Everything you need to know about the Chinese New Year

happy Chinese New Year the year of

Tourette's officially begins on January

25 2020 and so does one of the most

colorful events in the world for the

next two weeks the Chinese will

celebrate their new year or spring

festival with fireworks and light shows

it's also a time for family reunions and

numerous rituals Chinese homes have been

swept clean of any evil spirits in order

to invite good luck family is also

gathered together to share traditional

dishes and kids are given red envelopes

filled with lucky money some user read

it in the low pep so that they can

receive their cash digitally though the

traditional way is still considered the

best Chinese New Year is never on a

fixed date and varies each year this is

because the Chinese calendar it's based

on the rotation of two moon so the new

year can begin anytime between the 21st

of January to the 20th of February the

lunar calendar moves in a 12 year cycle

and each year is represented by an

animal a practice that can be traced

back to the 14th century BC there are

different myths about how the calendar

was created legend has it that the Jade

Emperor announced that animals would

become a part of the calendar and that

the twelve were right first would be

selected the race was warned by a clever

rat who rolled on an ox respect to the

finish line

that's why the rat is the first animal

on the calendar followed by the Ox

according to the Asian astrology your

birth year isn't just a bunch of numbers

it can say a lot about your personality

based on the animal it represents let's

say your Chinese sign is the dog some

believe this makes you fiercely loyal

and that it means that you can keep a


or if you were born in the year of the

Ox some believe that persistency and

straightforwardness might be two of your

strengths but animals alone aren't

enough to determine your personality or

to make predictions for the year ahead

each animal in the zodiac is linked with

its own elements water fire


would for Earth and each year is also

assigned an element for instance 2020 is

the year of the metal read for the first

time since 1960

the Chinese horoscope predicts is going

to be a strong prosperous and a lucky

year so what animal year were you born

in and what does it mean for you