring prosperity and good fortune in

the coming year during all 15 days of

Lunar New Year it is a time to reflect

on the passing year and celebrate the

future bright fireworks light up the sky

and huge parades line the streets until

the final day of the New Year

celebration the lantern festival when

thousands of red lanterns glow in the

night to bring good fortune to all no

matter where you live you can join the


whether it's one reunion dinner with

your family or 15 days of celebrating

together met is open to everyone we

invite you to learn more and join the

celebration at Panda Express