every one so I asked you guys on social

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should be I did a little poll on the two

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majority on all platforms said they

wanted me to do a filler week on the

Caribbean explained that so here we go

ah the Caribbean now culturally speaking

most of these places are very similar

like they all celebrate their own

version of Carnival y'all love seafood

and play their variation of reggae Sokka

and Calypso music they all have like the

sexiest black people or Creole black

people on the planet anyway on the

technical side the Caribbean is made up

of thousands of islands islets and reefs

divided into 34 island entities 13 of

which are fully sovereign nation states

and the rest are overseas regions

territories dependencies and

Commonwealth's or autonomous

constituencies that belong to the UK

France Netherlands the USA Venezuela and

Colombia generally if it had to be

categorically placed the Caribbean is

considered part of North America

although sometimes others will say it's

just kind of its own thing the island

chains are shaped like a hook engulfing

the Caribbean Sea which is on the

Caribbean plate and of these islands

there are three main island chains the

Lucayan archipelago the Greater Antilles

and the Lesser Antilles in this video

we'll first go through the fully

sovereign states and then the

dependencies and territories keep in

mind we already did a lot of videos on

these so I encourage you to check out

the episodes just go watch them and

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you Dollar Shave Club Antigua and


one of the four twin island countries

it's kind of like the quieter rich

getaway Island area famous for their


Apple frigate bird sanctuary they have

365 beaches one for every day of the

year most of the 90,000 people live on

Antigua Island and only about 2,000 live

on Barbuda the flat marshy island they

also legally owned redonda island which

has nothing but birds and a small

unnamed gecko species on it the Bahamas

named after the Spanish word Baha Mar

meaning shallow sea this was the first

place Christopher Columbus discovered on

his voyage to the New World

long story short because of its location

it's kind of like the Hawaii of the East

Coast this is pretty much where

Americans anywhere east of the

Mississippi like to go on vacation when

they want a tropical island experience

there's so many cruise ships that go

here too many tourist sites like

underwater caves pink sand beaches

fortresses native Taino sites there's

even an island with swimming pigs that

come up to you and ask for food Barbados

Gees Rihanna you still haven't gotten

back to me Barbados is basically the

oddball of the Caribbean for one it's

not even located on the trench line and

for some reason it sits about 100 miles

east of their neighbors which means they

are outside of the hurricane zone and

they rarely get affected it was also the

only Island to have been briefly

colonized by the Portuguese but then

they just kind of abandoned it known as

the bay John people they are one of the

richest nations in the Caribbean known

for their month-long crop / festival

they love eating flying fish and cuckoo

washed down with mountain gay rum pretty

good stuff I've tried it kraken will

always be my number one though but

Barbados you're doing it right

Cuba the largest and most populous of

the Caribbean nations but not the most

populous island that belongs to

Hispaniola the name of the island shared

with Haiti and Dominican Republic Cuba

is of course a spanish-speaking

Caribbean nation considered part of

Latin America we all know about the

revolution the Che Guevara stuff and how

the Marxist Leninist Communist Party has

ruled since the 60s which led to

detention during the Cuban Missile

Crisis clearly it was resolved by the

x-men no but seriously Cuba sticks out

much in that they were pretty much

isolated for a long time and kind of

kept things to themselves there was a

lot of tension against the US although

awkwardly the u.s. still kind of kept

Guantanamo Bay aside from all that

though they have lots of resources and

culture I mean you can still find the

Santeria rituals being performed boxing

and baseball are huge out here they love

doing the Mambo cha-cha and bolero and

rumba Dominica the quiet bookworm girl

youngest sister of the Caribbean

Dominica is probably the most well-kept

island in the Caribbean nature wise and

the government deliberately discourages

mass tourism to maintain the beauty lots

of rare animal species found here

including the national animal the

parrot found on the flag known for their

purple feathers this is a volcanic

island and it is still growing through

the geothermal activity they have the

second largest hot spring in the world

boiling lake and they have the champagne

beach with bubbles coming out of the

ground Dominica also has one of the

highest centenarian populations per

capita on the planet many say it's

because of the healthy diet and the

happy carefree atmosphere Dominican

Republic Dominicans have quite a

reputation first off they share the

island with Haiti and together the

island as a whole has over 20 million

people about twice that of Cuba the

Dominican Republic is of course a

spanish-speaking Latin American country

yet for a long time there was a lot of

tension between them and the French and

Haiti Haiti even took over for a time

and lots of crazy things happen for what

it's worth though Dominicans are

definitely known for being some of the

best baseball players in the world they

along with Chile are the fastest talkers

in the spanish-speaking world and many

people have trouble understanding them

and there's always like this weird

rivalry they have with Puerto Rico and

like everything food dance sports who

has the best celebrities hola let's be

real come on JLo sorry Dominican

Republic for what it's worth though the

majority of the people in the dr are

either black or mixed with black making

it the blackest of all the

latin-american countries uh what else

they love merengue bachata i'ma phone

goes until Stone neighs but don't tell

that to the Puerto Ricans Grenada the

Spice Island Grenada is known for two

things being the world's second-largest

producer of nutmeg after Indonesia

producing about 20% of the world's

supply not bad for one small little

island they even put it on their flag

and the other one is the operation agent

fury invasion in the 80s which was

criticized internationally but it kind

of worked out and the people of Grenada

were like kind of okay with it in the

end and looking up Grenada is also

famous for their interesting jab jab

festival in which people douse

themselves in oil and wear horns and

dance to a drum fueled frenzy to express

freedom somehow Haiti the first black

Republic in the world gaining

independence from France in 1804 they

had a revolution and you know the rest

this place is stereotypically known as

the Voodoo Island since voodoo is still

sometimes practice here in certain areas

haiti is also the largest francophone

nation and population in the americas

more than quebec it's interesting though

because they made their own creole the

official language and use it in schools

written in street signs books it's a

separate thing from french some say

haiti is one of the most unlucky

countries in the Western Hemisphere

nonetheless they are also one of the

most colorful and distinct in the

Caribbean nations with a plethora of

Crale dance music festivals and food oh

man you got a try Haitian food it's so

good Jamaica the Music Island we all

know this guy

not too much I can tell you that you

probably don't already know the

birthplace of reggae ska Rocksteady

genres that would change the face of

music forever they produced the most

music per capita out of any nation in

the world so many famous Jamaicans - not

just in the music industry I'm sure

you've heard of many of them in case

Jamaica has its pride yet its problems

yet overall is probably one of the

chillest nations in the Caribbean oh and

they have the fastest runners in the

world now we reach the three Saints

Saint Kitts and Nevis known as the

mother colony of the West Indies this

was the first European colonized area in

the Caribbean st. Kitts and Nevis is the

smallest sovereign nation in the Western

Hemisphere both in size and population

with only about 55,000 people and of all

the saints st. Kitts and Nevis is the

most English influenced one as opposed

to the others which were French the

island was formed by a volcano and it

has one of the shortest dismisses in the

world at the tip of st. Kitts let's see

there also famous for the drunk monkeys

hundreds of years ago they were brought

over from Africa and now they are known

for taking the leftover drinks that

tourists leave on the beach and they get

totally drunk it's hilarious look it up

st. Lucia known as the Helen of the West

Indies because like Helen of Troy in the

Odyssey the island was fought over

between the British and French 14 times

it's like a weird English French mixed

Island like even though the British got

indefinite control in the 19th century

they still retain some of the French

influence everyone speaks both English

and Lucian French Creole otherwise this

is another volcanic island sulfur

springs is the world's only dive in

volcano let's say they love green figs

and salt fish for a small nation they

post to Nobel laureates saint vincent

and the grenadines

like saint lucia these islands were also

fought relentlessly between the french

and english

finally Treaty of Versailles British you

know video the nation is basically one

big island where the majority people

live st. Vincent which has an active

volcano and 32 smaller islets and keys

many of which are private islands owned

by either companies or people like

mystique Island it has some weird names

of places on it like ginger bread

Buttercup opium and macaroni beach is

one of the few Caribbean countries with

petroglyphs recording ancestry that can

be found in these towns and finally

Trinidad and Tobago the last of the twin

island countries this island nation has

switched between the hands of different

European colonizers more than any other

island nation in the Caribbean started

out Spanish then it became French

British Dutch and then yes even Kor

lander which is like a fancy ancient

term for lithuanian yeah lithuania once

under the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth

took over Tobago for a short period of

time compared to the other states

Trinidad has a very industrialized

economy rooted

Manufacturing and petroleum yes they

have oil and gas reserves they even have

a few skyscrapers built in their

downtown area district very diverse

population wise about two-thirds are

black or mixed with black and the

majority of the rest are Indian like

from India which makes about a fifth of

population Hindu which plays a strong

role in the national festivals and

holidays otherwise yeah what else

Nicki Minaj and now we reach the

overseas territories and dependencies

and constituencies and so on over the UK

they have five islands all of which are

pretty much tax havens first we have

Anguilla yeah that's how you pronounce

it named after the Spanish word for eel

because the islands are kind of shaped

like an eel only about fourteen thousand

people and there's goats everywhere for

some reason and Chuck Norris lived there

once Virgin Islands this used to be a

huge pirate hangout and today you might

be able to find some buried treasure on

Richard Branson named his company after

this place because he loved it so much

he spends about half the year on nectar

Island Cayman Islands supposedly this

was the birthplace of scuba diving

really cool turtles which is where it

got its name from and yeah probably the

biggest tax haven island of them all

Montserrat this island had a huge

volcanic eruption in 1995 that

effectively shut down like half of the

entire island and burned down the old

capital you can still see the old

rulings today and it's kind of

interesting Turks and Caicos this is

like Bahamas little brother that ended

up staying with the UK and at one point

it almost joins Canada and could have

been like Canada's Hawaii no one knows

exactly how they got their name

something about cactus looking like a

Turkish Hat I don't know yeah they have

one of the largest Barrier Reef's in the

world and they also play this thing

called ripsaw music with a handsaw it's

scraped with a knife on a little extra

credit Bermuda is not technically the

Caribbean it's in the Atlantic but it is

a UK overseas territory although

sometimes people have Bermuda classify

themselves as Caribbean and now the

French islands Waterloo and Martinique

these are regions of France and they

hold the exact same status and

legislative power as the regions of

European France they are part of their

euro zone and speak French and Creole

they are like the hawaii's of France

both have active volcanoes one on

Martinique killed lots of people in 1902

beautiful landscape water Lopez disputed

Lee the highest waterfall in the

Caribbean same party lemme this used to

be part of Guadeloupe but it broke off

in 2003 and now it's just a French

collectivity this is an interesting one

because it was the only Island colonized

by the Swedish for a significant amount

of time you can even see the symbolism

and their coat of arms with the three

crowns and finally st. Maarten this is

also a collectivity like Saint


and it's like the weird northern

conjoined twin of the Dutch st. Maarten

that shares the same name

the same island it's basically a resort

town and tropical getaway spot with a

cool Lagoon which brings us to the Dutch

Islands first off the ABC islands Aruba

Bonaire and curaçao two of them are

considered constituent countries within

the kingdom of the Netherlands Aruba

curaçao however poner voted to have

closer ties and is considered a special

municipality all three speak Dutch

although English is widely known and

taught they were once known as the land

of giants as the natives were kind of

supposedly really tall they have

interesting traditional indigenous

sights and petroglyphs and cacti

otherwise yeah you see a very distinct

Dutch style in their architecture and

very colourful buildings on all three of

them then we get to the SSS Island Saba

st. Eustatius and st. Maarten Saba is a

special municipality it is basically

just a jutting volcano potentially still

active and it is the least populated out

of all the Caribbean units with only

about 2,000 people it also has the

shortest airport runway in the world st.

Eustatius is also a special municipality

it's also very small and at one point

they had a huge Jewish population you

can still see the walls of the former

synagogue and Jewish cemetery and

finally st. Maarten it's considered a

constituent country like Aruba and

curaçao they also have that weird

Princess Juliana Airport with planes

that get really close to the beach and

people go under it and now the South

American Islands Venezuela operates the

federal dependencies of Venezuela a

chain of about 600 offshore islands and

islets only populated by about 2,200

people most of whom are on the largest

island la tortuga these islands are also

important not only in giving Venezuela

an extended economic zone but also

maintaining their offshore oil deposits

and for Colombia they administer the San

Andreas or vedenskaya and lock Italian

archipelago Islands confusingly closer

to Nicaragua but nope they took over

them San Andreas is the more popular one

it has a cool resort and the culture

centers of the native inhabitants

interestingly enough though they have a

flag that basically is the same as

Scotland's just a lighter blue hue

finally the islands administered by the

USA you have three of them Puerto Rico

Virgin Islands and Nevada Island the

Virgin Islands are classified as an

unincorporated organized territory of

the USA they were for the longest time

actually colonized by Denmark until they

were sold to the u.s. back in 1916 today

they are known for the pristine tourist

sites and beaches that people like to

have weddings on Puerto Rico is

classified as an unincorporated

territory to the United States and is

the largest of all the territories both

an area and population wise at over 3

million Puerto Rico is very complicated

because in almost every right they are

pretty much like their own

country with incredibly high self

administration and an autonomy they

mostly speak Spanish as their first

language English as the second one they

are you as citizens and can move about

the US with no problem which is probably

why there are actually more Puerto Rican

people living in the u.s. than there are

in Puerto Rico this is a very unique

topic maybe I should just make a whole

separate vil filler week video I don't

know and finally the disputed but mostly

US held island of Nevada Island this has

nobody on it no harbors no air strips

only a lighthouse and since it is become

a wildlife refuge has been closed off to

visitors unless you get a permit from

the Fish and Wildlife office and

boqueron porto rico and that's just

about it

pretty much everything in the caribbean

you have 13 countries 21 overseas

entities of other countries and a few

hurricanes and earthquakes but nothing

can stop that warm tropical joy thanks

for watching stay tuned for the next one